Friday, October 19, 2007

Stargate Atlantis - Adrift Ratings: 1.4

From Joseph Mallozzi's blog update for October 19, 2007:

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Friday, October 19, 2007


Well, some of you have been asking and, yes, the Live +3 numbers are finally in and we received a fairly decent bump in comparison to most shows (in short, it suggests that fans of Atlantis are more likely to make use of Tivo and DVR than fans of the average show), bringing us up to around a 1.4 for the premiere. Lots of good news within the numbers as well, but I’ll leave that for the official press release.

Another early blog entry today as I’m off to watch that Ark of Truth mix this afternoon. Rob has been working very hard on it and is by now, I’m sure, exhausted and anxiously looking forward to our input. And speaking of Rob’s hard work and some input, do swing on by after Doppelganger airs tonight and let us know what you thought. A lot of great visuals and fun/creepy sequences in tonight’s Atlantis episode, written and directed by Robert C. Cooper.

Today’s pics: None today.

Today’s video: Quick, Carl! See a video of your buddy chowing down. No, your OTHER buddy.¤t=Carlsbuddychowingdown.flv

Today’s mailbag:


Squeakiep writes: “Did Peter DeLuise direct any episodes in season 4?”

Answer: He did not.


Tauri Sith writes: “Hmmm... this week is "spirit" week at school. (sarcasm)Fun(/sarcasm). However, Tuesday is Superhero/villan day... who should I go as?”

Answer: Baron Destructo. Who else?

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Stargate Atlantis - MGM Stargate Game: NEW Doppelganger Game

From the MGM Stargate Game site:

Get McKay to Crystal Entity, and then to Sheppard's "Doppelganger" in order to capture the Entity and return it to its homeworld.

Stargate Atlantis - NEW Series 2 Action Figures

From Superhero Times:

(Please follow the link for the complete column.) has a variety of cool new collectibles available to order now, including...



Diamond Select has just released info about a new set of 5 figures including: Dr. Rodney McKay, Field Ops Teyla, a Wraith Queen, the limited Field Ops McKay, and Athosian Teyla. Get them all HERE!

From Big Bad Toy Store:

Photo courtesy of Big Bad Toy Store

A Diamond Select Release! Featuring the cast of the SCI-FI Channel series, Stargate: Atlantis! This second series of action figures features Dr. Rodney McKay, Field Ops Teyla, a Wraith Queen and the limited Field Ops McKay figure. Also, be sure to collect one of each figure from Series 1 and Series 2 to build your figure-sized
Stargate! Sculpted by Jean St. Jean Studios, these seven-inch figures feature multiple points of articulation and series-accurate accessories!


A Diamond Select Release! A Previews Exclusive! She may have Wraith DNA mixed in there somewhere, but Teyla Emmagan has become a tried and true member of Colonel Sheppard's Stargate: Atlantis team! Featuring her native style of dress, Athosian Teyla was sculpted by Jean St Jean Studios and features series-accurate accessories as well as multiple points of articulation. Also, collect one figure of each
character in the first and second series of action figures to build your own figure-sized Stargate!

The Diamond Select Toys Stargate site:

Doesn't list the series 2 action figures as yet.

Stargate Atlantis - SciFi Channel Newsletter Oct. 19 '07

From a SciFi Channel e-mail newsletter for October 19, 2007:

All new adventures Sci Fi Friday, October 19


Sleep becomes the enemy when the Atlantis team is infected by a contagious alien nightmare.

at 10/9C

Stargate / Sanctuary - NEW Online Comic - Part One Available

From Sanctuary For All:


Sanctuary online comic - page one is now available in PDF! Take a look, each page will be made available consecutively - behold: The
Importance of Being Ernest - Page One

Sanctuary - TV Guide Online - Featured on Main Page!

From TV Guide Online:


Online Video Awards: Vote!

Fantasy Web series Sanctuary is up for an Online Video Award. Vote for it or your other favorites now!