Friday, May 1, 2009

Stargate Universe - Joseph Mallozzi's Blog Update - NEW SGU Behind the Scenes Photos!

At Joseph Mallozzi's blog update for May 1, 2009:

(Please follow the link for the complete blog update and to view the NEW behind-the-scenes photos of Stargate Universe, including another photo with Michael Shanks, in their original format.)

May 1, 2009: Projects Galore!

I'm well into the rewrite of Space, episode #11 of Stargate: Universe, and finally got it down to a full 46 pages from a robust 54 (and that's down from its original 60!). Paring down the dialogue, stripping away some of the superfluous beats, but still maintaining a lot of the character beats that Rob and Co. responded to in the original version (the Boone scene, the James beats, that thing with the sock). Hope to have a nice, tight, revised draft for when everyone comes back in about a week.

Yes, that`s right. About a week. Things are going to be very quiet at The Bridge for a while as production of the show shifts to New Mexico. Andy Mikita, who`s already there, sent some great pics of the location gate at White Sands.
Hopefully, him and the rest of the gang won't suffer a repeat of the location scout scenario that saw their truck give out on them in the middle of nowhere, causing them to weigh the option of hiking the twelve miles back to civilization before eventually being rescued (Thank you, OnStar!). And, hopefully, I'll be able to share those location gate pics with you in time - but, in the meantime, here's a behind-the-scenes snap from the two-hour premiere, Air I and II - actors David Blue and Chris McDonald on the Icarus set, Stage 5.

... So, looking ahead to next week, I have the comic book pitch, those Atlantis scenes to write, the revised draft of Space to go over and, oh yeah, that short story to finish up. I've only been working on it for seven months now and it's almost done. Also genre-specific, but not the genre you're thinking of. I've got the next seven days to go over it, send it Kellie's way, get some feedback, another couple of weeks to do the rewrite, and then it's in my editors hands. And, if he likes it, I plan to join him and the rest of the writers of the anthology for a San Diego Comic Con appearance - in 2010.

Of course, I'd love to make an appearance at this year's Comic Con, partly so I can say hi to all of you in person, and partly to track down those two Bowen supervillain statues (Juggernaut and The Scorpion) I missed out on when they first came out. They'll grace my office shelves alongside the likes of Darkseid, Magneto, Apocalypse, Doctor Doom, and, perhaps, this lovely piece of artwork actor Michael Shanks seems very attached to -

Mailbag returns tomorrow with, hopefully, that long overdue visit to the Icarus set.

Stargate's Michael Shanks - The Hallmark Channel: Video trailer: 'Living Out Loud'

[NOTE: 'Living out Loud' will be repeated Friday, May 8 at 9:00PM and Sunday, May 17 at 9:00PM on The Hallmark Channel.]

From a Hallmark Channel e-mail announcement:


Saturday May 2 at 9/8C

Emily Marshall's life is turned on its head when she is diagnosed with breast cancer. Refusing to be a victim, Emily decides to embrace her life long dream of being a singer and shows her family, and the world, the true meaning of living out loud. Stars Gail O'Grady, Michael Shanks and Jessica Amlee.

Go behind the scenes, meet the stars of the film and find out how you can make a difference in the fight against cancer. (Please follow the link to view the videos in their original format.)

Michael Shanks' Character

Michael Shanks On The Movie

Michael Shanks On Family



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Stargate Universe - SFX Magazine Issue # 183 - May 6 '09

At SFX Magazine:

Latest issue

SFX 183 – June 2009

On sale Wednesday 6 May 2009

We get the lowdown on the latest Stargate spin-off series, Stargate Universe!

You loved our Doctor Who and Ghost In The Shell fridge magnets, and now you can add to your collection with a set of free Transformers fridge magnets with every copy of SFX 183!

We chat to director McG and give you all the goss on the much-anticipated movie - including an exclusive look at some of the storyboards and a chat with the film's special effects makeup supervisor!

Speaking of Terminator, we have an exclusive interview with the celebrated author on the truth behind that story about his legal action against James Cameron!

Sam Raimi's dipped his toes into the horror pool again! We talk to Raimi's second-in-command Rob Tapert about the Evil Dead director's return to old school horror.


It's the new fantasy comedy starring Matt Lucas! We talk to creators Peter Knight and Brad Johnson.


We run down the ten most influential novels in British science fiction - how many have you read?

The New Weird novelist talks to us about his latest book, The City & The City.

Jeff Wayne explains what spurred him on in creating the musical version of War Of The Worlds.


Holodeck episodes of Star Trek - an ingenious way to add variety to the show or just a bit rubbish? The Couch Crew examines the evidence!

It could have been one of the best sci-fi series ever to grace the BBC, but it was not to be. We look back on the one-season wonder Star Cops.


