Friday, June 27, 2008

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army - Video: TV Trailer # 5

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army premieres on Friday, July 11th (see the movie first, then come home and watch the premiere of Stargate Atlantis season five on the SciFi Channel at 10pm...please). Starring Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, Doug Jones, Jeffrey Tambor, John Hurt and Roy Dotrice.

Stargate Atlantis - TV Guide Online: Poll on Jason Momoa's Hair Cut

From TV Guide Online:

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Today's News: Our Take

Momoa's New 'Do Is a Don't, Says Stargate

His character, Ronon, still has his massive mane, but Jason Momoa, who plays the studly warrior on Stargate Atlantis, has shed his dreads — all five pounds of them.


POLL: What do you think of Momoa's new look?

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Stargate: The Movie - Airs July 5 on Encore

Stargate: The Movie, starring Kurt Russell, James Spader, Mili Avital, Jaye Davidson, Viveca Lindfors and Alexis Cruz, airs on the Encore Movie Channel at least twice during the day. Please check your local listings for the channel and air times.


Sat 7/05/2008


PG-13, Violence, English, 1994

Special effects enhance this tale about two explorers (Kurt Russell, James Spader) who discover another world after deciphering a code on an ancient Egyptian artifact. Ra: Jaye Davidson. Catherine: Viveca Lindfors. Skaara: Alexis Cruz. Sha'uri: Mili Avital. West: Leon Rippy. Roland Emmerich directed.

James McAvoy -- Media Blvd. Magazine: Interview

From Media Blvd. Magazine:

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James McAvoy Is A Different Kind of Hero In "Wanted"

Friday, 27 June 2008

By Christina Radish

Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) is a slacker who hates his life. At work, his boss lives to torment him in front of his fellow cube-dwelling drones. Back home, his girlfriend is cheating on him with his supposed best friend. Fortunately for Wes, all that changes when he meets Fox (Angelina Jolie), a deadly sexy woman who tells him that his estranged father was killed while working for a centuries-old league of trained assassins, called the Fraternity, led by the enigmatic Sloan (Morgan Freeman). Now, it’s Wes’ turn to follow in his father’s footsteps and realize his true potential. The former loser quickly grows to enjoy all the strength he ever wanted, but he also begins to realize that there is more to his dangerous associates than meets the eye, as he learns that he alone controls his destiny.

In bringing Wanted from comic book to big screen, Russian director Timur Bekmambetov knew that Scottish actor James McAvoy was the perfect choice to play this different kind of hero. McAvoy spoke to MediaBlvd Magazine about the Universal Pictures action thriller, and what it was like making such a stunts-laden film.

A brief excerpt:

MediaBlvd Magazine> Initially, Wesley is a loser, but even within your facial expressions throughout the film, there’s an amazing transformation that you make. What was the process that you went through, as an actor, in order to do that?

James McAvoy> One of the things that really attracted me to the film was that it was a big, silly piece of entertainment, of course, but that the basis of the journey, and the basis from which we create this action hero, or anti-hero, is that he’s this clinically depressed person. He’s a real sufferer of post-modern depression, apathy and angst, and I thought that was a quite true and sad place to begin. It was important for me that it wasn’t all done just with costume, which is easy to do. Although, we did do it with costume as well because, as soon as he goes to the Fraternity, he wears new clothes. So, it was important for me that the journey still had a long way to go, and that’s done physically, like just walking taller when you’re further on in the film, and how you wear your shoulders, and facially. Wesley is so dis-empowered, it’s very difficult for him to take control of his face. He’s so dis-empowered, it’s very difficult for him to mobilize his face. He gets more expressive as the film goes on, which hopefully signifies more self-worth and willingness to communicate because you feel powerful in your space, and all of that. So, I didn’t prepare for it too much, but those were the things that I thought about, when I was thinking about how to plot the journey. He starts in a very interesting, depressed place, and he ends in a very interesting, psychopathic place, but the most interesting thing is how he gets from A to B.

David Boreanaz - Angel - Video: 'Room with a Vu'

Courtesy of HULU, Angel's 'Room with a Vu,' starring David Boreanaz, Charisma Carpenter, Glenn Quinn and Elisabeth Röhm. Guest stars include Beth Grant, Markus Redmond, Denney Pierce and Greg Collins.

Cordelia falls in love with a gorgeous rent-controlled apartment that turns out to be haunted by a ghost. A demon comes to collect on Doyle's loans.

