Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Ranger, The Cook and a Hole In The Sky

The Ion channel (the former PAX channel on Broadcast Television) is airing the '95 made-for-tv movie, "The Ranger, The Cook and a Hole in the Sky" on Saturday, March 26 at 9pm.

This movie co-stars the excellent Sam Elliott and Jerry O'Connell and some familiar faces from Stargate SG-1: Don S. Davis (Maj. Gen. George Hammond), Robert Wisden (Maj./Col. Samuels), Tom Butler (Maj. Gen. Trotsky in "Out of Mind," and "Into the Fire"), Jay Brazeau (Harlan - "Tin Man" and "Double Jeopardy"), Alan C. Peterson (SG1's "Demons" and SGA's "Condemned") and Frank Cassini ("Sentinel").

This is a fantastic movie, and I urge everyone to tune in and watch.

From IMDB:

A young ranger in the Montana wilderness discovers the great forces of nature while learning the importance of honor, trust and integrity. Legendary veteran ranger Bill Bell educates the young man and guides him toward manhood. The year is 1919-a time when being a ranger meant more than operating expensive equipment. Forest fires were fought with guts and courage, not chemicals and airplanes. Bill Bell was the toughest ranger in an elite crew of very rugged men. A figure of heroic proportions, he was generally feared and respected by all. It was even rumored that he had at one time killed a sheep farmer, which only fueled his already enormous reputation. The young ranger does everything to remain in the good graces of Bill Bell, the senior ranger he idolizes. Their tentative rapport grows into a friendship through a hilarious and heroic rite of passage in which the younger ranger meets the test-and the woman of his dreams.

Stargate Atlantis - Jewel Staite Blog Update Mar 16 '08

From Jewel Staite's MySpace blog update for March 16, 2008:

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

guess where I get to go?

I realize these blogs are getting few and far between lately, but work has begun, which is both a great thing and a very tiring thing. It’s all I can do to get the forkful of penne to my mouth region at the end of the day, let alone write something half-interesting. So I do apologize. But I have good news! Or at least good news if you live in the land of kangaroos!

Things have been a bit hectic lately, what with schedules changing and episodes being locked and un-locked, so it was becoming an unfortunate reality that I was going to have to cancel my appearance at the Supanova conventions in Australia at the end of the month. But, since this industry is maddeningly unpredictable (and luckily that sometimes works in my favor), I’m able to make the trip after all. So for all of you Aussies, or the rest of you with boatloads of airmiles you need to get rid of, I’ll be in Melbourne on March 29th and 30th, and Brisbane on April 5th and 6th. I adore what I’ve seen of Australia so far (Sydney’s the limit of it), so I’m really looking forward to this one. Stay tuned for pics from the trip.

(other appearances I should mention while I’m at it: Dallas Comic Con on October 25-26th, and… da da-da-DAAH! Dragon*Con, August 29th-Sept 1 in Atlanta! So you can now cease and desist from asking me if I’m going!)

I hate to rub things in, but I’m really excited about this, too, so I’m just going to say it: my husband and I are renewing our vows this April 25th in Maui on the same beach we were married on, with family and friends in attendance… I am apparently living under a rainbow with a leprechaun because I’m not in the episode shooting on our anniversary, so thank you Atlantis! Because it would have been really embarrassing for everyone if Matty were there renewing his vows by himself. Or hilarious. You choose.

While I’m at it with the good news, I should say that so far this season of Atlantis is proving to be one of the most exciting, in my opinion. I’m really happy with the way they’re going with my character, and one of the scripts I’ve read actually made me cry (!!) and not because I’m stuck in prosthetics once again! Seriously, I think (hope) Atlantis fans will be satisfied. However, it’s simply not the same without the Tappinator around; she’s definitely missed. (But I gotta say….Robert Picardo is kicking ass. He’s a master at the subtle nuance, totally hilarious, and besides that, he sings a good show tune, and you know how I feel about show tunes!)


