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Stargate Atlantis - SciFi Channel Updates for First Contact

From the SciFi Channel's Stargate Atlantis site, updates for September 26, 2008:

First Contact

* Episode Synopsis

* Episode Photos

NEW Alex Levine Blog update for First Contact

NEXT new episode: The Lost Tribe airs Friday October 10 at a NEW time -- 9pm -- on the SciFi Channel (US). Michael Shanks guest stars.

Can McKay and Jackson prevent a cataclysmic chain of events? Friday October 10 9/8C

Trailer for The Lost Tribe

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NEW Season 5 Quiz!

Stargate SG-1

Stargate Atlantis - Robert Picardo Answers Your Questions!

From Joseph Mallozzi's blog update for September 26, 2008:

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September 26, 2008: Robert Picardo Answers Your Questions!

Back in late 2007, when we received word that Amanda Tapping would not be reprising her role as Colonel Samantha Carter on Stargate: Atlantis, the production was faced with the task of choosing a new commander for the Atlantis expedition. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that difficult given that Paul and I immediately agreed on the short list of candidates: “Picardo, Bob. That is all.” I picked up the phone and gave Bob a call, asked him how he’d like to join the show as a regular. He was surprised yet delighted at the prospect of coming aboard. “Uh, can I get back to you on Monday?”he asked me. “I need to run this by Linda.” Well, Bob’s lovely wife Linda thankfully gave him her blessing and so it was that Robert Picardo joined the cast of Stargate: Atlantis.

It’s interesting that, in season 5, Bob stepped into a position vacated by Amanda Tapping given that, whenever I do interviews, I often draw parallels between the two. They are both incredibly kind, professional, delightful to work with, and gifted actors who always elevate the performances of anyone they share a scene with.

As production on the show’s fifth and final season wrapped, I asked Bob whether he might be interested in doing a little fan Q&A for the blog. He was kind enough to say yes and, after shooting his last scene, dropped by my office to answer some of your questions which I dutifully transcribed and now present to you as part of this special Robert Picardo Guest Blog Entry…

A brief excerpt:

Sylvia writes: “Please share description of a couple of scenes with the cast that stand out as memorable to you personally.”
RP: I liked my scene with Joe at the end of The Seed wherein Woolsey recognizes the necessity of casting aside the rule book. I thought that was the beginning of his real education as a leader. I also enjoyed the comic moments I was given to play particularly in the upcoming episode Remnants.

Behind the scenes photo from 'Vegas': Actors David Hewlett, Robert Picardo, Gary Jones, David Nykl

Stargate SG-1 - GateWorld Play: Video: The Phenomenon - Tom McBeath

At GateWorld Play:

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Video: The Phenomenon - Tom McBeath

The actor behind Colonel Harry Maybourne reveals a special encounter he had with two fans, as well as his awe for conventions.

Eureka - NBCUMV: SciFi's Eureka Scores With Best Season To Date



Published: September 25, 2008

NEW YORK — Sept 25, 2008 — With the conclusion of the first half of its 3rd season (Season 3.0) on Tuesday night, SCI FI Channel's hit original dramedy Eureka had its best season average to date with 1.56 million adults 25-54.

Ratings highlights include:

· Eureka completed Season 3.0 with its best season average ever in P25-54s, 1.56 MM P25-54s (note that this includes full DVR playback for only five of the season's eight episodes).

· Eureka was the #1 cable entertainment program in August and September on Tuesdays for P25-54 viewers.

· Eureka's Season 3.0 produced double-digit increases vs. the summer 2007 Season 2 in HH ratings (+11%), total viewers (+12%) and P25-54s (+12%). The series has also increased by +3% among P18-49 viewers.

· The first half of Season 3 of Eureka averaged a 2.1 HH rating, 1.310 MM P18-49, 1.560 MM P25-54 and 2.776 MM total viewers to-date in Most Current Data.**

Eureka is an offbeat, relatable dramedy with a unique sci-fi twist. Nestled in the Pacific Northwest, Eureka is a small town with big secrets. Shrouded in secrecy, the picturesque hamlet is actually a community of geniuses assembled by the government to conduct top-secret research. What they've unwittingly created is a place where anything imaginable can happen… and does. Eureka airs Tuesdays @ 9pm ET/PT only on SCI FI.

