Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sanctuary - Video: Preview "End of Nights, Part 2"

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Stargate Universe - GateWorld: Joel Goldsmith Interview

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GateWorld talks with Joel Goldsmith

Music influences our entertainment more often than many of us seem to realize. A flat scene can be livened with color and substance with a single note. But too many notes can drown the meaning and destroy a sequence. It is a careful balance that must be weighed every step.

Joel Goldsmith has been charged with weighing every moment on Stargate going on 16 seasons. Baton in hand, he has braved the challenge of "reinventing the wheel" for this third live-action incarnation of the Stargate television series with fresh faces and a grittier atmosphere.

In GateWorld's exclusive interview, Joel reveals his struggle -- and ultimate satisfaction -- in finding SGU's voice after more than 300 hours of Stargate. He talks about his favorite moments in the pilot, weaving the tapestry of a more "minimalist" score, and gaining satisfaction from the unfolding plot.

Stargate Universe - Video: Air, Part 3

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Sanctuary - Video: Season Two Premiere "End of Nights, Part 1"

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