Monday, October 8, 2007

Stargate Atlantis - Team Stargate: NEW Official Stargate Facebook Site

There is a Stargate Atlantis section in Facebook.

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Stargate Atlantis Facebook page:


STARGATE: ATLANTIS (Season 4) "Lifeline" was amazing! Did Dr. Weir survive? Next is "Reunion" with special guest star Christopher Judge as Teal'C! Friday on Friday, Oct. 12 at 10/9C on SCI FI - Watch it LIVE! - Let others know all fans are watching LIVE every Friday. Stargate fans need to band together for this-no DVR's.

Official SciFi Channel SGA site:

Fan Favorite web site, GateWorld:

And the GateWorld Forum:


"Enter the Gate" - Sweepstakes - YOU COULD WIN A FREE TRIP TO SEE KORN - LIVE IN VEGAS! Go to:

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The brand new Official Stargate: Atlantis online game is available at - Final Fantasy meets Stargate! - Watch it LIVE! Play the Game! A new mission every week!



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Morjana's Blog:

Stargate Atlantis / SG1 - FOX's Stargate Hub Site Update October 7

FOX's Stargate Hub was updated October 7:

On the main page, a new video clip has been added. It's director Peter Woeste, his Director Series featurettes for "Insiders" from SG1's season ten DVDs. (It's the video clip on the top left.)

In the Gateroom section, there is:

NEW Wallpaper

* From SGA, Sheppard in the Ancient chair (available in four sizes)

Full sizes at the site.

* From SGA, a season 2/3 cast photo at the SGA gate.

Full sizes at the site.

The THROUGH THE GATE section is still marked as "coming soon."