Executive produced by Jaime Paglia and Charlie Craig, Eureka stars Colin Ferguson, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Joe Morton, Jordan Hinson, Ed Quinn, Erica Cerra, and Neil Grayston. The show is produced by SCI FI Channel, in association with Universal Cable Productions.

**The "most current" data for Eureka includes full DVR playback for only five of the season's eight episodes.

Sanctuary / Stargate - Channel Guide: From "Stargate" To "Sanctuary"

At Channel Guide:

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From "Stargate" To "Sanctuary"

Amanda Tapping Loves Her Fans.

By Elaine Bergstrom

It's 4pm in Vancouver and Sanctuary star Amanda Tapping has already put in a full day on the set. After our interview, she'll be heading back to work for a few more hours. This type of schedule has been par for the course for Tapping since she began working as both producer and star of Sanctuary, which premieres Oct. 3 on SCI FI Channel. Still, she gave me plenty of time as we talked about the genre she loves, the fans she adores and the fun of filming in Canada, the country the British-born actress now calls home.

...What will you do on the web?
AT: "At this stage, we would start the social networking aspect of it -- get the fans involved with games. And then, if the show is a success, we can carry it forward and make the web a separate entity. I would love to see Magnus walking down a corridor in Sanctuary and sort of look toward a door but not open it, and then on the web have the fans able to open that door and see things they won't see on television. We'd make it an interactive experience."

I love your website and your interaction with fans. There seems to be a much closer relationship between sci-fi fans and their stars than there is with mainstream series.
AT: "I cannot say enough about sci-fi fans. I have never met a more stalwart, focused, supportive group of fans in any genre. Part of it is the social networking. They're really an active group. Stargate lasted 10 years and I attribute it to the fans and to the fact that they stuck by us. I don't do a lot of conventions, but I do smaller ones, and it's a great way to say thank you to them. They really are an incredible group. It makes taking a big leap of faith -- like leaving the Stargate franchise to jump on to Sanctuary -- easier by knowing there is this groundswell of fans to support it..."

Sanctuary - Video: Extended Sneak Peek


Sneak Peek


Watch a extended sneak peek from the premiere episode of "Sanctuary."

Sanctuary premieres on the SciFi Channel (US) on Friday, October 3 '08 at 9pm.

Stargate Atlantis / SG1 - Multichannel News: Sci Fi Buys ‘Stargate SG-1’ Flicks

At Multichannel News:

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EXCLUSIVE: Sci Fi Buys ‘Stargate SG-1’ Flicks For Spring ’09 Schedule

Scores U.S. Rights to Premiere Made-For-DVD Movies

By Kent Gibbons -- Multichannel News, 9/26/2008 2:27:00 PM

Sci Fi Channel has acquired the U.S. television rights to premiere both of the Stargate SG-1 made-for-DVD movies released so far by MGM, with plans to make them Sunday-night movie events next spring, network officials told Multichannel News Friday.

Stargate: Ark of Truth, released as a DVD this past March, will air first, in early spring, and Stargate: Continuum, released as a DVD this past July, will air late in the spring, according to Thomas Vitale, senior VP of programming and original movies at NBC Universal-owned Sci Fi.

Vitale wouldn’t reveal the purchase terms, but said it was part of a deal that also included the new TV series Stargate Universe, scheduled to debut on the channel next summer (possibly July).

Sci Fi also ordered from MGM and the Stargate production team a made-for-TV movie to follow Stargate Atlantis, the series that’s wrapping up its run on Sci Fi with the current, fifth season. The 100th and last episode of Atlantis finished shooting last week.

The Atlantis movie might not air until late next year, Vitale said, and could act as a “bridge” when Universe takes a break. Sci Fi generally splits its series seasons in two with several months in between the first and second set of episodes...

Heroes - Video: The Butterfly Effect - Commentary

Courtesy of NBC and HULU, Heroes' 'The Butterfly Effect - Commentary.'

Heroes - The Butterfly Effect - Commentary

Behind the Scenes |42:47 |

James Kyson Lee; Greg Beeman, Executive Producer & Director; Brea Grant

Stargate Atlantis - Behind the Scenes Video & Photos from 'First Contact'

From Joseph Mallozzi's blog update for September 25, 2008:

(Please follow the link for the complete blog update and to view the NEW photos [in their original format] and video of the new alien race introduced on Friday's Stargate Atlantis episode, 'First Contact.')