Following on from last issue's retrospective on a radio show, this issue's Time Machine looks back on Gary Numan's classic concept album Replicas.

Patricia Arquette talks about the new season of Medium, Laila Rouass tells all about being the new kid on the block in Primeval, and Kate Griffin (aka Catherine Webb) explains why London is an endless source of inspiration to her.


A more recent title than most of our Book Club choices, but it's a good one nonetheless - Jeff Noon's Vurt.

Where next for James Bond? You gave us your ideas!


We've got the final episodes of Pushing Daisies and Battlestar Galactica and the season premieres of Reaper and Primeval, as well as the return of Saving Grace and ongoing coverage of Dollhouse, The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Heroes!

All this and lots more...

Richard Dean Anderson - Beyond Betrayal Repeated May 3 '09

Richard Dean Anderson's made-for-tv movie from '94, 'Beyond Betrayal' is repeated May 3 '09 at 7am on LMN - the Lifetime MOVIE Network.

Please be sure to confirm the times with your local listings -- 'Beyond Betrayal,' starring Richard Dean Anderson and Susan Dey.

Richard stars as a sociopathic cop searching for the estranged wife he has abused, played by Susan Dey. Although she has gone into hiding, she is unable to escape the threat he poses, both to her, and to the new man in her life.

This is one of Mr. Anderson's few "dark roles" -- and he provides a chilling performance, as his character, Bradley Matthews, journeys further away from redemption.

Filmed in Vancouver, BC, Canada, there are some other familiar faces from Stargate SG-1 in the cast, including: Tamsin Kelsey (Thor's Hammer and Thor's Chariot), Jerry Wasserman (Touchstone and Inauguration) and Robin Mossley (Window of Opportunity and Morpheus).

From Entertainment Tonight in 1994, a video clip with Richard Dean Anderson and Susan Dey on the set of "Beyond Betrayal," as they perform a stunt in the movie, with the assistance of Dan Shea. (The quality of the video is not perfect, my apologies.)

Stargate's Amanda Tapping/Paul McGillion - 'Engaged to Kill' - Repeats May 2 on LMN

The 2006 made-for-TV movie, 'Engaged to Kill,' is scheduled for an encore presentation on Saturday, May 2 '09 at 3:00pm on the Lifetime MOVIE Network (please be sure to confirm the time with your local listings).

'Engaged to Kill' was made in Canada and some of the co-stars are familiar faces from Stargate SG1 / Stargate Atlantis / Sanctuary, including: Anne Marie DeLuise (SG1's "The Other Side" and "Bounty'), SG1/SGA/Sanctuary's Peter DeLuise, Daniella Evangelista (SG-1's "Crusade"), SGA's Paul McGillion, SG1/SGA/Sanctuary's Amanda Tapping, Katharine Isabelle (SG1's "Camelot', Sanctuary's Nubbins) and Dominic Zamprogna (SGA's "Childhood's End").

David Boreanaz - Bones - Video: 'The Beaver In The Otter'

US geo-coded.

Courtesy of FOX and HULU, Bones' 'The Beaver In The Otter,' starring Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, Michaela Conlin, Tamara Taylor, T.J. Thyne and John Francis Daley. Guest stars include Brendan Fehr, Pej Vahdat, Jaimie Alexander, Nick Ballard, Jonathan Chesner, Edwin Hodge, Michael Hyatt, Rick Peters, Ryan Pinkston and Lorna Raver.

Booth and Bones solve the murder of a team mascot.

Supernatural's Jim Beaver - Video: 'Harper's Island'

US geo-coded.

Courtesy of TV Guide's Hollywood 411 and HULU:

Celebrity Interviews - Harper's Island: Jim Beaver


Jim Beaver is no sranger to creepy shows, starring in both SUPERNATURAL and HARPER'S ISLAND. But you won't find creepy in his new memoir Life's That Way, he stops by Hollywood 411 to tell us about it.

Kate Hewlett - Toronto, Canada - The Last New Year - May 17 - 19 '09

At Spotlight Nation:

Kate Hewlett, Mike McPhaden, Casey Austin, 'Jimmy' James Murray, Andrew Hachey and Margaret Evans in The Last New Year



Toronto Premier Screenings:
MAY 17, 18, & 19
608 College (at Clinton St.), Toronto, ON
The Filmmakers and Cast will be in attendance with a Q & A after each screening.

To reserve your tickets email with the date and number you would like to purchase.

The Last New Year has been selected as Golden Ace Award Winner at the 2009 Las Vegas International Film Festival.

The Last New Year is a feature film by Garfield Lindsay Miller. The film stars: Casey Austin, Margaret Evans, Philip Graeme, Andrew Hachey, Kate Hewlett, Mike McPhaden, James Murray, Mayko Ngyen, Aaron Webber, and Kris Holden-Reid.