Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stargate Universe - Joseph Mallozzi's Blog: Photos of SGU Cast Dinner

At Joseph Mallozzi's blog update for March 4, 2010:

(Please follow the link to view the SGU cast dinner photos.)

March 4, 2010: The Stargate: Universe Cast Dinner at La Quercia! Check out the new network SGU 1.5 trailer!

BEST – CAST DINNER – EVER! And I’m not just saying that because I ended up sitting at a table with Alaina Huffman, Elyse Levesque, Jennifer Spence, and Julia Benson.

Okay – maybe that had a lot to do with it. They were lovely company and, as an added bonus, were completely stuffed after the pasta course, leaving me to tackle the entire pork platter all by my lonesome.

...And finally – Hey! The new network trailer for the back half of SGU’s first season is up at SyFy. Head on over to the SyFy website to see out and check out the other goodies or scroll down to the bottom of this blog’s right sidebar.

MGM studio trailer to follow...

Stargate - Stargate Official Magazine: Issue 33

At Titan Magazines:

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Stargate Magazine Issue 33 - On Sale 23 February


The Official Stargate Magazine is now on a newsstand near you! The latest issue features a wealth of commentaries and conversations with the macho men of Stargate Universe, a new and exclusive Atlantis short story, and an interview with Universe Executive Producer Robert C. Cooper! Read on for all the details.


alumnus Amanda Tapping has launched a non-profit charity initiative, Sanctuary for Kids, which aims to help homeless children around the world. Funds are raised primarily through online auctions or by donating money directly. For more information, or to donate, visit

Inside the latest issue:

“They dropped us [from] these Huey helicopters. You’re very much in character because you’re in uniform, carrying a gun, and being dropped way off in the desert.” – Brian J. Smith

In the latest issue of The Official Stargate Magazine, newcomer Brian J. Smith tells us about his personal journey that led him to playing Lt. Matthew Scott in Stargate Universe. He also gives us his thoughts and feelings about the episodes so far, being caught in the middle of a love triangle, and the “life-altering experience” of filming in New Mexico.


“On my first day we lit a C-4 bomb, ran around a corner, and blew some stuff up. It was pretty cool.” – Jamil Walker Smith

Jamil Walker Smith has come a long way since starring in a TV commercial with baseball great Deion Sanders, and as Master Sergeant Ronald Greer, he is set to face a new set of challenges aboard the Destiny. In this issue, Smith discusses his relationships with the other crew onboard the Destiny, the dynamic between him and fellow military man, Lt. Matthew Scott, and how he’s not taking anything for granted.

“Landry was a hard-ass in the beginning, but I also wanted him to have a sense of humor. That’s what I thought Richard Dean Anderson brought to the show.” – Beau Bridges

Hailing from an acting dynasty, Beau Bridges brought a touch of class to SG-1 as General Hank Landry in seasons nine and ten. In the latest issue of The Official Stargate Magazine, Landry reveals how he hit the history books in preparation for the role, what it felt like being a newcomer to a long-running series, and his feelings on being nominated for an Emmy!

Also, GateWorld has an excerpt from the Robert C. Cooper interview.

Stargate Atlantis - SciFi and TV Talk Blog: Questions for Paul McGillion?

At SciFi and TV Talk Blog:

STARGATE Atlantis‘ Paul McGillion (Dr. Carson Beckett) has very kindly agreed to answer questions from the readers of SciFiAndTvTalk. Please submit your question by March 15th, 2010 via the comment link [at the link above] and Paul will do his best to answer as many questions as possible. Look for the Q & A to be posted sometime later this month or in early April.

Stargate - Stargate Official Magazine: Win Convention Tickets!

At MGM Stargate:

Win Convention Tickets!

Stargate Magazine, Mar 4th, 2010

Win Convention Tickets!

Win 2 gold tickets to the official Stargate convention in Chicago!

The official Stargate Magazine has a sensational prize up for grabs for one lucky winner - two gold tickets to the official Stargate convention on August 27-29, 2010 in Chicago, IL.

The soon to be sold out gold tickets entitle holders to a host of sensational perks, including complimentary in-person autographs with guests and exclusive access to the Saturday night party.

Guests will include: MICHAEL SHANKS (Dr. Daniel Jackson), JASON MOMOA (Ronon Dex), CHRISTOPHER HEYERDAHL (Todd the Wraith), ROBERT PICARDO (Richard Woosley), JOE FLANIGAN (Lt. Col. John Sheppard), DAVID HEWLETT (Dr. Rodney McKay), ANDEE FRIZZELL (Wraith Queen), with many more to be added...

To enter, CLICK HERE.

Stargate Universe -Syfy: Video: The Ride - Stargate Universe : Season 1.5

Courtesy of Syfy:

The Ride - Stargate Universe : Season 1.5

This April, the ride is just beginning. All new episodes begin Friday April 2 9/8C.

Sanctuary - SciFi Channel (UK) - Amanda Tapping Video Interview, Pt 1

At the UK SciFi Channel site:

Amanda Tapping Interview - Part 1

The first part of Amanda Tapping's interview. Interviewed by Peter Holley and shot Syfy Universal France.