Writer Carl Binder

September 25, 2008: A First Contact Sneak Peek, Underrated Authors, and the Mailbag

If there are two things Martin Gero loves, it’s show tunes and heist movies. So, very early on in his Stargate career, he was presented with an irresistible challenge: How to combine these two greatest passions into one hugely awesome episode of Atlantis?

“Impossible!”you say? Well then, I would have to agree with you. But how about going with one or the other? Say an episode in which the team travels to a planet with a civilization built upon the worship of Broadway musicals? Or an episode in which the city of Atlantis is the target of an SF-style heist? Okay, let’s go with the latter.

Martin had wanted to do this story for a while. As far back as season 2, I remember him pitching it out only, in the original version, Atlantis was compromised by a crazed Aiden Ford (and equally crazed cohorts) who had taken the city in order to get their hands on something special. Something very special. Something so special that, at the time, none of us could think of what it could be. So the story was tabled.

Flash forward to earlier this season. Martin is still spinning this heist story, but this time as the possible mid-season two-parter. I had pitched out the idea that given the wraith’s weakened position in the Pegasus Galaxy as a result of the heavy losses they had suffered over the past year, it would make sense for advanced civilizations that had been in hiding for hundreds of years might seize the opportunity presented by the shift in the galactic status quo to make themselves known. We went back and forth on who these aliens might be until Rob [Cooper] came up with a clever spin on a familiar notion. So we had our villains and we had their backstory. All we needed now was a motive. And it came compliments of Alan McCullough who pitched out an idea about the team discovering a secret lab on Atlantis that was once the workplace of the enigmatic Ancient Janus.

With all of the major pieces in place, Marty G. took the week to spin it in his head, we all gathered and broke the two-parter, then he wrote the script. That was easy part. Then, it came time to design the look of these new interstellar baddies. Well, we knew what we wanted. Something cool-looking. And we knew what we didn’t want: lycra, shiny plastic bits, and enormous cod-pieces (q.v. SG-1 super soldier). After much discussion between Mary G. and Production Designer James Robbins, the villains were given their look: sleek, nefarious, body armor chic. Check ‘em out in the posted pics. And in tomorrow night’s episode, First Contact, the first part of our spectacular mid-season two-parter.

Hey, you may have noticed I host a little book of the month club here on this blog, the purpose of which is to introduce readers to new authors and offer a forum for discussion on literary works in the fields of SF, fantasy, and horror. With our October/November selections set, I was looking ahead to January 2009 and started thinking it might be nice to consider some underrated or underappreciated authors, authors who, for whatever reason, aren’t getting the recognition they deserve. So who, in your opinion, should we be considering? Pitch me your Top 5 Underrated Authors.

Today’s entry is dedicated to birthday gals Narelle from Aus and Rachel. And an extra special dedication to regular Becky L. who is undoubtedly going through a very tough time right now.

Today’s video: Bam Bam shows off the suit.

Today’s mailbag:

Missy writes: “Has there ever been a story idea that you really wanted to write for Stargate Atlantis but never got the chance??”
Answer: In the coming days, I’ll post a rundown of certain episodes that did not make the cut (a.k.a. story ideas that got shelved that we would have inevitably reconsidered had we done another season).

Heroes: Video: The Second Coming - Commentary

Courtesy of NBC and HULU, The Second Coming - Commentary.

Heroes - The Second Coming - Commentary

Commentary |43:39 |

Adrian Pasdar; Tim Kring, Creator & Executive Producer; Allan Arkush, Executive Producer & Director

Sanctuary - Cult Times Magazine # 157 - Christopher Heyerdahl Interview

At Visimag:

Cult Times Issue 157

Only $2.99 [.pdf file] (print price $7.99)

Cult Times 157 INTERVIEWED...

The Sarah Jane Adventures
Star Elisabeth Sladen

Heroes Brea Grant, aka Daphne, the super-speedster

Fringe Star Joshua Jackson

Eli Stone Victor Garber on playing Jordan Wethersby

• Sanctuary Christopher Heyerdahl on playing John Druitt, aka Jack the Ripper

Sanctuary, the previously web-only shows comes to TV, and Christopher Heyerdahl is on hand to tell us about playing John Druitt, aka Jack the Ripper, and a Wraith on Stargate Atlantis.

