Sunday, January 13, 2008

Stargate SG-1 - Richard Dean Anderson Web Site Updates Jan 14 '08

From a Richard Dean Anderson web site e-mail announcement:

It's been a long time coming, but hopefully better late than never...

I have finally completed a summary of the Avalon 2006 event and added it to the RDA website.

Richard Dean Anderson and Amanda Tapping

Photos courtesy of Richard Dean Anderson website

I extend many many thanks to all those who shared their recollections, and to those who offered their pictures to be included. I received many more pictures than I could use, but I think I have managed to put together a representative sampling of the best ones.

I've included "Avalon 2006" as an article in the Archives with other interviews and appearances, but you'll also find links to it from the Avalon news items and from the front page.

I hope you'll enjoy reliving the magical weekend. :)

Thanks for visiting!

Richard Dean Anderson Web Site

Stargate Atlantis - Transcript/Screenprints: Amanda Tapping's Video Q & A, Part 2

SciFi Channel’s Video Q & A’s - Amanda Tapping, Part 2

Transcript and screenprints from the video:

Question: “Who from SG-1 would you like to see again on SGA?”

Amanda: “Well, we’ve had Chris, Teal’c, come over, so I’d like to have Daniel come over and visit. And of course, I’d always be happy to see Jack. He’s in Washington, so maybe when he retires he’ll come and pay me a little visit in the Pegasus Galaxy. Just putting it out there Rick, in case you’re not busy. I’d love to see, somehow, by some miracle, Dr. Fraiser. Who I know has passed on. But I would be so freakin’ happy to have Teryl Rothery on the set."

A very brief clip from Midway is shown, with Sam and Teal’c walking in an Atlantis hallway.

Question: “How did your fear of heights affect your work on “Trio?”

Amanda: “I had to suck it up. And really, for the most part, I was pretty good. We had riggers, and so we were tied in most of the time. The one time that I panicked and actually froze was on…was in between these two beams, I’m on a plank, and I’m, you know, I don’t know how far up in the air. I think it was about 150 feet, bit in reality, probably about 15. But, uhm, I actually froze, I actually turned to David Hewlett and went, ‘I can’t move.’ And then I looked at Jewel and she was giving me this very sympathetic look, and I said, ‘I can’t move.’ And the rigger had to come crawling across the plank and pulling me back because I couldn’t (laughs) turn around.”

Several brief clips from “Trio” are shown, with Sam, Rodney, and Keller trapped underground on an alien planet. (Looks like the three of them are stacking boxes up on each other, so that they can reach the roof of the chamber they’re in, Sam is on top, with Rodney halfway up, and Keller on the floor.) The stack of boxes fall over, dumping Sam onto the floor.

Amanda: “I’m up on the plank, going ‘Martin [Martin Wood, the director], I can’t do it. It’s funny, because Carter is the only person of the three of us who is not afraid of heights. Keller and McKay are supposed to be deathly afraid of heights, and Jewel and David were like, lounging, on the beams, they were totally relaxed, and I’m like…ohhhh, trying to look confident.”

Question: “Without you, what do you think has become of the SG1 crew?”

Amanda: “They have fallen apart. With Sam running Atlantis, the SG1 team has…Daniel is a complete alcoholic, Teal’c has just gotten fat. He’s like that guy you see on Dr. Phil, where he’s laying on the bed, and he’s about a thousand pounds and can’t get up. And he’s eating a lot of donuts.”

A clip from Midway is shown, with Teal’c and Ronon in the commissary, and Teal’c imparting some ancient Jaffa wisdom to Ronon:

Teal’c: “I must confess, however, that I am partial to the tater-tots. Let us speak of other things.”

Amanda: “Cameron Mitchell finally went crazy after that whole Antarctic experience. He finally lost it, he went nuts. So he’s in a sanitarium for the criminally insane, having busted a few noses in the control room. They’ve fallen apart, really. General Landry, I think…I think he’s just so chronically depressed without Sam around, that he doesn’t talk to anyone. He sort of shuffles through the halls of the SGC. It’s pretty sad over there, actually. You should go check it out.”

Amanda (laughing): “Sam’s so cocky. The whole team fell apart without me. Truthfully, they’re just hanging out. They haven’t replaced me, because I won’t let them. But they’re hanging out. Probably saving the galaxy still. Without me.”