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Stargate Universe - Video: Robert Carlyle - The Man Who Walked Around The World

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The Man Who Walked Around The World

(Closed Captioned)

Stargate Universe - Associated Press: Video: Ming Na

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Ming Na Charts 'Stargate Universe' Course

AssociatedPress — May 05, 2010 — Ming Na's character returns to 'Stargate Universe' next episode. Na teases what's next for her in the Syfy show and hints at why Chloe's acting so strangely. (May 5)

Stargate Universe - Today: Video - Ming Na

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NBC's Today - Stargate Universe's Ming Na Guests

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Eureka - SciFi Wire: Video - James Callis Interview

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James Callis - Interview : SCI FI Wire Exclusive

SCI FI Wire talks to actor James Callis about his thoughts on "Battlestar Galactica" as well as his new role on "Eureka."

The Closer / Leverage: Video: This Summer On TNT

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Stargate - Stargate Official Magazine Issue 34 - Louis Ferreira, David Blue, Andy Mikita Interviews

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Stargate Magazine Issue 34




The Official Stargate Magazine is out now on a newsstand near you! The latest issue features a wealth of commentaries and conversations with the stars of Stargate Universe, including co-producer and director Andy Mikita, exclusive concept art, and the latest news from the set. Read on for all the details!


Work has already started on season two of Stargate Universe with the opening episode, Intervention, being directed by none other than the series star, Robert Carlyle! The titles for the next four episodes have also been revealed: Aftermath, Awakening, Pathogen, and Cloverdale. You can read the whole story and check out all the latest from the whole Stargate franchise in the latest issue's 'Advanced Telemetry' news section.



“[In Young and Rush] you have two people who absolutely need and rely on one another and who can’t get back home without each other. That’s obviously creating great friction and conflict.” – Louis Ferreira

Playing Colonel Everett Young is no easy task, and in the latest issue of The Official Stargate Magazine, actor Louis Ferreria reveals the reasons behind his character’s conflict with scientist Nicholas Rush, the life Young had before his time aboard the Destiny, and why he wants to be like Sonny Crockett in Miami Vice.

“I’m the luckiest guy in the world; I’ve been given the opportunity to shoot the pilot and finish the season as well.” – Andy Mikita

Andy Mikita has been in the Stargate business for over a decade, having started as a first assistant director on Stargate SG-1’s Children of the Gods. Mikita is now director and co-producer of Stargate Universe, and in an exclusive interview with The Official Stargate Magazine, he tells us about shooting his episodes, from the Vancouver soundstages to the deserts of Mexico, and everything else in-between.


“We did some amazing training at the start, including with firearms. I had never fired a gun before or even held one. It was intense and I loved it.” – Julia Benson

After a guest spot on Stargate Atlantis, Julia Benson jumped at the chance to play series regular Lt. Vanessa James on Stargate Universe. We sit down and chat with Benson about what it’s like to play the tough Lieutenant with a softer side, shooting the “epic” season opener Air, and the physical attraction between her character and Lt. Matthew Scott.

Issue Spotlight


Production Designer James Robbins and VFX Supervisor Mark Savela showcase some exclusive concept art from behind the scenes of Stargate Universe, with commentary from the creators themselves. From Darkness and Light, to Space and Divided, we take a look at some of the original artwork that led to the creation of some of Stargate Universe’s stunning sets.

Exlusive Extras:



David Blue tells us about playing Stargate Universe’s MIT drop-out-turned-reluctant-space-explorer, Eli Wallace.


The actor who’s been “spinning” the gate for the last 10 years talks about his Stargate experience.


Costume designer Val Haverson takes us behind the scenes of Stargate’s wardrobe.


We take a look at stunt co-ordinator James Bamford’s involvement in the Stargate series.

Stargate Universe - Stargate Planet: Patrick Gilmore Interview

At Stargate Planet:



Interview with Patrick Gilmore

about Stargate Universe and other projects

We know Patrick Gilmore as “Dale Volker“ in Stargate Universe and we’re grateful that he took some time off his busy schedule to answer a few career related questions for our German website visitors.

