Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Stargate Atlantis / SG1 - MGM Stargate site: Team Stargate - US & Canada Only!

From the MGM Stargate site:




Join Team Stargate today.

Help MGM promote your favorite show across cyber space and you could receive cool Stargate collectibles or other rewards by completing assignments set forth in the Team Stargate mission letters, submitting completed reports and following the Team Stargate Terms and Conditions.


Participation on Team Stargate is open to legal residents of the U.S. and Canada (excluding Quebec) who have attained the age of majority.

See Details:


How it Works:

Sign-up [at the site] to join Team Stargate.

MGM will send you an e-mail to the e-mail address you submit on your registration form confirming that you have joined Team Stargate. Thereafter, MGM will periodically send you the official Team Stargate mission letter. The mission letter will include a variety of features, discussions, topics and inside information about Stargate and various other Stargate promotions, including information and instructions for you to spread the word in cyberspace about the show we all love. You must sign your posts as an "Official Team Stargate member"

Thereafter, we will ask you to summarize your post for that week in a written report so we can see what you did and what's going on out there. Don't worry it's easy, we'll tell you what to post and provide you with the recap report template on this site.

Please remember that when performing services as a Team Stargate member, it is not only important but mandatory that you conduct yourself in a first class manner befitting a Stargate Command Officer and follow the Team Stargate Terms and Conditions.

If you post the Stargate content from 10 different newsletters on at least 10 web sites, sign your posts as an "Official Team Stargate member" and submit valid, complete reports for each of those posts (i.e. 10 total) within the applicable deadlines, we will send you a piece of Stargate memorabilia (some of which may be autographed by Stargate cast and crew members) or other cool items selected by MGM in our sole discretion. Such items may include:

Stargate t-shirts • hats • scripts • books • authentic costumes • authentic set props • magazines • posters • photos • DVDs • iPods • Apple TVs • iTunes electronic vouchers to download Stargate Season 4 and MGM movies


General 250
Colonel 200-249
Lt. Colonel 150-199
Major 100-149
Captain 50-99
1st Lt. 1-49

Based on total user posts

With each mission accomplished, Team Stargate members' posts will be automatically added up to determine their Stargate Command Rank. Only posts completed within the mission deadline will count toward Team Stargate members' promotions. As you rank your nickname will be posted in the rank structure section. Prove your loyalty to Stargate Command and try to out rank the competition!

Stargate Atlantis - Joseph Mallozzi's Blog Update Sept 18 - NEW Video clip

From Joseph Mallozzi's blog update for September 18, 2007:


(Please follow the link for the complete blog update. No photos today, but there is a new video clip.)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Well, given the flash hailstorm that pounded Burnaby today (catching Marty G. and I on our way to post to finish cutting Harmony) I think I'll declare Summer officially over. Though, to be fair, it seems as though it slipped out the back several weeks ago when no one was looking. Now, we can look forward to rainy days, early nights, and that great grey limbo known as the end of season hiatus. Atlantis premieres in less than two weeks and despite the fact that the latest research suggests DVR use is impacting our ratings by as much as 22%, I'm feeling confident. Both SciFi and MGM are gearing up their promotion machines and the episodes we`ve finished are looking great.

Yep. Confident. Not overly, but quietly so. Still, just in case, I'd like each of you to find a friend with a Nielsen box and go watch the show at their place. Make it worth their while. Bring cookies (preferably the chewy kind without raisins)!

Oh, and speaking of promotions, I see by my site meter stats that this blog is slowly inching toward its 500 000th visit. Wow, we've come a long way from last December when I would average 25-50 visits a day, most of them me checking in to find out whether anyone had left me a comment. Now, it's more like 4 000+. And I'd like to thank the following for making it happen: Aloysius P. Hazzencockle, Percival H. Lintmuffin, Baron Destructo, Margaret Quibble, Agent Wexler, Merton Castrati, Helena Krumpett Fullbottom, and, of course, Cookie Monster for their tireless work and significant contributions.

