Sunday, April 6, 2008

Richard Dean Anderson Website Update Apr 6 '08 - NEW Photo

The Richard Dean Anderson Official Website has been updated today with a Note from Rick and a new photo of RDA on his new motorcyle:

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Stargate: Continuum: Cast Photos from Preview Screening

From Joseph Mallozzi's blog update for April 6, 2008:

(Please follow the link for complete blog update and to view the photos from the Stargate: Continuum screening, complete with cast photos in their original full-size, higher-resolution versions.)

April 6, 2008: A Sunday Matinee


...Or that time I attended the Stargate: Continuum screening. Remember that time? No?

Of course you wouldn't, because it happened today. It was a special matinee screening of the (finally) finished movie held this afternoon in Vancouver, and among the attendees were some twenty lucky fans who got a sneak peek at Continuum. On the big screen no less.

Alas, no post-screening dessert on this day, but still - one hell of a show. Stargate Continuum is fantastic. Not only is it a treat for long-time fans, but it's a great jumping-on point for anyone interested in checking out Stargate for the first time. Funny, touching, exciting, and chock full of surprises, it's going to thrill
a lot of people.


Brad Wright - Writer Stargate: Continuum and Amanda Tapping (Samantha Carter)

Director Martin Wood

Stunt Coordinator Dan Shea

Fight Coordinator James 'BamBam' Bamford and wife

Michael Shanks (Dr. Daniel Jackson)

Lexa Doig

Christopher Judge (Teal'c)

Amanda Tapping

Christopher Judge

Sanctuary / Amanda Tapping - SciFi Channel Video Preview

Mark Dacascos - Video: The Crow: Stairway to Heaven - 'The People vs. Eric Draven'

Stargate Atlantis / SG1 - Big Finish: Audio Dramas - Updates Apr 6

From Big Finish Productions:

The web site has been updated to include information on (and you can place your pre-orders):

Stargate SG-1 Shell Game:

Starring Claudia Black and Michael Shanks
(Duration: 70' Approx)


“One reaches a certain level of notoriety in the business of appropriating things, and you’d think you'd get accommodation that matches your rep. But no…”

Vala Mal Doran finds herself in a particularly sticky situation when an old foe catches up with her. With only Daniel Jackson able to fight her corner, Vala may have to do something that's really not her style – tell the truth.

AUTHOR: James Swallow
DIRECTOR: Sharon Gosling
RECORDED DATE: Oct 2007 & Feb 2008


This story takes place during season ten, after The Pegasus Project.


(Temporary artwork)

Stargate Atlantis: Perchance to Dream

Starring Paul McGillion
(Duration: 70' Approx)

"I thought there'd be more pain. My patients have always complained of more pain..."

Doctor Carson Beckett finds himself in an uncomfortable situation when he becomes a patient in his own infirmary. After a disastrous mission, Beckett is brought back to Atlantis with a broken leg – and a bad case of amnesia.

But that's the least of his troubles. Cared for by Doctor Gilbert, Beckett watches as a strange affliction overcomes his friends and colleagues. One by one, members of the Atlantis crew are brought in, unconscious and unresponsive yet with no sign of trauma. What's causing this peculiar illness? And why doesn't anyone want to hear what Carson has to say about it?

AUTHOR: Sally Malcolm
DIRECTOR: Sharon Gosling


This story takes place during season two.


(Temporary artwork.)

Stargate SG-1: Pathogen

Starring Teryl Rothery and Christopher Judge
(Duration: 70' Approx)

“Teal’c – was there a rock fall? Are we… are we trapped in here?”

SG-1 runs into trouble when they trigger a Goa’uld trap meant for grave robbers. Infected by an unknown pathogen, Colonel O’Neill orders the team to stay put and sends for help. It arrives in the form of Doctor Janet Fraiser. But when did any rescue ever go smoothly for Stargate Command’s flagship team – or their intrepid Doctor?

AUTHOR: Sharon Gosling
DIRECTOR: Sharon Gosling
RELEASE DATE: August 2008


This story takes place during season seven, after Fragile Balance and before Heroes 1 & 2.