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Stargate SG-1 - GateWorld: Audio Interview with Carmen Argenziano

From GateWorld:

(Please follow the link to download the .mp3 audio interview, or to read the transcript at GateWorld.)


GateWorld talks with Carmen Argenziano

A self-described "journeyman actor," Carmen Argenziano has without a doubt left a mark during his journey through seven years of Stargate SG-1. As Samantha Carter's father Jacob, he quickly went from being a guest star to being a member of the SG-1 family.

GateWorld caught up with Carmen at Creation Entertainment's Official Stargate Convention in Vancouver earlier this year. In our interview, the veteran actor talks about the rare attention and stability that Stargate has given him, his working relationship with Amanda Tapping and the rest of the cast, and how he felt about Jacob's death.

GateWorld's interview with Carmen Argenziano is available in MP3 audio format for easy listening, and is about 10 minutes long. It is also transcribed [at the site]. You can also download the interview to your MP3 player and take GateWorld with you!

A brief excerpt:

GW: Now, when you look back on those seven years on the show, what are the memories that stand out, that you bring with you?

CA: The people I've met. The people I've met through the show. Not only the characters and the writers and the directors. But beyond that, it's brought me a recognition that I've never had before with the wonderful fan base and the conventions, and meeting people whose lives have been so wonderfully, positively influenced by the show. By what we do. By what we bring to them and their lives.

That's the whole reason we become actors, or at least I did, is to influence people's lives in a positive way. To give them hope. To let them identify with what's possible, who they are, what they may become. It was a wonderful experience and it was a wonderful opportunity for me to portray not only one man, but the possibility of connecting with another being and being elevated to a status.

I don't know of any human being who has experienced that. So it was a fantasy. It was a wonderful fantasy and a wonderful character. It was a revelation to me. I mean, acting ultimately is revealing. You find out, you discover more about you, and more about the potential of life and what we can do with our lives. And Jacob / Selmak gave that to me.


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Stargate Atlantis - Tabula Rasa Preview at MGM Stargate

From the MGM Stargate site, video section:

Video Clip from Tabula Rasa (Nov. 2 episode)