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Stargate Universe - Remediating SGU: Video - Australian Episode Trailer 'Incursion, Part 2'

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Australian preview of Incursion 2

Airs Friday, June 11 at 9pm on Syfy (US).

Stargate Atlantis - Total SciFi Online: David Hewlett Interview

At Total SciFi Online:

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David Hewlett: The Real McKay

He may have one of the biggest egos in both the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies, but you can always count on Stargate Atlantis’ Dr. Rodney McKay to help save the day. Steve Eramo recently spoke with actor David Hewlett about playing the self-centered yet likeable scientist.

A brief excerpt:

What did you think of the Atlantis series finale Enemy at the Gate?
I’m not a big fan of Enemy at the Gate. As far as trying to wrap up five years of a show, it just didn’t work. It felt like just another episode, but it really wasn’t. It was an opportunity to do something memorable, to give people something to talk about, but it was an opportunity missed.

I think [the penultimate season five episode] Vegas should have been Atlantis’ swan song. It was so cool, off-the-wall and different for us. I just loved it. The first time I read the script I thought, “This isn’t even an Atlantis episode,” and then I was like, “Well, good!” Can you imagine, people would have been freaking out – what the hell, Sheppard’s dead, and McKay is married? If I was running the show, that’s what I’d have done.

Then again, I’m not smart enough to have come up with most of the stuff those writers have come up with already, which is why I’m acting…

Sanctuary - SciFi Pulse: Agam Darshi Interview

At SciFi Pulse:

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Agam Darshi Chats About Her First Year On ‘Sanctuary’

Written by Ian Cullen on June 9, 2010


I recently got the chance to speak with Agam Darshi, who is best known to fans of Sanctuary as newcomer Kate Freelander.

The full version of this interview will be featured on this weekend’s SciFiPulse Radio program, but to whet your appetites. below is a preview of some of the things you can expect to hear from Agam about her part in the show as well as other projects that she has worked on.

A brief excerpt:

SciFiPulse: I heard from Ryan Robins that Robin Dunne is the practical joker on the set. Has he managed to get you yet, and if so what did he do? Can we help you in plotting your revenge?
Agam Darshi: [Laughs] He hasn’t got me yet! I have been an innocent bystander for the most part. I’ve just been innocently standing around and have seen Robin in action pulling practical jokes on other people. So, fortunately he hasn’t really gotten me too bad … except one thing that they were doing last year was they were changing everyone’s names on their cast chairs. So Robin’s name turned into something else. They just moved around the letters! And it became very funny as the day went on. They did do that to me.

Also, every so often I’ll see Robin’s bum appear out of no where. Fortunately, I’ve not actually been a target, but if I am I’ll definitely let you guys know, and you can help plot my revenge.

Stargate Universe - Show Patrol: Lou Diamond Phillips Interview

At Chicago Now's Show Patrol (Chicago, IL):

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Happy to be breathing, Lou Diamond Phillips talks 'SGU' & other things

by Curt Wagner on 06.09.10


When Lt. David Telford fought for his every breath during last week's riveting "Stargate Universe," Lou Diamond Phillips knew exactly how to play the scene.

A mishap while filming the shark movie "Red Water" a few years ago left Phillips sucking in water and trying to signal the stunt coordinators that he couldn't breathe.
"They basically strapped me onto a shark rocket because this shark was supposed to grab me and take off with me," he told me during a phone call last week. "Somebody had forgotten to turn on [the regulator] ... so I found myself frantically trying to get air and getting nothing ...

"Finally they got the thing turned on and everything was fine, but I was able to use that very, very vivid memory of not being able to draw a breath for the scene in 'SGU.'"

It was just another day on set for the veteran actor, who does a lot of his own stunts on "SGU" as well, including parts of the fight scenes in "Incursion Parts 1 and 2," the season finale that concludes at 8 p.m. Friday on Syfy.

As "Part 1" ended, Col. Young (Louis Ferreira) had pulled Telford out of the brainwashed state by basically suffocating, then reviving him. Telford is now working undercover with the Lucian Alliance, trying to help Young regain control of the Destiny.

