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Stargate: Atlantis - TV Guide: Robert Picardo Q & A

From the new print issue of TV Guide for the weeks of August 11-14 '08, from page 63:

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Q & A Robert Picardo

"I [still] remember that TV Guide cover that said, 'Forget Star Trek. Now Stargate is the Most Popular Sci-Fi Show on TV!"

One of the best parts of Stargate Atlantis' fifth season has been the unlikely ascent of Robert Picardo's uptight Richard Woolsey to team leader. Woolsey is a stick-in-the-mud, but Picardo's good humor about his eclectic career (China Beach, The Wonder Years, Star Trek: Voyager, etc.) proves he's quite the opposite. - GJ Donnelly

Describe Woolsey.
He's a bureaucrat trying to reinvent himself as a leader. We've seen examples in various governments where that hasn't always succeeded. He's a Monday-morning quarterback who is now on the field.

How does Atlantis compare to Voyager?

Trek is probably more cerebral and philosophical. Stargate does seat-of-the-pants adventure and humor better. Having done both, it's great to be a part of more freewheeling storytelling.

Any pet peeves about space?

[On Trek], my pet peeve was there were no zippers. Or pockets! On Stargate, I not only have pockets, but I have four or even six! [Laughs]

You have a great series track record. A favorite?

China Beach. It was a tremendous responsibility to try and heal some of those Vietnam wounds.

Stargate: Continuum / Atlantis - MORE Comic Con Coverage / NEW Stills

From a variety of sources:

At the Ben Browder Portal:

There are three clips of Ben Browder at the San Diego Comic Con '08 Stargate: Continuum panel. The sound is very good on these clips.

At GateWorld:

Still more Continuum cast and movie photos


We've just added another 20 movie photos and eight cast shots to the Stargate: Continuum gallery!

At GateWorld Forum, there's a thread on Comic Con coverage.

From MGM Stargate:

Vancouver Stargate Convention

3:22 67MB

Includes brief clips from the movie, and mini-interviews with
Christopher Judge, Martin Gero, Martin Wood and Michael Shanks.

From SmugMug:

Stargate Continuum Premier

Stargate: SG1 Continuum Premier party on the USS Midway in San Diego, CA, held July 24, 2008

30 photos in all.

From StarPulse:

(Please follow the link for the complete article.)

Review: 'Stargate SG-1' & 'Battlestar Galactica' At Comic Con

From TME at Comic Con '08:

Stargate: Continuum Comic Con '08 Panel Video and report:

(However, the video is from the '07 Comic Con panel for Stargate: The Ark of Truth)

Stargate Atlantis Comic Con '08 Panel report:

Stargate: Continuum - IGN (Australia): Stargate: Continuum - Behind The Scenes

From IGN Australia:

(Please follow the link for the complete two-page article. Photos at the site.)

Stargate: Continuum - Behind The Scenes

The explosive new film hits stores today and we have interviews with cast and crew.

by Oscar Hillerstrom, IGN AU

Australia, August 5, 2008 -

...Whilst it has been designed for people who haven't seen any Stargate before, it really does have a lot to say to the fans, with plenty of inclusions and references that will make the hard core fan burst with pride.

Says Brad Wright, "The franchise has now been off the air for almost two years. If we're going to go forward with new movies, we have to get new fans. You can't just hope to get your base from years ago. It's not the first time we've tried to make a feature. We need to have access to 100% of the audience, not just our own audience. Under previous management we had toyed with a bigger movie. Continuum could have been even bigger."

That said, the film is big – really big, given its restrictive budget of only $US7 million, with a huge time-travel plot and a mammoth attack on a little blue planet the scale of which is reminiscent of Independence Day. There's a huge amount of visual effects shots that distinguish it from 'just another episode'. Michelle Comens and the Stargate visual effects team have already won eight Emmys for Stargate.

"It looks so easy," says Michelle, "you put up a blue screen, how hard can it be? But really – there's a lot of give and take – because you have to halt production to do Vfx shots while everyone else is waiting around. It's an extremely long process for everyone involved in the CG department. We had over 240 shots on this alone. But we do have fun – I don't think people will be able to tell if some things that we've done aren't real!"


Stargate Atlantis - NEW! Behind the Scenes Photos Aug 5 '08

From Joseph Mallozzi's blog update for August 5, 2008:

(Please follow the link for the complete blog update. More NEW behind the scenes photos from SGA's 'Whispers.' - please follow the link to view the photos in their original format. And a Joe video!)

Dr. Alison Porter (Nicole DeBoer) and Maj. Anne Teldy (Christina Cox)

August 5, 2008: You're all monsters! More guest bloggers! And today's Weird Food Purchase of the Day!


Well, back in the office today and things are very quiet at The Bridge, partly because the cast and crew are away, shooting on location but mostly because yappy writers' room regular Martin Gero is off with them directing his first full episode of Stargate Atlantis. Lucky, lucky Rob Cooper, meanwhile, headed off on a location scout to South Okanagan this morning. To those of you unfamiliar with location scouts, they're a little like school field trips to potential shooting sites. Although, in today's case, the kids would have had to be at school for 5:30 a.m. and looked forward to a four and a half hour bus ride to a barren desert. Hell, beats the planetarium.

After lunch, we enjoyed the Day 2 Mix of Whispers. What a wonderfully spooky little episode. Great performances, terrific direction, and yet another marvelous score by Joel Goldsmith who is busy working on First Contact as I write this entry.

Dr. Carson Beckett (Paul McGillion) and Director Will Waring

Well, it's been a whirlwind few weeks of special guest bloggers and there are many more to come. Director Andy Mikita, actress Lexa Doig, and writer/Executive Produce Carl Binder have kindly agreed to make time for us. As has one of our Directors of Photography, the affable Jim Menard. He, along with Michael Blundell, has helped Atlantis establish its unique visual style, from the cool blueness of the city interiors to the vivid luridness of the wraith hives. If you have any questions for Jim about his work here on the show, I know he'd love to hear from you so start posting.

