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Stargate Atlantis - Actor Tyler McClendon Answers Questions

From Joseph Mallozzi's blog update for October 9, 2008:

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October 9, 2008: Actor Tyler McClendon Answers Your Questions

Several weeks ago, I was leaving Stage 3 after saying my goodbye's to the crew when somebody called my name. I stopped and turned to meet the guy who fast approached. He looked vaguely familiar but I couldn't place the face. "Tyler,"he said, no doubt reading my confusion. "Tyler McClendon." Of course. Tyler, our new resident wraith. The reason I hadn't recognized him was because, outside of the audition in which I'd cast him, I'd never seen him out of prosthetics and make-up. In a most unwraith-like display of professional courtesy, he thanked me for casting him and told me he'd had a wonderful time on the show. I, in turn, thanked him for all of his hard work and asked him whether he might be interested in doing a fan Q&A. Well, it turned out he was familiar with the blog and assured me he'd be more than happy to interact with the fans.

Convention organizers take note ...

DasNdanger writes: `First, I just want to say how much I have enjoyed your Wraithy performances, Tyler – you had big boots to fill, and you have done so quite nicely. I really enjoyed your roles so far in Broken Ties and The Queen, and look forward to any future appearances. Too many favorite moments to mention, but I will say that I love how you've played the whole `irritated Wraith' thing, and in such a way that isn't over-the-top. It made Kenny quite entertaining, especially with his `I do not know, I'm not on the ship' line, and then when – without a word – he obeyed Sheppard's order to head to the nearest gate, giving him that `Happy now?' look afterwards. Very well-played!

Which leads me to my first question:

1. How difficult is it to convey expression/emotion with your face concealed under all of that make-up?
2. Was it ever explained to you – or do you have your own ideas – as to what the Wraith finger armor is supposed to be for? Is it a tool? A weapon? Just ornamentation? (I am determined to find this out!)
3. In your mind, why did the Wraith in Broken Ties want worshippers? Is it just a power thing, an ego boost, or something else? And what was his motivation behind turning Ronon in particular? In some ways, it almost seemed like he was trying to make Tyre jealous.
4. Some Wraith actors have said that they do not see the Wraith as inherently evil, though they are portrayed as the villains. What is your perception of them?
5. Was that really you who visited us on Gateworld as `tubbs'? If so, thank you again. I hope we didn't scare you too much.
That's all for now…I'll leave something for others to ask. Thank you, Tyler, for your time, and for being a part of Atlantis, and especially for creating exciting new Wraith characters for us to watch and enjoy and discuss. We love these guys, and really appreciate all you've done in bringing them to life.'
TM: "Thank you for the kind words Das. 1. Well, it's kind of a double-edged sword. Though your expressions are limited by the make-up, it also does a lot of the work for you. Things like a glance or a flick of the eyes are more exaggerated when your face is so `enhanced.' Being my first episode as a Wraith, I spent a lot of time during BT experimenting in the make-up.

2. Ah, the finger armor. I've never officially been briefed on its function; however, I recall quizzing the prosthetics team (this will be the first of several times I will mention how amazing the prosthetics team is on this show . . . they're amazing) during my virgin voyage into wraithhood on Broken Ties. Aside from some speculation, I didn't get too far. Then I started looking for clever opportunities to use the finger armor during the filming of BT. No Luck. Next thing I knew, my hand was severed and the opportunity to find a use for it became irrelevant. I'm sure the writers would have an explanation if I were to ask, but I'm more interested in discovering a cool function for it. I'm sure I'll find one when the opportunity presents itself.

3. Good question. In my opinion, `Rhys' considered the Satedans a genetically superior race. So if he was to recruit worshippers, they were probably high on his list. Tyre's addiction to the enzyme made him reliant on `Rhys' and vulnerable to manipulation. Rhys used Tyre to track down Ronon, the one person he saw as the key to defeating Atlantis - making Ronon a far more valuable asset than Tyre. So turning Ronon was really just a strategic decision.

4. Since SGA is told through the eyes of humans, any threat to the human species is inherently evil - to the implied audience. To embody a Wraith, I need to view the world/universe through their eyes and sympathize with them. And because their hierarchies are rather strict, I need to be absolute in my choices. That means completely committing to every decision my character makes, with zero doubt. Are they evil? Evil according to whom?

5. It was . . . and yes, `Tubbs' is a childhood nickname I was blessed with (insert chubby kid story here)."


`Til next time.

Tyler McClendon


... StellaByStargate writes: "What is Carl up to these days anyway?"
Answer: Oh, he's working on the SG-1 movie script, presently hammering out an outline with Brad.

... Michelle writes: " Wait, and what the hell? I thought you were in talks to work on Universe… and why did the front office team leave, given there's about to be a new show?"
Answer: When all is said and done, I believe that Paul and I will end up consulting on SGU, writing a few scripts, and writing and producing the SGA movie. That said, we'll have significantly more free time next year which opens up the opportunity to pursue other projects. As for the office gang - well, their work on Atlantis is done. They'll go off, hopefully enjoy a well-deserved break. Hopefully some if not all will be back in January when production on SGU gears up.

Stargate Atlantis / Eureka / Battlestar Galactica - NBCUMV: Has 16 of Top 30 Most Engaging Programs


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Published: October 9, 2008

NEW YORK – October 9, 2008 – In recently released Nielsen IAG data, NBC Universal's Cable Entertainment Networks have outperformed the market in terms of program engagement, with 16 of the top 30 most engaging cable entertainment programs on television. The announcement was made today by Jeff Gaspin, President and Chief Operating Officer, Universal Television Group.

