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Sanctuary - SciFi and TV Talk: Christopher Heyerdahl Interview

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Sanctuary's Christopher Heyerdahl - The Beast Within


Sanctuary's Christopher Heyerdahl, Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne

It was over 120 years ago that Montague John Druitt became a suspect in Jack the Ripper's serial killing of eight prostitutes that were carried out in London between August and November 1888. A teacher at Blackheath's boy's school, he was dismissed from his place of employment shortly before committing suicide in November 1888.

Who would have thought that Druitt would resurface, albeit in fictional form, on the hit Sci-Fi TV series Sanctuary. He and his former lover, Dr. Helen Magnus, were part of a group of 19th century scientists called "The Five." Their experiments with pure vampire blood gave each of them an Abnormal power, Druitt's being the ability to teleport. His body was later taken over by a homicidal energy creature that drove him to commit the Jack the Ripper murders.


Druitt made his debut in a series of eight 15-minute Sanctuary webisodes, with veteran stage, feature film and TV actor Christopher Heyerdahl cast in the role. Because this is a character that has lived considerably longer than the ordinary human being, he wanted to try his best to get that as well as several other things across in his performance.
"Whenever you're creating a character for the first time, especially one that you think so highly of after reading the script, your number one concern is making sure you do him justice," says Heyerdahl. "So with John Druitt I started out doing a lot of research into the time period that he came from, and then through the past 150 years that he's spent on this planet and compared it to the nearly five decades that I've been here. It's a perspective that is very particular.

"There are quite a few octogenarians and even older individuals who live in the same building as I do in Vancouver. I spoke with a number of them about how peculiar life is when you've seen so much and in a world that has changed so dramatically, certainly in the last 80 or 90 years. You then try to bring all that into the relationship between Druitt and Magnus [Amanda Tapping], which has experienced an awful lot, too. He knows that she brought their child Ashley [Emilie Ullerup] to term, and in the webisodes he's been searching and searching for her for pretty much 120 years..."


Warehouse 13 - Video: "Elements" Guest Starring Stargate Atlantis' Joe Flanigan

Courtesy of Syfy and HULU:

Syfy Warehouse 13 - Elements

Season 1 : Ep. 5 |43:49| |Closed Captions available

When a Native American artifact allows a sculpture to be stolen, Pete and Myka are sent to New York City to investigate.

Stargate Atlantis' Joe Flanigan guest stars.

Warehouse 13 season two premieres Tuesday, July 6 at 9/8C on Syfy (US).

Jeffrey Donovan - Burn Notice - Video: Made Man

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USA Burn Notice - Made Man

Season 4 : Ep. 3 |43:05| |Closed Captions available

While investigating an underground artillery operation at the Port of Miami, Michael and Jesse come across a port worker being threatened by dangerous mobsters.

Stargate Universe - GateWorld: Robert C. Cooper departing Stargate

At GateWorld:

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Robert C. Cooper departing Stargate

Sunday - June 20, 2010
by Darren Sumner

Robert C. Cooper and Carl Binder on the Stargate Universe Destiny set. Photo courtesy of Joseph Mallozzi's blog.

Robert C. Cooper, one of the Stargate franchise’s most veteran writer/producers, is moving on. Cooper will leave Stargate next month, fellow SGU executive producer Joseph Mallozzi announced on his blog.
“I’m not leaving completely, actually — just stepping back to more of a consulting role for the end of this season,” Cooper told GateWorld. “However, my credit will remain Executive Producer. We’ve already developed most of Season Two and I feel very confident leaving the show in good hands.”

Cooper’s final contribution to the stalwart franchise will be a stage panel appearance at San Diego Comic-Con, promoting the second season of Stargate Universe (now in production). He also tells GateWorld that he’ll be writing one more episode for late Season Two...

...Stay tuned to GateWorld for more exclusive comments straight from Rob Cooper on his decision to step back from the show, and just what his responsibilities will be for the remainder of Season Two’s production.

We’d like to thank Rob Cooper for his part in more than a decade of great television, and wish him Godspeed in his next endeavor!

Stargate - Fancast: Scoop! Richard Dean Anderson To Recur On New USA Series

At Fancast:

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Scoop! Richard Dean Anderson To Recur On New USA Series

by Matt Webb Mitovich
Jun 20th, 2010


Richard Dean Anderson as Lt. Gen. Jack O'Neill in Stargate Universe's "Subversion,"

What happens when you combine bicarbonate of soda, a wad of chewing gum, white vinegar, and a makeshift fuse fashioned from a Marlboro Light? You get Richard Dean Anderson guest-starring on the upcoming USA Network series ‘Facing Kate.’

Fancast has learned exclusively that the star of yes, ‘MacGyver,’ as well as ‘Stargate SG-1‘ will appear on at least five episodes of the fall series, which stars the totally gorgeous Sarah Shahi (’Life’) as Kate Reed, a top-flight litigator who leaves her firm to become a mediator...