Oh, and the fans. To mark the 250 000th visit, I gave away a box of unofficial flocking from the set of Stargate Continuum. That'll be hard to top that, but I'll see what I can come up with in the coming week. Damn. I now regret throwing out those gelatinous red stick-on pustules that Colonel Vaselov was stricken with in Lockdown. Hmmm. Maybe a vial of sand from the season finale, The Last Man, would be
appropriate. Or maybe a French Bulldog.


In closing, I'd like to echo Paul's sentiments and sincerely hope O.J. can hunt down the real Casino robber.

Today's pics: What pics?

Today's video: A video of a Genii under fire.


Photo is a screencap from today's video clip.

Over to the Q&A -

Tanya writes: "Is there any moments where she [Carter] will feel vulnerable...or guilty?"

Answer: Yep.


Morjana writes: "Would you happen to know how many episodes Dr. Z will be in this year?"

Answer: Sorry, I don't have the exact episode count. However, episode count aside, Zelenka will be featured more this season than any other.


FargateOne writes: "Les chaînes de tv me semble produire de plus en plus de séries tv fondées sur des histoires de paranormal, de spritisme,de revenants et de vampires au lieu de bons scénarios de science-fiction? Est-ce purement une question d'argent, la sci-fi coûte-elle trop chère à créer?"

Answer: I'll respond in English. The reason why you see more "spec" fiction than science fiction on television is because, yes, science fiction is prohibitively more expensive. It is also considered a very narrow genre that only appeals to a certain audience whereas speculative fiction shows (like Heroes and the upcoming Moonlight) offer a broader audience appeal.


Anonymous #1 writes: "As much as you might dis like Creation versus GateCon. Would you show up to the con for the Fans sake? or the Gate World dinner?"

Answer: GateCon? Sure.

Stargate SG-1 - Continuum: EBAY: Autographed Cast Duffle Bag

With many thanks to Captain Pegasus at GateWorld Forums for the heads up!


From EBAY:


(Gorgeous photo of RDA signing the duffle bag at the site, plus other photos!)

Current bid: US $389.99


The Cast and Crew of Stargate SG-1 are auctioning two Authentic North Face Base Camp Duffle Bags which were used during the Arctic shoot for the new Stargate movie titled "CONTINUUM".

Both of the bags have been autographed by:

Richard Dean Anderson (seen signing one of the bags) - "O'Neill"
Amanda Tapping - "Carter"
Christopher Judge - "Teal'c"
Michael Shanks - "Daniel"
Beau Bridges - "Landry"
Martin Wood - Director
Brad Wright - Executive Producer
Robert Cooper - Executive Producer
N. John Smith - Executive Producer
John G. Lenic - Producer

All money raised by the sale of these two bags will be donated to The Canadian Society for Mucopolysaccharide & Related Diseases Inc. in support of Trey Purcell, son of crew member, Ryan Purcell. Trey is a beautiful 3 year old boy who suffers from an illness called MPS II or Hunter's Syndrome, a Lysosomal Storage Disease that inhibits the body's ability to break down and recycle specific mucopolysaccharides. Trey's dad, Ryan, works in the Camera Department as a Steadicam Operator, and is currently working on the television series, "Stargate Atlantis".

MPS II is a disease characterized by the buildup of certain enzymes in the body which interfere with body's cell and organ's ability to function.

There is no cure for MPS II. Stargate SG-1 wants to help find a cure and asks for your help in finding a cure. Go to http://www.treypurcell.com for more information on Trey and his family's journey to finding a cure for MPS II.

The North Face Duffle Bags were used during Stargate SG-1's trip to the Arctic to film scenes from the new movie "Continuum".

The bags are bright yellow and are made from PVC Tarpaulin. They are extremely durable and water repellent.

The bag's dimensions are: 28" x 16" x 16"
Cargo Capacity: 90 litres
Weight: 4 lbs

These bags are used for expedition travel and are equipped with many special features including:

- Shoulder straps which let you carry the bag as a back pack
- Dual daisy chains for attaching excess gear
- A zipper flap which prevents moisture from getting into the zipper
- ID pocket on the top (see picture)
- Internal mesh pockets to hold smaller items

There will be no charges for the shipping of the bag (world wide!)

Payment for the bag can be made through PayPal or Money Order.