Monday, January 25, 2010

Stargate SG-1 / Atlantis - SciFi Wire: Stargate Props Auction

At SciFi Wire:

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Check out 20 awesome Stargate props that could be yours!

By SCI FI Wire Staff
ON 01/25/10

Hey, Stargate fans! Want to own a piece of your favorite show? Then you're in luck, because Propworx, who was also behind 2009's Battlestar Galactica auctions, has launched a series of Stargate Artifacts auctions this week. Fifteen seasons of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis memorabilia will be up for sale through eBay and two huge live auctions.

There will be thousands of items auctioned off over the next few months, culminating in two live auctions in which you'll even get a chance to see a full-size, working Stargate. But even before those live auctions, Propworx will be auctioning plenty of affordable items on eBay, including costumes, props and even pieces of the Stargate.

You can find out more about the eBay auctions and what will be for sale at, where the Stargate fans who make up the Propworx team have blogs, videos and a forum for fans and collectors to discuss the Stargate auctions.

So what are some of the best props that Propworx will have in the live auctions? The crack group at Stargate Command (aka the Propworx warehouse) made a list for us of the top 20 items they have stored there.

The props being auctioned include:

Working Jaffa Serpent Head
Horus (Falcon) Head
Goa'uld Hand Device
Jaffa Staff Weapon
Jack O'Neill's Sunglasses
Hero Zat Gun
Hero T.E.R.
Hero Replicator Pistol
Hero Anti-Replicator Gun
The Ark of Truth
Daniel's Glasses
Ori Prior Staff
Ancient Drone
Zero Point Module
Ronon Dex's Blaster
Ancient Communications Terminal
Ancient Lifesigns Detector
Teyla's Bantos Rods

You can find out more at and join the conversation there. You can also follow Propworx on Twitter.