Monday, August 13, 2007

Stargate Atlantis - Photos - Jewel Staite/David Hewlett

From Joseph Mallozzi's blog update for August, 13, 2007:

(Please follow the link for the complete update. Photos of David Hewlett and Jewel Staite, and some stuntmen rehearsing...something, at the site.)


Mailbag -

PG15 writes: "When the Daedalus lands at Atlantis for whatever reason, does it land on a pier, or in the water beside a pier?"

Answer: The Daedalus and Apollo usually remain in orbit. On the rare instances where the Daedalus has come down, it landed on a pier.


Anonymous #1 writes: "1. Any attempts on putting classical music in stargate atlantis or not? 2. Have any of the cast or crew ever been, gone or going to Hong Kong?"

Answers: 1. We'll follow Joel's lead on this one. 2. Check out my 2006 blog entries.


Anonymous #2 writes: "Is this by any chance the episode where Ronon goes to Earth?"

Answer: Ronon will be making three trips to Earth this upcoming season.

LesFez writes: "1. Will Carter take over as military head of Atlantis? 2. Will Sheppard still have as big a say as he does now if she does?"

Answers: Yes and yes.

KMcK writes: "IF there is a season 5, will you have plan to have her [Torri Higginson?] for more than 4 episodes ?"

Answer: We have made no plans for season 5 beyond our general thoughts for how the major story arc we have step up will develop beyond the season 4 cliffhanger.

WayBeyondSoccerMom writes: "Have any of the writers thought about a storyline where one of the men on the show becomes a father and the repercussions?"

Answer: Yup. There were plan to make McKay a father.

PG15 also writes: "…mind telling us the episode order for the second half of Season 4?"

Answer: Be All My Sins Remember'd, Spoils of War, Quarantine, Outcast, Trio, Midway, Harmony, Kindred I, Kindred II, Finale.


MrsB108 writes: "Who would you say has the most surprising character development for Season Four?"

Answer: If you haven't been spoiled = Teyla.