"We're excited about the results of the IAG research and believe it's important to stand out in the marketplace," said Gaspin. "This gives us another indicator which emphasizes the quality of our programming."

Together, three of NBC Universal's cable networks – USA, BRAVO and SCI FI –had five shows in the top ten and nine of the top 20 positions. The rankings include the top 30 shows among all of the cable networks that Nielsen IAG measures (note, Nielsen IAG does not measure Oxygen).

"This data highlights the power of NBC Universal's cable networks, as well as the power of each distinctive brand, and further demonstrates our ability to help drive value for our advertising partners," added Steve Mandala, Executive Vice President Cable Entertainment Ad Sales, NBC Universal.

A list of the NBC Universal Cable Entertainment programs with high engagement follows in order from Nielsen IAG:

15. "Stargate Atlantis" – SCI FI
22. "Doctor Who" – SCI FI
26. "Eureka" – SCI FI
26. "The Sarah Jane Adventures" –SCI FI
30. "Battlestar Galactica" – SCI FI

David Boreanaz - Bones - Video: 'The He in the She'

Courtesy of FOX and HULU, Bones' 'The He in the She,' starring Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, Michaela Conlin, Tamara Taylor, T.J. Thyne and John Francis Daley. Guest stars include Ryan Cartwright, Mark Doerr, David Gallagher, Sylva Kelegian, John Livingston, Blake Shields ... Chuck Kennedy, Bruce Thomas and Nancy Youngblut.

Brennan and Booth’s latest case is a real battle of the sexes.

Stargate: Ark of Truth - High Def Digest: January Release Date on Blu-Rau

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MGM Sets January Arrival for 'Stargate: Ark of Truth' Blu-ray

Thu Oct 09, 2008 at 09:00 AM ET

In an early alert to retailers, Fox/MGM has set a January debut for the latest in the 'Stargate' franchise, the direct-to-video premiere 'The Ark of Truth.'

Picking up where 'Stargate SG-1' left off, 'Stargate: The Ark of Truth' sees the Stargate crew in search of an ancient artifact. MGM will debut the Blu-ray on January 13, day-and-date with the standard DVD...

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Dr. Jennifer Keller (Jewel Staite)


Neeva (Dawn Olivieri)

Dr. Carson Beckett (Paul McGillion), Richard Woolsey (Robert Picardo), Dr. Rodney McKay (David Hewlett), Lt. Col. John Sheppard (Joe Flanigan), and Neeva

Woolsey, Shep, Ronon Dex (Jason Mamoa), Carson, McKay and Teyla (Rachel Luttrell)

McKay and Neeva

McKay and Teyla Emmagan

Shep and Neeva

Shep, Neeva, Teyla and Carson

Ronon, Teyla, McKay, Carson, Neeva and Shep

Ronon, McKay, Shep and Carson

Stargate Atlantis - Video: The Characters You Love - John Sheppard

From SciFi Channel, a new video reminding fans that Stargate Atlantis moves to its NEW time slot Friday, October 10 '08 at 9pm, with their latest new episode, 'The Lost Tribe.'

And that Lt. Col. John Sheppard (Joe Flanigan) is a character we love.

Heroes - Video: I am Become Death - Commentary

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Heroes - I am Become Death - Commentary

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Greg Grunberg; Jamie Hector

Sanctuary - 9 News: Video: Going tapeless and virtual in "Sanctuary"

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Going tapeless and virtual in "Sanctuary"

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posted by: Nick Carter

KUSA - It's a show full of dark streets, creepy characters and lots of things that go bump-in-the night, and much of what you see, isn't really there at all. That's the formula for the new sci-fi series Sanctuary.

We talked to stars Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne on 9NEWS 5 a.m.

If Men In Black were a serious Sci-Fi mystery show, you'd have part of the formula that makes up Sanctuary. Sanctuary stars Amanda Tapping (Stargate SG-1) and Robin Dunne (Dawson's Creek).

Sanctuary is a futuristic techno center, where all the strange, and often terrifying creatures that secretly populate our world are protected and studied by Dr. Helen Magnus (Tapping) and forensic psychiatrist Dr. Will Zimmerman (Dunne).

We interviewed the actors on 9NEWS 5 a.m. and they told us what these scientists have to do at Sanctuary. "Our mission is to study and protect all these abnormal creatures, things that go bump in the night," Tapping said. "We shine a light on them, and then we study and protect them..."

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Hollywood 411's Marc Istook sits down with APPALOOSA stars Ed Harris, Viggo Mortensen and Jeremy Irons about the movie and the fate of the Western in the blockbuster age.

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Bones - the TV addict: Exclusive Interview: BONES Star John Francis Daley

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John Francis Daley

Exclusive Interview: BONES Star John Francis Daley

October 8th, 2008

... Your character Dr. Sweets spent a lot of time with Booth and Brennan last season. Would it be safe to assume that after the surprising turn Angela and Hodgins’ relationship took in this season’s premiere you’ll be spending more time with them this season?
JFD: "I’d say Dr. Sweets becomes the guy everyone goes to when they’re having problems. I’m going to be spending time with both Angela and Hodgins as well as Booth and Brennan. In addition, Dr. Sweets will also help to profile murderers and suspects."

Bones - Video: Michaela Conlin

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Celebrity Interviews - Bones: Michaela Conlin

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Michaela Conlin, Angela Montenegro on BONES, joins Madison Michele in the Hollywood 411 studio to talk about the great new season and her love story with Jack Hodgins.

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An undiagnosed illness is causing an artist to create bizarre paintings, and it’s up to the team to unravel the mystery.