A brief excerpt: How did you prepare for your Stargate Universe audition?
PG: That was back in January of 2009. Actors audition so much that at one point they all bleed into one and you can’t remember specifics. My prep for SGU would have been as followed:

11am - Call from Agent “Audition tomorrow.”
4pm - Receive email with portion of script and other audition details.
6pm - Stop procrastinating and read audition. Play with moments and dialogue, all while cleaning my house (avoidance behaviour.)
8pm - Long dinner (more avoidance behaviour.)
10pm – After watching some TV I would have blocked out my audition. Pacing my living room, yelling, mumbling, getting online to research certain plot points and styles of the TV show. The detail gets exhausting.


2am – I go to sleep anxious with the audition material lying beside my pillow.
9am – I wake, read the audition, shower and perform the audition in the shower.
10am – Drive to audition, still rehearsing.
11am – Audition.
That’s probably what happened for the first audition. Then there was a call-back and I do specifically remember that last audition with Rob, Brad and Andy in the room.

Stargate / Battlestar Galactica - Artists On Demand: Calgary Expo Celebrity Audio Interviews

At Blog Talk Radio's Artists On Demand:

Original Air Date: May 04, 2010

Calgary Expo Celebrity Interviews

Paul McGillion from Stargate Atlantis' 'Identity'

Tony Todd: Best known for The Candyman, but has also been seen in the TV show Chuck and many more horror/scary movies such as Final Destination 3 [Also guest starred on Stargate SG-1 in a recurring role as Lord Haikon]. Aaron Douglas: One of the main roles in new hit show "The Bridge" where he plays Frank Leo, but also know for playing Chief Galen Tyrol on Battlestar Galactica. Erin Gray: Well known model since 15 and has brushed us with acting until now when she runs a PR firm and represents some of todays hottest talent. Paul McGillion: Played Dr. Carson Beckett in Stargate: Atlantis as well as the upcoming Stargate: Extinction [currently on hold]. Tahmoh Penikett: Played Paul Ballard in the recent hit TV show Dollhouse as well as the loved Captain Karl "Helo" Agathon in Battlestar Gallactica.

Download link


Tahmoh Penikett from Battlestar Galactica

Stargate Universe - Sky One: David Blue Video Interview Part 2

Courtesy of Sky One (UK):

Stargate Universe: Superfan vs. David Blue Part 2!

David Blue talks truth about shooting scenes in the desert (ouch = sunburns) and whether or not Eli will stay lonely forever.

Stargate Universe - Sky One: David Blue Video Interview

Courtesy of Sky One (UK):

Stargate Universe: The Superfan vs. David Blue!

Our very own Sky1 HD Superfan recently got the chance to sit down with Stargate Universe's David Blue (aka "Eli") at the Chevron 7.3 convention in Nottingham to discuss the ins and outs of signing autographs as well as the three iconic TV characters that David kept in mind while establishing his character.

Warehouse 13 - TV Guide Canada: Humour in this ‘House’

At TV Guide Canada:

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Humour in this ‘House’

By Greg David


Silly, scrumptious SyFy hit finally bows in Canada

Saul Rubinek, Joanne Kelly and Eddie McClintock

You’d be excused if – at first glance – you thought Warehouse 13 was a lot like The X-Files.

After all, the SyFy series, which debuts Season 1 on Citytv April 23 (in the crappy 10 p.m. timeslot, I might add, almost 10 months after it bowed in the U.S.), follows two government agents as they “snag, bag and tag” mysterious artefacts, supernatural relics and fantastic objects from around the world.

Myka (Joanne Kelly) is straitlaced and by-the-book, while Pete (Eddie McClintock) is off-the-cuff and willing to charge in without waiting for backup.
“Mulder and Scully – are you kidding me?” enthuses Kelly from the show’s set, today a junk yard in Toronto’s suburbs. She’s clearly flattered with comparison. “The major difference between us and them is that we’re not strictly a drama. We much more walk the line of comedy...”

Bones - TV Guide Canada: Roll them ‘Bones’- Kathy Reichs Interview

At TV Guide Canada:

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Roll them ‘Bones’

By Greg David


Author Kathy Reichs pens her first ‘Bones’ episode


For the uninitiated, Bones is inspired by the adventures of a real-life woman.