Stargate Atlantis - Starburst Magazine #364 - Director Brenton Spencer Interview

From Visimag:

Starburst #364, July 2008

Full magazine details are not available as yet. However, Visimag has just installed a new feature on their site: special flash previews!

Here's the link for the Starburst Magazine issue 364 flash preview:

And I've made photos of the the pages that contained something Stargate:

Richard Dean Anderson - MacGyver - Video: 'Thief of Budapest '

Courtesy of, MacGyver's 'Thief of Budapest,' starring Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Constantine, Bruce Abbott, and Sid Haig.

In Budapest, a young Gypsy steals a watch containing microfilm that MacGyver was supposed to receive from a Russian double agent.

Watch CBS Videos Online

For more information on MacGyver, please visit the Richard Dean Anderson web site.

Richard Dean Anderson - Appearing at San Diego Comic Con '08

At the Richard Dean Anderson web site:

There is an update with a new note from Rick -- including this tidbit of information:

Richard addressed several of the recent rumors on the internet. He had not heard the rumors about a MacGyver movie for the big screen, but he said that if such a project is in the works, he is not involved with it.

The rumor that he might appear at ComicCon in July is true, however. He will be a guest of MGM, and he expects to be at ComicCon for the preview of Continuum, which will be held aboard the USS Midway, and for a party being hosted by the Navy. Further details had not yet been set. He expects his appearance to be brief, although he joked that the person he most wants to meet there is Seth McFarlane of "Family Guy." "He's my new genius. That's a great show."


San Diego Comic Con 2008

July 24-27 '08

James McAvoy - SciFi Talk: 'Wanted' Audio Interview

From SciFi Talk:

Fri, 27 June 2008


A look at the graphic novel come to life on the screen by acclaimed director Timur Bekmambetov. Interviews include stars James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman, Graphic Novel writer Mark Millar, Common, Thomas Kretschmann and more. Special thanks to Universal Pictures and EPK.TV. Music is by Clear Plastic. Not for small children.

Podcast Link

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer - Video: 'The Puppet Show'

Courtesy of HULU, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer's 'The Puppet Show,' starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nicholas Brendon, Alyson Hannigan, Charisma Carpenter, Anthony Head and Kristine Sutherland. Guest stars include Rich Werner, Burke Roberts, Armin Shimerman and Lenora May.

Buffy suspects that a ventriloquist's dummy may be harvesting organs from classmates performing in a school talent show.

(Yeah, that happened in my high school too!)

Stargate Atlantis - TV Guide Online: Print Edition will have SciFi Preview!

From TV Guide Online:


Ultimate Sci-Fi Preview!

From Smallville to Stargate and beyond, we’ve got the inside word on all your Sci-Fi faves. Plus: on the set of the new “X-Files” movie!

Stargate: Continuum - MGM Stargate: NEW Photos June 27 '08

MGM Stargate has upload some NEW photos tonight -- also some photos that have been previously provided, either by Andreas at GateWorld Forum (thank you again, Andreas!), or by the MySpace Stargate Central Command site or the Facebook Stargate Official Fanpage site.

There are 14 photos in all, five Behind the Scenes photos and nine stills from the movie.


(Please follow the link[s] for the full-size, high-resolution formats of the following photos.)

Tok'ra being touched up by an make-up artist

Richard Dean Anderson (Maj. Gen. Jack O'Neill)

Director Martin Wood and Richard Dean Anderson

Ben Browder (Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell), Richard Dean Anderson, and with his back to the camera, Writer/Producer Brad Wright

Martin Wood, Richard Dean Anderson, Brad Wright


NEW Stills

Ra (Jay Williams), Camulus (Steve Bacic), Lord Yu (Vince Crestejo), Cronus (Ron Halder), Nirrti (Jacqueline Samuda)

Teal'c (Christopher Judge) and Qetesh (Claudia Black)

Camulus and Lord Yu

Lord Yu, Cronus and Nirrti

Previously provided stills


Teal'c and Ba'al (Cliff Simon)

Qetesh and Ba'al

Goa'uld System Lords

Wall-E - Video: Clip from Movie

Wall-E opens Friday, June 27 '08.

Stargate: Continuum -MGM Stargate: NEW Poll June 27 '08

From MGM Stargate:


Which Continuum character are you most excited to see?

1. O'Neill

2. Teal'c

3. Ba'al

Wall-E - Video: Bouncing Balls

Wall-E! Friday, June 26 '08.