Friday, February 22, 2008

Torchwood: Zap2It: Interview with Gareth David-Lloyd:

From Zap2It:

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An Interview with 'Torchwood' star Gareth David-Lloyd

By Tamara Brooks

February 22, 09:59 AM

Eariler this week, I was fortunate enough to speak with Torchwood star Gareth David-Lloyd (who plays Secretary/Field Agent/Love Interest/Incredibly Dapper Dresser Ianto Jones) about music, why the team at Torchwood 3 are so friendly with each other, and things we can look forward to in future episodes.

Possible Spoilers [at the site]!

Stargate SG-1 - Amazon Unbox: Ark of Truth Download Available April 10 '08

From Amazon Unbox:


Release date: April 10, 2008

Only available to customers currently located in the United States

Stargate: The Ark of Truth

The Stargate SG-1 team travels to the ruins of Dakara to find the fabled Ark of Truth. Built by the Alterans, (builders of the Stargates) millions of years before, this ancient artifact may be the sole means remaining to defeat the Ori armies.

Starring Ben Browder, Michael Shanks

Directed By Robert C. Cooper

Genre Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Runtime 1 hour 37 minutes
Release year 2008
Movie studio MGM

You may pre-order now!

Stargate SG-1 - GateWorld: Ark of Truth soundtrack coming soon

From GateWorld:

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Ark of Truth soundtrack coming soon


Joel Goldsmith tells GateWorld about developing the soundtrack to The Ark of Truth, expected to debut next month!

Stargate Atlantis - Spacecast's Hypaspace: Video with Joe, David and Jason

From Spacecast:

In January, Canada's Spacecasts' Hypaspace series broadcast a segment on the premiere of SGA's season three on Spacecast. In this 7 minute segment, there are interviews with Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett and Jason Momoa. Also, behind the scenes clips of filming on SGA ("Echoes"), and a look at the SGA action figures from Diamond Select Toys.

Memorable quotes:

David Hewlett (about Rodney McKay): "I'm the C3P0 of Stargate."

Joe Flanigan (regarding Ronon) "He is in effect, my Chewbacca."

David Hewlett (about the Shep action figure, specifically, Shep's hair): "It's a crime against plastic," and "Be afraid!"

Jason (regarding relationship between Ronon and McKay): "It's the big guy and the little dog." (Jason does some small dog yipps and barks)

The Stargate segment is the first 7 minutes of the 23 minutes episode, which also covers the Consumer Electronics show and the premiere of Cloverfield.

Screenprints from "Echoes"

Action Figures

Stargaet SG-1 - Spacecast: From the Vault - SG1 Video Interviews

From Canada's Spacecast:

SPACE dusts off some interviews from the vault on Stargate SG-1:

On Science: The skinny on the the facts behind Stargate science:

Speculating on wormholes, stargates and other such celestial matter.

Farscape Characters: On seeing familiar Farscape actors in SG-1 roles.

Beau Bridges: Talks about joining up to a show with a cast that had
already been together for eight seasons

Stargate Atlantis - GateWorld: 5 NEW photos from Kindred 2

Posted by GateWorld's Darren at GateWorld Forum (please follow the link below for the full-sized, higher-resolutioned photos):

Five new photos from "The Kindred, Part 2" are up at GateWorld, courtesy of MGM -- including a very cool first photo of Michael!

Michael (Connor Trinneer) and Teyla (Rachel Luttrell)


Stargate Atlantis - FOX's Stargate Hub: Updates Feb 22 '08

From FOX's Stargate Hub:

On the main page, new video clip from a DVD featurette:


Lt. Ford

Rainbow Sun Francks interview, including his first day on the set of Stargate Atlantis. Includes some behind the scenes clips from "Rising, Part 1," with RDA and MS laughing in the SGC Gateroom. And the Dr. Weir and Col. Sumner kiss!

(Screenprints from video clip)

Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks on the set of "Rising, Part 1"

Torri Higginson and Robert Patrick on the set of "Rising, Part 1"

Stargate Atlantis - Alex Levine's SciFi Channel Blog Update Feb 22 '08

From Alex Levins's SciFi Channel blog update for February 22, 2008:

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February 22, 2008

Haunted by Morjana... and the Googlions


Okay, so... tonight's episode: The Kindred Pt. 1, working titled "Rise of the Googlions". Hilarious. That was just a silly working title Carl Binder came up with, but everybody liked saying it so much that, yup, you guessed it - it actually ended up on some of the production paperwork, specifically art department sketches. And
then it was used frequently in conversation as well. "What's up with Googlions?" "When are we shooting Googlions?". So, as a result, we've become a little more careful with our working titles.

And, of course, I now have to be extra careful with my spoilers. But what I can tell you about The Kindred Pt. 1 is that Connor Trinnear's Michael plays a central role in this two parter. So all you half-wraith fans, get your popcorn ready. And also this is sort of a "Teyla" story as well. Okay, I better shut up now before I get in
more trouble. Look for Joe Mallozzi to discuss this episode at length in his blog tomorrow at


Posted by Alex Levine at February 22, 2008 05:47 PM

Stargate Atlantis / SG1 - Big Finish: Stargate Audio Dramas Site Live!

The Big Finish Stargate Audio Adventures site is now active:

April 30 SG-1 Gift of the Gods Sally Malcolm Read by Michael Shanks

May 30 SGA Necessary Evil Sharon Gosling read by Torri Higginson

Future titles include:

June 30 SG-1 Shell Game James Swallow read by Claudia Black and Michael Shanks

July 30 SGA Perchance to Dream Sally Malcolm read by Paul McGillion

August 30 SG-1 Pathogen Sharon Gosling read by Teryl Rothery

September 20 SGA Zero Point James Swallow read by David Nykl

Stargate SG-1: Colin Cunningham Interview

With many thanks (again) to keeno at GateWorld Forum for the heads up:

Stargate Planet has a new interview with Colin Cunningham: (in English)

Colin discusses his new endeavors, Centrigrade and JPod, and working on SG1, including the new SG1 movie, Continuum.

A brief excerpt: Your name appears on the cast list for the made for DVD movie "Stargate:Continuum". How was it to be back at the Stargate set and what can you tell us about filming your scenes? Any funny stories? Pranks?

CC: It was an absolute blast. Martin Wood was actually helping me put together my own project at the time, 'Centigrade'. He was kind of mentoring me through the process of directing. And so, when he called and said that he and John Smith has a little something for me, if I was willing to help them out, it was a no brainer. I owe many people over at Stargate a lot. I truly do. Deluise, Martin Wood, John Smith, Michael Greenburg, Brad Wright, all those guys. And when I needed help, they were there.

Stargate Atlantis - GateWorld: First photos from 'The Last Man'

From GateWorld:

First photos from 'The Last Man'


Take a look at the first images from the March 7 season finale of Stargate Atlantis!

Nichelle Nichols - The SciFi Guys: Audio Interview

Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek: TOS and Heroes) is the next guest on the SciFi Guys, Wednesday February 27 at 8pm (GMT). If you're unable to listen during the broadcast, the download should be available the following day:

Stargate Atlantis - TV Guide Online: TV Hot List Fri Feb 22 '08

From TV Guide Online:

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The Shows We're Watching Tonight


Stargate Atlantis

10 pm/ET SCI FI New

When a science-fiction character rises from the dead, it can be in a good way (like Spock from Star Trek III) or a bad way (à la Night of the Living Dead). Fortunately for a crew already dealing with a catastrophic sickness affecting human populations, fan-favorite physician Carson Beckett looks nothing like a zombie in Part 1 of this two-parter. Paul McGillion reprises his role as Dr. Beckett, whose hair and eyebrows have grown back following the explosive tumor that supposedly killed him in Season 3.

— Michael Chant

See full episodes of Stargate Atlantis in our Online Video Guide.