Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stargate Universe - GateWorld: Podcast #88 - 'Lost'

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GateWorld Podcast: ‘Lost’

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This week on the show we’re talking about “Lost,” last week’s brand new episode of Stargate Universe! This one had a really cool premise with lots of great character bits, visual effects, technical explanations about how the Stargate networks work, and plenty of suspenseful hopping through the gates. We’ll talk about the escape from the caves, Ronald Greer’s backstory, hyperspace vs. F.T.L. travel, Lt. Scott’s leadership, and a very surprising ending. And we’ll hear from GateWorld listeners about what you think of this episode!

Join our discussion! Just watch this Friday’s new episode of SGU and call the voicemail hotline (951-262-1647) by Monday to share your thoughts.

Stargate Universe - Movie Web: Video -

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EXCLUSIVE: New Stargate Universe 1.16 Sabotage Clip and Images

May 6th, 2010

We have a brand new exclusive clip and two new exclusive images from the upcoming Stargate Universe episode Sabotage, which will air on Friday, May 7 at 9 PM ET and again at 11 PM ET on the SyFy Network. Click below to watch this brand new clip featuring series star Robert Carlyle discussing a unique relationship and you can also click on our two exclusive photos [at the link above] to access our image gallery as well.

Boing Boing: Syfy's Craig Engler: Save Your SciFi Show From Cancellation

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How to REALLY save your favorite sci-fi show from cancelation

Craig Engler May 6, 2010


Legend of the Seeker

How can fans of a struggling sci-fi show save it from cancelation? It's a question I get a lot, partly because Syfy has from time to time saved shows from cancelation, and partly because like every TV network we cancel our fair share of shows.

The No. 1 method of choice for fans trying to save a show is writing letters/e-mails to the network that airs the show. This worked back in the '60s to keep the original Star Trek on the air for a while, and according to this article it may have had an impact on a few shows since then.



It's not your best bet though, because today EVERY canceled show has a write-in campaign, often accompanied by some clever item...Jericho fans sent peanuts, Lexx fans sent dragonflies, etc. It's so pervasive that it's become background noise. People even start write-in campaigns if we change a show's timeslot, or if an actor leaves a show. Right now there are containers of Fluff in the kitchen of our sibling network USA because fans are protesting the fact that Vincent D'Onofrio is leaving Law & Order: Criminal Intent. I took a picture of the Fluff with my iPhone so you can see [photo at the link above]. To save a show you need real impact, and you can't get that by doing the same thing everyone else is doing...


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