Friday, October 23, 2009

V - ABC: Video: First 9 Minutes of V

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they arrive november 3rd tuesdays 8/7c

Stargate Universe - MGM Stargate: Video - Last Shot of Air: Part 3

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Last Shot of Air: Part 3

Visual effects supervisor Mark Savela and executive producer Brad Wright weigh in on the last shot of Air: Part 3 and the alien ship that detaches and flies off the Destiny.

Sanctuary - SciFi Wire: Was Sanctuary's Ashley killed off? Should she be?

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Was Sanctuary's Ashley killed off? Should she be?

Is Sanctuary's Ashley dead? After being transformed into Super Abnormal Ashley (Emilie Ullerup) by that nasty Cabal and leading an attack, she vanished in a fiery blaze on Syfy's supernatural series last Friday, rather than kill her own mum, Dr. Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping).

While it's not much of a surprise that Ashley couldn't kill Magnus (which would have led to an abrupt end of the series, what with Magnus being the main character and all), whether Ashley will live or die isn't as easy to conclude.

After all, they just added another hip, hot girl character named Kate Freelander, played by Agam Darshi. Could she be Ashley's replacement? And, of course, the death of Ashley means kick-ass blonde Ullerup would be leaving the series...

So thumbs up or thumbs down? Should she live or die? What do you think?

Stargate Universe - SyFy: Video: Ming-Na Q & A - Part 1

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Ming-Na (Camile Wray) answers fan questions in this exclusive Q&A series.

Stargate Universe: Video: Preview Clip from 'Light'

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Stargate Universe's 'Light' airs 9pm Friday on SyFy (US).

Stargate Universe: TV Guide Online - Tonight's TV Hot List Oct. 23 '09

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...Stargate Universe

9/8c Syfy

Is the Destiny destined to crash into a star? The crew sure thinks so, which is why they came up with a grim lottery, one in the vein of the one from that famous Shirley Jackson tale. Seventeen winners get to escape in the ship's only working shuttle and the rest... could spend the last minutes of their lives working on their tans. — Michael Chant