1. How is "Staite" pronounced? Just like the United. Nothing fancy. I’ve gotten everything from "State-y", "Steet", and "Stai-eee-tee". Like, really? Seriously? And while we’re at it, yes, Jewel Staite is my given name, written on my birth certificate. I realize it sounds like a stage name, stripper name, and a psychic’s name, but as I’ve mentioned before, my parents were and still are giant hippies. My middle name’s Belair. Kill me.

2. Was it hard kissing David Hewlett? We giggled a lot. But we have great chemistry, I think. I’m kinda digging this whole McKeller thing. No more elaborations. Oh, and when I make a baby-making joke, it’s a joke, ok? As if I’d give something like that away if it were true! Besides, there’s enough babies around the set right now, trust me. I’ll say it again: I bring my own water to work and do not touch whatever they’re drinking.


8. Someone asked me for the top five reasons to move to Vancouver. I’m always mystified when I have to sell Vancouver to someone, but I guess if you haven’t been here, you don’t know the half, so here goes: The first reason would be the environment itself, the mountains and the air and the clean water; second reason would be how laid back and friendly everybody is; third reason is the fresh seafood; fourth reason is the city is insanely beautiful; and the fifth reason is because it is simply the best place in Canada to live. (second choice being Montreal, in my opinion). I love, love, love this place, and I’m so blessed to be working in the place I love!

But… Australia works too… so SEE YA!

Love Jewel

Stargate SG-1/MacGyver - Richard Dean Anderson Web Site Updates - Mar 15 '08

From the Official Richard Dean Anderson web site updates section:

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Stargqte Atlantis - Andee Frizzell's Blog Update Mar 16 '08

[NOTE: In Ms. Frizzell's blog update for Feb. 14 '08:

Ms. Frizzell announced a contest, asking for fans to submit photos of themselves costumed/made up as a Wraith. Here's the follow up blog, with contestant photos. - Morjana]

From Andee Frizzell's blog update for March 16, 2008:

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Your amazing photos

Hello Gaters'

I want to start off this blog by saying a great big thank you to all the wonderful wraith followers out there that sent in their amazing photos which you will see as you scroll down this blog.

On another note, Last Man has finally aired so I am adding a photo I hope you all will enjoy. Remember I have been holding onto this photo for a few months now waiting for the episode to air. At the P3 convention in London I nearly let the head out of the bag to say........ ( who says that! no one surely! ) when I mentioned that Connor and I had worked together recently, as everyone listening would have gathered for that to happen the Hybrids and the Pure Bloods must meet again! OOOPPS! I am glad the episode aired so soon after and no one busted my little spoiler. Or if you did bust me, you let me hang my head in shame! ( teehee )

(Please follow the link above for the full-sized, higher-resolution versions of these photos.)

I spent much of that day on set introducing everyone to my head, making ridiculous jokes about losing my head, two heads are better than one, table for two etc.... you can only imagine how annoying I was! Well....let's get on with the photo's right!


Thanks again, for all the entries. I have decided that everyone that mailed in a picture as a wraith is going to get a signed photo! How can I seriously only pick one favorite as all the entries are so creative and different from one another!

Before I get to answering some of the posts I wanted to add that the Queen from the Last Man is totally, defiantly dead, I have the pictures to prove it ....... but in sci-fi is anything totally definite! WINK! Be on the look out for season 5 Wraith followers, there is many great twists coming........ and well that's all I can write for now!

Take care of your hive!

L8'Ter Gaters!

SG1: Ark of Truth: NEW Video Interview - Browder/Judge/Shanks

From Sidewalks TV:

Rafael Siegel from Sidewalks TV (a San Francisco Bay Area regional cable show) interviewed Ben Browder, Christopher Judge and Michael Shanks regarding the recent release of Stargate: The Ark of Truth. The video clip is being hosted at Brightcove, however currently, the site is marked as being "updated."

EDITED: 3/16/08 @ 1:12pm: The link is now ACTIVE. The video runs 9;51, and includes clips from The Ark of Truth movie.

While we're waiting for the site to be updated, here are some screenprints, courtesy of Sidewalks TV:

Screen prints from the video clip: