Friday, June 25, 2010

Stargate Universe / Sanctuary - SFX Magazine Issue #198 - David Blue/Damian Kindler Interviews

At SFX Magazine:

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SFX Issue 198


Our blindingly early 2011 preview, Inception and a look back at Firefly in the stonking new issue


David Blue talks about his role as Eli in Stargate Universe and his hopes for the evolution of the character; Paul Cornell talks to Rob Williams about his new contract with DC on Action Comics, and Pixar good luck charm John Ratzenberger talks about his rise to fame through appearances in The Empire Strikes Back to his latest Toy Story 3.

Shhh, it’s Inception

The trailers for Christopher Nolan’s Inception are leaving everyone with questions. Well, here’s a set of 20 things you need to know about Inception to get you started before the film’s release on 16 July.

2011 Preview

With the rest of 2010 (Inception and Tron aside) looking like a washout we take a look at 2011’s top 11 films, with Thor, Captain America, The Green Lantern, and more. It’s everything you need to know about the next 12 months at the movies and everything you’ll want to avoid (Stretch Armstrong anyone?)

The Summer Of SF Reading

The third and final part of our look into the 100 greatest SF and Fantasy authors around, with a special on William Gibson’s Neuromancer, and this month’s Book Club Lord Of Light by Roger Zelazny.

... Retro Features

We rewind back this issue to 2002 for a look back at the tragically short lived Firefly, taking a look at the best episodes, the best quotes, and delving into some little known trivia about the series. We also use our Time Machine to take a look at Sam Raimi’s 1981 video nasty The Evil Dead, with Bruce Campbell revealing some interesting facts on the creation of the film.

Don’t Miss:

Wishlist: Avatar 2 – We break it down for Cameron here, and tell him what he needs to do in Avatar 2 (and what NOT to do), to make it a great sequel.

Spoiler Zone: Ashes To Ashes! Doctor Who! FlashForward! Fringe! Lost! Medium! Smallville! Stargate Universe! V! Oh my!

Big Shot: No Ordinary Family – the spiritual successor to Heroes, taking a Fantastic Four style approach to the superhero drama. Only right that it stars Michael Chiklis then.

* Merlin season three heads up this month’s Red Alert. Just tell Arthur your ruddy secret already!

* Although season five should have been the end for Supernatural the fact that it’s: a)brilliant and b) incredibly popular means that we have a whole bonus year with the Winchester Brothers to look forward to. Eric Kripke and Sera Gamble talk about the future of the show.

* Stargate Universe season two is filming as we speak! SFX has news on the latest addition to the cast – new villain Robert Knepper.

* Andy Diggle takes on Daredevil in this summer’s Shadowland crossover mini-series.

* Luke Skywalker himself Mark Hamill gets behind the camera for the movie adaptation of his comic book The Black Pearl. We speak to the former Jedi.

* Dark Horse re-launches Doctor Solar, Man Of The Atom in July, with Magnus following soon after. Get the inside scoop in the latest issue.

* The Doctor is going on tour with Doctor Who Live, featuring favourite aliens from New Who.

* First word on the third season of Sanctuary from show creator Damian Kindler

Rated: Splice, Shrek Forever After, Warehouse 13, The Crazies, The Lovely Bones, The Restoration Game, Doctor Who: City of the Daleks and Demon’s Souls all come under SFX’s mighty hammer of review justice.

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The Gates - TV Guide Online: Janina Gavankar Interview

At TV Guide Online:

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Gates Star: Next Episode Will Be "More Dark and Intense"

Jun 24, 2010
by Gina DiNunno

Janina Gavankar from Stargate Atlantis' "Whispers."

After last week's premiere of ABC's The Gates, it's clear that there's more to the show's upscale community than white picket fences and soccer moms. There's the high school teen who needs to keep his anger in check so he doesn't accidentally turn into a werewolf. Then there are the witches who work their magic under the guise of holistic remedy makers. And let's not forget the married vampire couple, the Radcliffes, who've already drained and dumped one unfortunate contractor.

Could there be even more otherworldly residents lurking in the picture-perfect neighborhood? Turns out Deputy Leigh Turner may have also something to hide. Actress Janina Gavankar reveals how things are amped up in the next episode (Sunday, 10/9c), what her character is up to, and why she thinks The Gates is unique from other supernatural shows.

A brief excerpt: With all the supernatural shows out there, what makes The Gates unique?
Gavankar: One of the reasons why this is such an interesting show to me is because we put a very human spin on a supernatural theme. It's a great analogy for the immigrant experience. There's the idea of leaving everything behind and trying to make it and assimilating. These really big universal themes that we play with are human conditions. There really is something in it for everyone. The parents are going through normal parental issues. There's the younger high school element. Puberty sucks and everyone feels that they're different in high school. But that, coupled with having to worry about your hormones because you might have a werewolf flare and turn in the middle of homecoming? That's awkward!