Phillips called the episodes "pretty intense," and although he wasn't going to give any clues as to what ends up happening, he said they were a ball to film--especially those scenes in which he died.
"A lot of the physical stuff, whether it's accidents or a physical state of being, is always fun for me and a challenge," he said. "And something that I like to be very specific about and try to give the audience something they hadn't seen."

Phillips and I talked more about his adventures on "SGU," Twitter, "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here" and told me what he would have served Sen. Armstrong in "Air."

A brief excerpt:

One thing I really like on "SGU" are the heated scenes between you and Louie.
Absolutely. There's a very interesting history there, and one that I think that we're just now starting to investigate through the end of the first season. And as you can tell from what's going on with the end of the season, I mean, things are just going to get more interesting and more dynamic between those two characters.

Robert and Louie have all these really intense scenes and you and Louie do, too. Are you hoping that you somehow get stuck on the Destiny so all three of you can go at it?
I'll tell you something, it's art imitates life every once in a while; its been Telford's mission to get on the Destiny since the beginning. In many ways it's mine as well, because I would like nothing better than to be there on a more consistent basis.


Warehouse 13 / Stargate - First glimpse of Jewel Staite on Warehouse 13!

Courtesy of SciFi Wire:

First glimpse of Jewel Staite on Warehouse 13!

Firefly and Warehouse 13 fans rejoice! Three great sci-fi universes will collide when Jewel Staite (Kaylee from Firefly and Serenity and Dr. Jennifer Keller from Stargate: Atlantis) appears in an upcoming episode of Warehouse 13. Check out the above promo for your first glimpse.

Warehouse 13 returns to Syfy with a new season Tuesday, July 6 at 9/8C.

Stargate Universe - GateWorld: David Blue Audio Interview

At GateWorld:

Mister Kino

David Blue Audio Interview

by Chad Colvin


With the first season of Stargate Universe drawing to a close, who better to tell us everything is going to be alright (Season Two is just around the corner!) than David Blue? The actor plays Eli Wallace on the series, and has quickly become a fan favorite both on screen and behind the scenes.

GateWorld sat down with David at Creation Entertainment’s official Stargate convention in Vancouver. We covered everything from his relationships with other cast members, to Eli’s character development so far (and still to come), to the fan reception of the show.

GateWorld’s interview with David Blue runs 15 minutes, and is available in audio. It’s also transcribed [at the link above]!

A brief excerpt:

GateWorld: What aspects of Eli’s life and personality would you like to see explored?
David Blue: We’re on a good way to doing all that. I don’t want it to happen too fast, because I agree with Brad [Wright] and Rob [Cooper] that he shouldn’t grow into things too quickly. I’d love to see him find a way to contribute more, not just be the documentarian. Not just be the guy who’s like, “Ooh, it’s a Stargate!” and start contributing what he knows. Because he is very good at math, he has had training in astrophysics and physics and all these other things. So I’d love to see him start putting it to use.

But the truth is that I know it’s coming down the line. I’ve seen all of the relationships that I’ve been curious about [developing]. All the stuff about his past, when they can they touch on it. It’s the long haul for a character like this. You kind of have to be patient.


Stargate Universe - Syfy: 'Incursion, Part 2' Episode Trailer

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Incursion: Part 2 - Next Episode - Stargate Universe

The Destiny crew faces a Lucian invasion.

The Stargate Universe season one finale, 'Incursion, Part 2,' airs at 9/8C on Syfy (US). Guest stars include Rhona Mitra, Mike Dopud, Lou Diamond Phillips, Primo Allon and Zak Santiago.

Stargate Universe season two premieres October 2010 on Syfy (US) - on a new night, Tuesday!

Stargate Universe - TV Guide Online: TV Hot List: Friday, June 11

At TV Guide Online:

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TV Hot List: Friday, June 11

Stargate Universe

9/8c Syfy

Ah, irony. Most of the people trapped on Destiny would like to wash their hands of the cursed vessel while the Lucian Alliance is bent on boarding and seizing the uncontrollable runaway spaceship. To make matters worse, a nearby binary pulsar is causing power fluctuations that will eventually cause the death of everyone on board in the first-season finale. — Michael Chant