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Supernatural - TV Guide Canada: Misha Collins Interview

At TV Guide Canada:

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Apocalypse now

By Melissa Hank


The first thing you notice about Supernatural is the blood. And the spilled intestines, egg-sized bruises, angry wounds and bodily fluids you didn’t even know humans had. Gives new meaning to the term “plasma TV”, right?

Then you notice the boys, Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) – the first with floppy hair and puppy-dog eyes, the second a hardened soul with rugged features and a too-smart mouth.

Most horror fans and swooning girls stop there. After all, the CW series doesn’t promise a premise more complex than your average Freddy Krueger flick: two brothers cruise the country in their 1967 Chevrolet Impala, killing demons that terrorize decent hardworking folk. If they’re lucky, they’ll happen upon the one that killed their mother when they were tots.

If not, meh. There are plenty of rougarous, shapeshifters, witches, crocottas, changelings and vampires to just begging to be wasted. At least that’s the tale creator Eric Kripke told in the show’s first two seasons.

That’s before Sam and Dean accidentally opened the gates of hell and loosed a swarm of demons on Earth, before Dean made a deal that banished him to the eternal hot box, and before the angel Castiel (Misha Collins) pulled him out so he could stop mega-demon Lilith from opening the 66 seals that would free Lucifer.

Now, in the fourth season, the outlook is even graver, so to speak. The epic battle between good and evil, between angels and demons, is brewing – and heaven help the Winchesters if they’re caught in the middle when it hits the boiling point.
“Going in, I thought the show was cheesier than it is,” says Collins. “Before, you had the monster of the week, a light sci-fi romp. And they did a good job of it. But [now] there’s another aspect – the relationship between the two brothers, their inner turmoil. Meta-ideas and apocalyptic concepts of heaven and hell. And do the ends justify the means? ...”

Supernatural airs Thursdays, 9 p.m. ET, on The CW, and Fridays, 9 p.m. ET, on Space.

Stargate: Universe - First Day of Production

From Joseph Mallozzi's blog update for February 18, 2009:

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February 18, 2009: First Day of Production

Today marked the start of production on Stargate: Universe and, while most were down on Stage 3 watching/participating in the action, I was up in the production offices, pacing the corridors as I’m wont to do when working on a script revision. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. Until, finally, I’ve made the last note on my script and I can return to my office to implement the changes. By the time I handed the memory stick off the Lawren, it was lunch time.

All indications are things are going swimmingly on set. Brad [Wright] and Rob [Cooper] are very happy with what they saw today and I look forward to checking out the first batch of dailies tomorrow. Special Features Producer Ivon Bartok had a conversation with Robert Carlyle and can’t say enough good things about the man. After lunch, I swung by the trailers to say hello to our guest star. We ended up chatting away until we got the call from set. Just like old times. It made me kind of nostalgic.

Well, everything is still super-secret under-wraps from now until ... whenever the studio decides it isn’t. We were all issued official personal copies of the script with our own names emblazoned on every page. Presumably this is to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands but I really feel the need to point out that, from my ten year experience working with the franchise, the problem has never been copies of the script getting out but fans having access to the breakdown services used by casting directors and actors. Still, it’s all very James Bond and fun for some, so who am I to complain? That said, it would have been even cooler had the actual script been delivered in one of those metal briefcases we could handcuff to our wrists. Bonus points if they self-destructed if somebody entered the wrong combination.

All this to say, yes, I’ve got lots of pics but no, I won’t be posting them just yet. Alas, not sure when either. Until then, however, I’m lining up some terrific Stargate-related fan Q&A sessions that I’ll be announcing in the coming weeks

And speaking of coming announcements, many of you are wondering when the hell I’m going to go public with the official press release concerning our female cast members. The answer: I’m not. I have absolutely nothing to do with how or when the studio or network choose to proceed on this one. They may decide to release a simple statement on their official website or could, instead, choose to breaks the news by having one of those barnstorming crop dusters spell the names out in the skies of Los Angeles. I’d personally go with the latter - but that’s why I’m writing scripts and not working in publicity.


Battlestar Galactica - Video: Best Quote: We're Cylons

Courtesy of SciFi Channel and HULU:

Battlestar Galactica - Battlestar Best Quote: We're Cylons

Web Exclusive|00:23|

Tyrol suddenly realizes that they're not all there for the music.

Stargate: Universe - SciFi Now Magazine # 25 - Brad Wright/ Robert C. Cooper Interview

At Imagine Publishing:


Officially on sale 19 February, SciFiNow issue 25 is the latest issue of the UK's premier science fiction magazine. Here's a small taster of what's in store in our new issue, which includes a free Watchmen DVD loaded with behind-the-scenes content.


• It's a whole new galaxy out there...we talk to Brad Wright and Robert C Cooper in our world exclusive interview about the transition from Stargate Atlantis to Stargate Universe.

• Our news this month brings you the word on the state of genres shows hovering between renewal and cancellation, the lowdown on the best films coming your way soon, and a look at the latest developments in the world of the fantastic.

• Our additional Watchmen preview compliments our previous interview-packed feature by taking a look at the film's long and rocky road to the big screen.

• We talk to Dirk Benedict, of The A-Team and Battlestar Galactica, about Starbuck, his other work in film, and his somewhat...outspoken political viewpoints.

• We also talk to Craig Charles about the new Red Dwarf, the US adaptation, and the possibility of a big screen outing.