Finally, a reminder that you have one week to finish Cordelia's Honor (or Shards of Honor at the very least) as discussion on the book(s) begins next Monday, August 11th. We'll be joined by four-time Hugo Award winner Lois McMaster Bujold, so get those questions ready.

Today's blog entry is dedicated to belated birthday girl Anais33. Bonne fete!

Today's pics: More from the set of Whispers.

Today's video: The Weird Food Purchase of the Day segment featuring Rose Petal Soda.



Shirt `n Tie writes: "How go plans re: Episode 100? You guys are wrapping in Sept….Will that be the last shoot?"

Answer: Paul is writing episode 100 as we speak. Looking ahead at the schedule, we'll wrap production here in Vancouver, then shoot our outstanding Vegas days down south to wrap the season.

Jess writes: "Just wanted to know whatever happened to Jonas Quinn. In Season 10, it was mentioned that Langara fell to the Ori, but they never mentioned Jonas! Was he killed by the Ori, I know he wouldn't convert."

Answer: Although it was never officially touched upon, in my mind Jonas led the resistance against the Ori on his home world which was eventually freed from their influence after the events of The Ark of Truth. He is still very much alive and a leader among us his people.

Lt. Col. John Sheppard (Joe Flanigan), Sgt. Dusty Mehra (Janina Gavankar) and Maj. Teldy

Thor94 writes: "We will see again, the uknown aliens of this episode? [The Daedalus Variations]"

Answer: It's unlikely we'll see them again this season.

Kay also writes: "Maybe I should be asking what it is about the other characters that make you want to avoid any romance for them."

Answer: "I should add that Ronon will be pursuing romance as well this season."

Also, some behind the scenes photos from 'The Daedalus Variations' from Mr. Mallozzi's blog update from July 31 '08.

Stargate Atlantis - Amazon.UK: Win a Trip to the SGA Set! - UK Only!

From Amazon.UK:

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To be in with a chance of winning, enter your details in the form [at the site]. This prize-draw closes on Monday 18th August 2008 at 23.59 BST. Before entering we do ask that you read the all important Terms and Conditions.

A brief excerpt:

The prize-draw is open to entrants who are resident in the United Kingdom...Entrants and guest must be 18 years or over.

Good luck!

James Roday - Psych: Video Interview

Courtesy of TV Guide's Hollywood 411 and HULU, Psych: James Roday.

Celebrity Interviews

|03:48 |

James Roday of USA's "Psych" talks about Cybil Shepard joining the cast as his mom and Rachel Leigh Cook as a sexy guest star. He joins Madison Michele in the Hollywood 411 studio to predict future episodes of the series.

Lexa Doig - 'Ba'al: The Storm God' - airs Sept. 13 on SciFi Channel

Lexa Doig (Stargate SG-1's Dr. Carolyn Lam) new made-for-TV movie, Ba'al: The Storm God, premieres on the SciFi Channel (US) on Saturday, September 13 at 9pm. The movie is repeated September 14 at 6pm and September 25 at 9pm.

Co-stars include Jeremy London, Stefanie von Pfetten, Elias Toufexis (SGA's The Return Parts 1 &2), Zen Shane Lim, Michael Kopsa (SG1's TBFTGOG and Gen. Kerrigan - Prodigy and Proving Ground), Peter Benson (Memento Mori), Scott Hylands (SG1's Bane), Cedric De Souza and Derek Anderson. Filmed in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

A terminally ill archaeologist attempts to cure his cancer by retrieving the ancient amulets of the storm god Ba'al.

Trailer available at Cinetel Films:

Michael Kopsa

Lexa Doig

Psych - Video: 'Daredevils!'

Courtesy of USA and HULU, Psych's 'Daredevils!,' starring James Roday, Dulé Hill, Timothy Omundson, Corbin Bernsen, Maggie Lawson and Kirsten Nelson. Guest stars include Teach Grant, Richard Keats, Steven Weber and Jeff Fahey.

While watching a daredevil's motorcycle jump at a fair, Shawn realizes someone is sabotaging his stunts. Shawn and Gus talk their way into his inner circle in order to find out who's trying to kill him.

Stargate SG-1 - Season One Mini-Marathon Thur Aug 7 '08

From the SciFi Channel's schedulebot, a Stargate SG-1 season one mini-marathon for Thursday, August 7, 2008:




- The introduction of Master Bra'tac (Tony Amendola)


12:00P COR-AI


- The introduction of the Antarctic Stargate


- The introduction of Senator Robert Kinsey (Ronny Cox)


Stargate photos courtesy of GateWorld

David Boreanaz - Angel - Video: 'The Ring'

Courtesy of HULU, Angel's 'The Ring,' starring David Boreanaz, Charisma Carpenter and Alexis Denisof. Guest stars include Markus Redmond, Douglas Roberts, Scott William Winters and Stephanie Romanov.

Owners of an underground arena enslave Angel and pit him against powerful demons in a fight to the death.

Stargate: Continuum - MGM Stargate: Video: Continuum Premiere at Vancouver Con

At MGM Stargate:

Vancouver Stargate Convention

3:22 67MB

Includes brief clips from the movie, and mini-interviews with Christopher Judge, Martin Gero, Martin Wood and Michael Shanks.

Some screen prints from the video:

Martin Gero

Amanda Tapping and Brad Wright

Director Martin Wood and Writer/Producer Brad Wright

Michael Shanks

Christopher Judge

Official Stargate Special Ops member