Kathy Reichs divides her time between Montreal and Charlotte, N.C., where she is a forensic anthropologist for the Laboratoire des Sciences Judiciares et de Médecine Légale in Quebec and a professor of anthropology at the University of North Carolina.

When she’s not doing those two gigs, she writes novels starring one Temperance Brennan that are based on her life. Those tales served as the jumping-off point for Bones, Fox’s prime-time hit procedural.

Five seasons in, Reichs finally took pen to paper and wrote her first Bones episode, called “The Witch in the Wardrobe.” In it, Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz) are called to a burned-out cabin, where the skeletons of a modern-day witch and one from the days of the Salem Witch Trials have been discovered...

Stargate Universe - Syfy: Video 'Sabotage' Sneak Peek

Courtesy of Syfy:

Sabotage - Sneak Peek - Stargate Universe

Watch a sneak peek from the next all-new episode of SGU! This Friday at 9/8C on Syfy!

TV Guide Magazine Online: Ask The Producers

At TV Guide Magazine Online:

Ask the Producers!

May 04, 2010

TV Guide Magazine is putting together a special Comicon issue, and we'll be interviewing the executive producers of some of your favorite shows. If you have any questions you're dying to get answered from these shows, let us know below in the comments section and we'll ask them:

Fringe's Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv and John Noble

The Big Bang Theory
The Vampire Diaries
Human Target

Supernatural's Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles

Stargate - Hub Productions: Australian Con DVD

At Hub Productions:

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Stargate DVD

Price: $55.00 [probably Australian $ - in US $ that would be roughly $50]


The biggest Stargate Convention Package ever assembled!

After over 6 months in production, The Hub Productions and Turncoat Studios are very proud to present a souvenir DVD package like no other: a four disc souvenir DVD set spanning across all three Stargate television shows!

Featuring coverage from four different conventions, from Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, Stargate 2010 contains over 15 hours of footage that you will not see anywhere else from a huge line-up of guests including:

Ben Browder
Claudia Black
Michael Shanks
Chris Judge
Dan Shea
Joe Flanigan
Paul McGillion
Jason Momoa
David Nykl
Connor Trinneer
Christopher Heyerdahl

David Blue

With so much content from so many guests, this DVD package is spilling over with highlights such as Dan Shea and Chris Judge going head to head in a shirtless push-ups competition; Joe Flanigan tackling a very surprised Paul McGillion and Jason Momoa; Michael Shanks auctioning off the shirt of his back to charity; Connor Trinneer and David Nykl arguing the science behind who would win in a fight between astronauts and cavemen; Chris Judge pretending not to know who David Blue is; and Ben Browder and Claudia Black being joined on stage by their Farscape co-star Gigi Edgley. Stargate 2010 is loaded with these and other unforgettable highlights and is the ultimate companion for any die-hard Stargate fan.

Nathan Fillion - Castle Video: Food to Die For

Courtesy of ABC and HULU:

ABC Castle - Food to Die For

Season 2 : Ep. 22 |43:25| |Closed Captions available

A well-known chef is found frozen to death in the kitchen of a New York restaurant; Castle shares an attraction with a former classmate of Beckett's.

Joel Gretsch - V: Video - Q & A with Joel Gretsch

Courtesy of ABC and HULU:

ABC V - Ask V: Joel Gretsch

Behind the Scenes|05:58|

Joel answers fan questions!

Jeffrey Donovan - Burn Notice - Video: Burning Down the House

Courtesy of USA and HULU:

USA Burn Notice - Burning Down the House

Sneak Peek (s.3 : ep.18)|00:32|

Watch out ... Burn Notice is back Thursday, June 3 at 9/8c

Stargate SG-1 - PropWorx: Video Blog: Goa’uld Symbiote

[NOTE: This video is in conjunction with PropWorx's Stargate memorabilia auction, now in its 15th week.]

Courtesy of PropWorx:

Video Blog: Goa’uld Symbiote

May 4, 2010 by David Read

We’re starting off our week with a brand new video blog, this time featuring perhaps the most significant villain ever to Stargate lore — the Goa’uld! These parasitic serpents evolved on an alien world in the Milky Way, eventually taking primitive Unas as hosts and deciphering the Stargate to enter the galaxy.

Check out the little guy which may be yours this summer!