Saturday, June 21, 2008

Jared Padalecki - Supernatural - Video & Photos from SupaNova Con

SciFi Universe has a video clip:

And exclusive photos:

From Jared Padalecki's appearance at the Australian scifi convention this weekend, SupaNova.

Stargate / Sanctuary / Battlestar Galactica - Photos from 2008 Leo Awards

The 2008 Leo Awards site has photo galleries:

(Please follow the link for the full-size, high-resolution format of the photos.)


Has photos of: SGA's Ryan Robbins (Ladon Radmin); SG1's Steve Bacic (Maj. Coburn and Camulus), Julie Patzwald (A Hundred Days , Zak Santiago (Evolution Parts 1 & 2); SG1's Colin Cunningham (Maj. Paul Davis); SG1's David Kopp (Proving Ground and Sentinel); SG1's Gabrielle Miller (Brief Candle) & John Cassini (Sentinel); BSG's
Kandyse McClure; SG1's Cameron Bright (The Fourth Horseman Parts 1 & 2 - oohhh, cute kid); SG1's Britt Irvin (Learning Curve); Sanctuary's Emilie Ullerup; and SG1's Sebastian Spence (Death Knell).

Steve Bacic and Julie Patzwald

Kandyse McClure

Gabrielle Miller and John Cassini

Cameron Bright

Colin Cunningham and significant other Bri McQair

Emilie Ullerup


Kandyse McClure & Julie Patzwald; Host Gary Jones (SG1's Walter "The Chevron Guy"); Gary Jones; Ryan Robbins & Jessica Harmon; Britt Irvin; Ryan Kennedy & David Kopp; Brendan Fletcher & Kandyse McClure; Sebastian Spence & Teryl Rothery; Steve Bacic and Drew Scott; SG1/SGA's David Richmond Peck (Orpheus and Harmon); Zak Santiago;
Walter Daroshin, and Johanna Ward & Gary Jones.

Zak Santiago

Sebastian Spence and Teryl Rothery

Ryan Robbins

Steve Bacic

Gary Jones


Colin Cunningham & Bri McQuair; Gary Jones; Julie Patzwald; Cameron Bright & Camille Sullivan; Ryan Robbins; Kandyse McClure & Tyler Labine; Steve Bacic & Britt Irvin; Sebastian Spence & Sonya Salomaa; Zak Santiago & Erin Karpluk; David Kopp & Jillian Fargey; Ben Ratner (Wormhole X-Treme); Jody Racicot (Sight Unseen), Suleka Mathew &
Nicholas Lea; David Richmond Peck; Emillie Ullerup; John Cassini & Gabrielle Miller; Colin Cunningham and the cast/crew of 'Centigrade' and Kandyse McClure & Walter Daroshin.

Emilie Ullerup

Nicholas Lea and Suleka Mathew

Colin Cunningham


Colin Cunningham; Ryan Robbins; Jody Racicot; Derrick Garland, Colin Cunningham & Madison Graie; Julie Patzwald; Emilie Ullerup and Bri McQuair & Colin Cunningham.

Emilie Ullerup

Colin Cunningham

Stargate Atlantis - NEW Paul McGillion Photos

From Joseph Mallozzi's blog update for June 21, 2008:

(Please follow the link for the complete blog update. NEW Stargate Atlantis season five production photos of Paul McGillion as Dr. Carson Beckett at the site [in their full-size, high-resolution format]. Woo-hoo!)

June 21, 2008: Gremlins, Curses, Psychics, BOTMC Winners, and Kung Fu Scotsman!

**major general snippage**

Today's pics: Kung Fu Scotsman and such.

Paul McGillion (Dr. Carson Beckett)

Paul and Kerry

Battlestar Galactica - Video: 'Revelations' Episode

Courtesy of the SciFi Channel and HULU, Battlestar Galactica's mid-season finale episode, 'Revelations.' The final half of the fourth season returns to the SciFi Channel in 2009.

A band of rebel Cylons hold President Roslin hostage while attempting to lure the Final Five out of hiding aboard Galactica.