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Battlestar Galactica - Slice of SciFi: Michael Trucco Guests Apr 12

-From Slice of SciFi:

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Actor Michael Trucco Our Guest on Slice of SciFi Show #156

Posted by Sam on Thursday, 10 Apr 2008

Michael Trucco, the man who stars as Samuel Anders — freedom/resistance fighter, reserve viper pilot, Starbuck’s husband and yes, a frakin’ Cylon, is our guest this week on Slice of SciFi Show #156, ready for download from your favorite podcatcher on Saturday, April 12 and one week later on Monday April 21 on XM-Satellite Radio’s Sonic Theater.


James Darren - Video: The Time Tunnel - 'One Way to the Moon'

Courtesy of HULU, 'One Way To The Moon,' The Time Tunnel's second episode. When Tony and Doug land in a spaceship headed for Mars, their added weight on the ship ends up putting the mission - and their lives - in jeopardy.

Starring James Darren, Robert Colbert, Whit Bissell and Lee Meriwether, with guest stars: Warren Stevens and Ben Cooper.

Battlestar Galactica - 'Six of One" Online Apr 11 Noon ET



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Airing Friday April 11 at NOON ET - 'Six of One.'

Jewel Staite - SciFi Wire: Blu-ray Firefly Set In Works

From SciFi Wire:

12:00 AM, 09-APRIL-08

Blu-ray Firefly Set In Works

Jewel Staite, who played Kaylee on the much-loved Fox SF series Firefly, told conventioneers in Australia that a Blu-ray special edition of the short-lived show is coming soon, according to a report on TV Guide online.

Speaking at the 2008 Supernova Pop Culture Expo in Melbourne, Staite (Stargate Atlantis) said: "I just heard that they're re-releasing Firefly, a special edition of Firefly, in a box set. They actually asked me if I was able to come down to L.A. and do a commentary in the spring. So I think that would be fun."

TV Guide reported that the release she mentioned is indeed on its way to North America and will actually be coming out on Blu-ray high-definition disc. No timetable has been given for the disc's release.

Leonard Nimoy - Video - The Outer Limits: I, Robot

Courtesy of HULU, from the '95 TV series, "The Outer Limits," - 'I, Robot," starring Leonard Nimoy.

Adam, a powerful robot, kills his creator when the scientist attempts to to convert him into a military killing machine by destroying his more human qualities.

Jet Li / Jackie Chan - Video: Trailer for 'The Forbidden Kingdom'

Stargate: Ark of Truth - FOX's Stargate Hub Apr 9 '08 Updates

From FOX's Stargate Hub:

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MAIN PAGE - NEW Video Clips

* Stargate: Ark of Truth - Confrontation Video Clip

* Stargate: Ark of Truth - Shootout Video Clip


NEW Wallpapers:

* Doci (Julian Sands)

* Stargate

NEW Publicity Stills - 30!

Including some behind the scenes photos of filming, some candids of cast and crew

Stargate: Continuum Trailer shown at Vancouver Con

Stargate: Continuum - Continuum - TV Shows on DVD - Info on Continuum DVD

From TV Shows on DVD:

Last week we reported that the Direct-to-DVD feature Stargate - Continuum, which continues the storyline of the Stargate SG-1 series, will arrive in stores on July 29th. At the time this date was all we had, but now MGM Studios and distributor Fox Home Entertainment have sent retailer accounts the details on this disc. Our friends in the industry have kindly passed these along to us, so we can share with all of you!

The cost is confirmed to be $26.98 SRP, which is the same as the previous "DTV" release of Stargate - The Ark of Truth. Running time is 99 minutes for a Widescreen (1.78:1) feature with an English - Dolby Surround 5.1 soundtrack. Subtitles in English, French, & Spanish are also on board. In addition, you'll get the following bonus content:

Commentary with Executive Producer/Writer Brad Wright and Director Martin Wood

Featurette: "The Making of Stargate: Continuum

Featurette: "Stargate Goes to The Arctic"

Featurette: "The Layman's Guide to Time Travel"

Package art hasn't come out of the wormhole yet, but stay tuned and we'll bring it to you just as soon as we get it!

Stargate Atlantis / SG1 - Stargate Slot Machines

From The Earth Times:,346302.shtml

Atronic to Create and Distribute 'Stargate SG-1' and 'Stargate Atlantis' Branded Slot Machines

Posted : Wed, 09 Apr 2008 20:03:33 GMT


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., April 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Atronic unveiled plans today to manufacture and distribute slot machines utilizing content from the successful "Stargate SG-1" and "Stargate Atlantis" television series. The Company has signed a three-year licensing agreement with MGM Consumer Products and the first placement of the slot machines will be unveiled in the fall of 2008.

"Stargate SG-1," the longest running Sci-Fi series in American television history aired for a remarkable 10 seasons. The show enjoyed a milestone 200th episode and "Stargate Atlantis," its spin-off series and currently in production on season 5, won The People's Choice Award for Favorite Sci-Fi program in 2007, and will also celebrate its 100th episode this year.

"Atronic is thrilled to add "Stargate SG-1" and "Stargate Atlantis" to our library of licensed products. We are going to build on the popularity of the TV series by bringing the excitement and intrigue of the shows to the casino floor," said Ken Bossingham, COO, Atronic Americas.

Travis Rutherford, Executive Vice President, MGM Consumer Products stated: "MGM Consumer Products is pleased to partner with worldwide market leader Atronic to further expand the record-breaking Stargate franchise."

A series of machines is planned for development, including video linked, video stand-alone, and reel slots.

Atronic Americas

James Darren - Video: The Time Tunnel - 'Rendezvous with Yesterday'

According to IMDB this episode is the unaired original pilot for "The Time Tunnel". Dr. Tony Newman is forced to use the experimental Time Tunnel by a senator who threatens to kill their funding, he winds up in 1912 on the Titanic.

Time Tunnel stars: James Darren (Dr. Tony Newman), Robert Colbert (Doug Phillips), Lee Meriwether (Dr. Ann MacGregor) and Whit Bissell (General Heywood Kirk).

Guest stars for 'Rendezvous with Yesterday' include: Michael Rennie, Susan Hampshire and Gary Merrill.

Video: Clip from 'Iron Man' - Robert Downey, Jr.

Battlestar Galactica - HypaSpace Podcast: Cast Audio Interviews

From Canada's Space Channel's HypaSpace Podcast:

April 4-

A Battlestar Special!

Richard Hatch, Katee Sackhoff, Alessandro Julianni, Grace Park and Ron Moore all join us to celebrate Battlestar Galactica Season 4.

Battlestar Galactica - NEW Publicity Stills from 'Escape Velocity"

Three new publicity stills from the Battlestar Galactica fourth season episode, "Escape Velocity,' airing Friday, April 25 at 10pm on the SciFi Channel (US).

Number Six (Tricia Helfer) and Col. Saul Tigh (Michael Hogan)

Tory Foster (Rekha Sharma), President Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell), Amd. William Adama (Edward James Olmos), and Col. Tigh

Adm. Adama and Chief Galen Tyrol (Aaron Douglas)

Christina Cox - Video: The Crow: Stairway to Heaven - 'Never Say Die'

A Russian priest needs access to Draven's portal in order to harness the spirit of the mad Rasputin.

This episode's guest stars include Stargate SG-1's David Palffy (Sokar and Anubis), David Lovgren (Valar and Darrel) and Christina Cox (Sentinel and Spirits.)