• We celebrate the genre SciFiNow style, with our pick of the top 100 moments in science fiction cinema.

• Ever wondered if...? We give our dream cast for a proposed remake of Automan.

• The most trustworthy reviews of the latest film and DVD releases.

• A wealth of book, comic and graphic novel reviews.

• It was our last, best hope for failed. Our Complete Guide to Babylon 5, however, succeeds where the station itself didn't quite manage King Kong lead our signature Timewarp section.

• The Fanboys section continues to cover all the hottest convention and memorabilia news, including a collector's guide to Halloween.

• We have a field day nitpicking our way through Spider-Man 3.

• Our history of literary horror this month has an in depth look at one of the most controversial figures in literature, religion and modern society as a whole: L Ron Hubbard.

• And all you could want from the UK's premiere science fiction, horror, fantasy and cult magazine.

The ninth chevron is locked, and issue 25 gates into all good newsagents on 19 February 2009!

Those lucky enough to be subscribers will have made a huge 30% saving, so why not pop on over to our eShop and join them today.

Stargate: Universe - GateWorld: Stargate Universe begins principal photography

At GateWorld:

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Stargate Universe begins principal photography

Wednesday, February 18 (GENERAL)

The third Stargate television series goes before cameras today!

A brief excerpt:

The third live-action Stargate series is off and running! Principal photography for Stargate Universe began today at The Bridge Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Universe is getting ready for a fall premiere on the SCI FI Channel in the U.S., and tells the story of a group of military personnel and civilians who find themselves stranded on board the Destiny — a deep space exploratory vessel built by the Ancients many millions of years ago. The ship is on an unalterable, preprogrammed course from one galaxy to another, following up on new Stargates placed by another automated ship ...

Battlestar / Fringe / Dollhouse - Paley Fest '09 - Apr 10 - 24

From Paley Center for Media (Los Angeles, CA):

Paley Fest '09

Premium Festival Packages!

Packages include two premium seats to four events and two invites to one after-party.

Package A: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, 90210, The Big Bang Theory, The Hills

Package B: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Dollhouse, Battlestar Galactica/Caprica, Fringe

Cast of The Mentalist

Package C: True Blood, The Mentalist, Desperate Housewives, Big Love—plus bonus evening, Swingtown!

Also: UNAIRED episodes of Pushing Daisies with Bryan Fuller.

Individual Tickets

Individual tickets on sale to Paley Center Members February 26; available to general public March 1. Tickets often sell out to Members!

Festival Pass

Guarantees one premium seat to all twelve evenings and three after-parties, plus many other benefits! On Sale Now!

Join The Conversation

Time permitting, we'll share some questions submitted online with the panelists. What would you like to ask them? [Links at the site for each series.]

Fringe - SciFi Talk: Joshua Jackson Audio Interview

At SciFi Talk:

Wed, 18 February 2009

Joshua Jackson

First of a series of press conferences taped at New York Comic Con with the cast of The Fringe. This edition features Joshua Jackson who plays Peter Bishop on the series. Music by Victor Stellar. Special thanks to New York Comic Con and Fox Television. Part 1 of 3.

Download link

Fringe airs Tuesdays at 9pm on FOX. NEW episodes resume Tuesday, April 7 '09, with 'Inner Child'

Stargate Atlantis - GateWorld: Bill Nye Audio Interview

At GateWorld:


GateWorld talks with Bill Nye

It was only a matter of time before Stargate paid homage to some of today's greatest leaders in the world of science. But we wouldn't have guessed they would be appearing as themselves!

Bill Nye, known to more recent generations as "The Science Guy," guest-starred in a special episode of Atlantis's fifth season along with friend and colleague Neil deGrasse Tyson in the episode "Brain Storm."

The episode, prominently featured on Earth, dared to address real-world issues. We expand on those thoughts in our exclusive interview with Nye, talking not only about the episode, but climate change. Bill also tells us about his earliest memories of getting involved in science, his buddy Robert Picardo ("Richard Woolsey"), and being on the cusp of several technological leaps in his field.

GateWorld's interview with Bill Nye runs 38 minutes. Listen online at your leisure, download it to your MP3 player, or subscribe now to the iTunes podcast! The full interview is also transcribed [at the link above].

A brief excerpt:

GW: Had you seen Stargate Atlantis before "Brain Storm?" Had you seen any Stargate?
BN: Oh yes, yes. But let me say, I was not obsessively obsessed. I watched it now and then. But then since I was on, or since a few weeks before I was on I watch 'em all. Those Wraith, they're trouble man. Trouble! I guess their commander's a thoughtful guy but they really are trouble. It's a small galaxy.

GW: It is, it is. From your perspective, how real is the Stargate as a concept? Is it pure fiction, or is there some truth behind it?
BN: Well, the word truth ... there's a lot of good astrophysical speculation behind it. Is it true? [Laughter] That's a whole other ... This idea that you can fall into a black hole, a place with so much gravity that you end up in another part of the universe at another time is quite charming, but so far from what we know about black holes you would die.

Stargate SG1 / Atlantis - Big Finish Productions: Series 2 Subscription

At Big Finish Productions:

Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis Subscription - Series 2


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Battlestar Galactica - Video: Ron Moore Commentary on 'No Exit'

Courtesy of SciFi Channel and HULU:

Battlestar Galactica - No Exit (Enhanced)

Commentary (s.4 : ep.17)|43:51|

Watch episode 17 "No Exit" with commentary by executive producer Ronald D. Moore.