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Battlestar Galactica - the TV addict: Jamie Bamber Interview

From Canada's the TV addict:

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Exclusive Interview: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Star Jamie Bamber

April 4th, 2008

By: Amrie Cunningham [My Take on TV]

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA is back, and not surprisingly, better than ever. What better way to count down the minutes to the final season premiere than by spending some time learning a bit more about everyone’s favorite Viper-pilot-turned-courtroom-lawyer, Lee Adama [aka Jamie Bamber]? Jamie and I talked last week about what he hopes to see for his character, what he hopes fans take away from the show, and what he really thinks about the whole “Starbuck/Apollo/will-they/can-they/should-they-really” relationship.

A brief excerpt:

BATTLESTAR is hands down one of my favorite shows on television and I’m so excited that it’s coming back tonight.

Jamie Bamber: "Yeah, we all are. It’s something that’s become very precious to us, and we want to see it finished in the right way.

What attracted you to the role of Lee when the series first started.
I think his entrance into the show. The way the character arrived, as a stranger aboard this Battlestar, not wanting to be there, being forced into this sort of retirement of his dad that he doesn’t get on with. It being completely about, you know, family relationships and something that we can all relate to. And then the end of the world happening and him being stranded in this world that he didn’t really want to be in. I thought that was the most fantastic premise for a character opening. This is not his life; this is not the people he’s surrounded by, all these military guys. He was probably, in my mind, about to quit the military, and here he is stranded. With the one man he didn’t want to see forever. It was just a great set up for a character, and an unusual one. In the original series, he was the out and out hero. And in this one, he is that, but he’s also less than perfect. He was very adolescent in the original, and I think I brought an adolescence to it that made it even more the case. It was that. It was purely that. And the fact, I knew I was meant to be playing Apollo, and yet I couldn’t find the character Apollo, he was called Lee Adama and it was that, we’re trying something new, and we’re trying to get away from the curse of these names, you know, Apollo, Starbuck. The way that Ron has made the world plausible, is what struck me."


Battlestar Galactica - Total SciFi: Cast Interviews

From Total SciFi:

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Posted on Friday 04 April 2008

Battlestar Galactica: “We are at the top of our game…”

With the fourth and final season of Battlestar Galactica finally upon us, executive producers Ron Moore and David Eick, along with cast members Mary McDonnell, Katee Sackhoff, Tricia Helfer and Lucy Lawless chat to Tara Bennett about the fallout from the Cylon revelations, the return of a nasty character and the heartbreak of eventually saying goodbye.

A brief excerpt:


Q: Did you agree with the selection of the four secret Cylons?

Katee Sackhoff "Every single Cylon was aligned with a person in power or in a strategic position to be able to bring down the fleet.

You had Anders aligned with Kara and the pilots. Tory [Foster] was aligned with the President. Aaron Douglas’s character [Tyrol] was in charge of the Vipers and Tigh was directly connected with Adama. Each one of those Cylons is right next to a person that can take down the fleet which I thought was a very smart thing to do and something people didn’t expect."


Are there any stories that you’ve held back that could turn into something else later on?

Ron Moore I don’t think so. I think the show will end and we’ll sit around and talk about stories we could have told or things we didn’t get around to, but the decision is to end the show when we are at the top of our game.

We want to end it strong, on our terms, to a natural conclusion, and that choice precludes other choices. I think if the show was going on for two more seasons, there would be other stories and we would come up with all kinds of other things, but the stories would start to attenuate and wouldn’t be quite as strong as they are now. You
always go off stage with them wanting more, and that is the same for us as well.


Battlestar Galactica’s fourth season begins on US SCI FI on 4 April 2008.

Sanctuary - New York Post: Nothing But Green Screen:

From the New York Post (New York, NY):

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The Web-only "Sanctuary" is being made for TV.

April 4, 2008 --

THE hottest movie technology around - the special effect that has made movies like "300" possible - is coming to TV.

A new Sci Fi channel series "Sanctuary" will be the first television show to be filmed almost entirely with "green screen" technology.

The technique puts the actors in front of a blank background saying their lines, and a computer will be used later to fill in the rest of the scenery and parts of the action.

It's a technique that was used with great success in movies like "300," "Sin City" and "Beowulf."

Green screen had been too expensive for a weekly TV series.

But the computer technology, in the last few months, has become better and cheap enough for a TV network to consider using to make an entire, 13-week series.

The new show will be produced by "Stargate" bosses Damian Kindler and Martin Wood, who already have a relationship with Sci Fi.

"Sanctuary" is described as the "X-Files" meets "Van Helsing." It follows the adventures of Dr. Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping), a 157-year-old physician who studies monsters. She is helped in her work by her reluctant protégé, psychiatrist Will Zimmerman, and her fearless daughter Ashley. Together they seek to find and help the strange and often-frightening creatures that populate their world.


Mark Dacascos - Video - The Crow: Stairway to Heaven - 'Death Wish'

Stargate Atlantis / SG1 - SciFi Channel's SciFi Friday - Apr 4 '08

The SciFi Friday line up for April 4, 2008:

Due to the Battlestar Galactica Marathon, there is no 5pm Stargate Atlantis episode.

6:00P STARGATE SG-1 ENEMIES - PT 2 -Guest stars: Carmen Argenziano (Jacob/Selmak) and Peter Williams (Apophis)

7:00P STARGATE SG-1 THE FOURTH HORSEMAN - PT 2 - Guest stars: Cameron Bright (Orlin), Jason George (Jolan), Tony Todd (Lord Haikon), Don S. Davis (General Hammond), Tony Amendola (Bra'tac), William B. Davis (Prior), Garry Chalk (Chekov)and Louis Gossett Jr. (Gerak)




11:00P STARGATE ATLANTIS (SEASON 4) DOPPELGANGER - Guest stars: Jewel Staite (Jennifer Keller), Claire Rankin (Kate Heightmeyer), David Nykl (Radek Zelenka) and Kavan Smith (Lorne)

(This is the last SGA season 4 episode on SciFi Channel's schedulebot.)


01:00A STARGATE SG-1 METAMORPHOSIS - Guest stars: Jaqueline Samuda (Nirrti), Alex Zahara (Eggar) and Dion Johnstone (Wodan)

02:00A STARGATE SG-1 ICON - Guest stars: Matthew Bennett (Jarrod Kane) and Amy Sloan (Leda)