Dead Set Writer Charlie Brooker

PLUS... • Unique TV Listings

October 2008's UK cult programmes listed, with full episode details

David Boreanaz - Bones - Video: 'The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond'

Courtesy of FOX and HULU, Bones' 'The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond,' starring Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, T.J. Thyne, Michaela Conlin, Tamara Taylor and John Francis Daley. Guest stars include Eric Millegan, Ryan Alvarez, Todd Robert Anderson, Debra Christofferson, Dean Cudworth, Matt Doherty and Ransford Doherty.

A shocked teenager finds a dismembered body laying in pieces in a strange purple pool of water.

Chuck - SciFi Weekly: Zachary Levi Interview

At SciFi Weekly:

(Please follow the link for the complete SciFi Weekly interview.)


September 26, 2008

Zachary Levi returns to spy harder in a second season of Chuck

By Ian Spelling

Zachary Levi is atop a wave he hopes to ride for a long, long time. Levi stars as the title character on Chuck, and NBC, more on the strength of critical acclaim than ratings, renewed the show for a second season, ordering 13 episodes. Then, more recently, the network, apparently on the strength of what it had seen of the first few second-season episodes, ordered nine more hours, thereby ensuring that Chuck, even before it kicks off its sophomore year, will be assured a full 22-episode second-season run. So why the support? Well, Chuck is one of network television's most winsome shows, a quirky combination of action, comedy, romance, SF and spy intrigue.

The key figure is, of course, Chuck Bartowski (Levi), the very average Joe who saw his life completely transformed when a CIA/NSA database got downloaded into him, thus making him and his survival paramount to both agencies. To keep him safe, the CIA sent the lovely Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski), while the NSA sent John Casey (Adam Baldwin). And so, surrounded at all times by Sarah and John—and let's not forget that Chuck adores Sarah and she likes him back, or that John may have to kill Chuck—Chuck basically works as a spy, all the while juggling his familiar responsibilities as a pocket-pack-sporting member of the Nerd Herd at the local Buy More electronics superstore. Season two begins on Sept. 29 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, and SCI FI Weekly spoke with Levi in advance of the premiere.

A brief excerpt:

Chuck is loaded with pop-culture references. We've seen the Tron poster and heard references to Dune and Lost and Adam Baldwin's old show, Firefly. How big a fan are you of that kind of thing?
Levi: I love it. And we, the cast, we try to throw in even more as much as we can, especially when it comes to the video-game stuff and the nerd-related stuff, quoting sci-fi films and television shows. I think, A, it's a lot of fun for us, and B, it's all those great little easter eggs that audiences just eat up. They love them, and I know why, because I love them. I love that stuff. One of my favorites was that Lost reference that we did, "Oceanic Flight 815." That was so great, because I'm such a huge fan of Lost. It went by so fast, and those are my favorite kind. You just throw them out there and whoever gets it, gets it, and if they don't get it that's fine, too. But it's a little treasure for people to find, and it layers the show and makes it that much better, in my opinion.

Sanctuary - SciFi Wire: TV Smackdown V: Sanctuary Vs. Blood

At SciFi Wire:

(Please follow the link for the complete article.)

12:00 AM, 26-SEPTEMBER-08

TV Smackdown V: Sanctuary Vs. Blood

This week, SCI FI Wire will run a daily series of stories looking at the competition among new television series we like to call our Fall TV Smackdown. We'll pit two fall shows against each other and see which one comes out the winner. Are the comparisons fair? Of course not. It's about as fair as Sylar cutting open Claire's brain in the Heroes season premiere.

It's all about the ladies in this sci-fi-vs.-fantasy feature matchup as SCI FI Channel's new original series Sanctuary takes on HBO's True Blood. It's a monster mash that has a cool, virtual world with Amanda Tapping in one corner and hot, randy vamps with Anna Paquin in the other ... with accents.

True Blood. HBO, Sundays, 9 p.m. ET/PT. Premiered Sept. 7. After the invention of synthetic blood allows vampires to "come out of the coffin"--they don't have to feed off humans anymore--they've managed to gain rights as citizens...

Sanctuary. SCI FI, Fridays, 9 p.m. ET/PT. Premieres Oct. 3. Sanctuary is billed by SCI FI as the first television series to feature live actors against primarily virtual sets, along the lines of 300 and Sin City. While it began life as an eight-episode Web series, the television show features a two-hour premiere that starts at the beginning of the story. While investigating a murder case, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Will Zimmerman (Robin Dunne) begins to suspect the explanation offered at a murder scene. Will soon discovers that his suspicions are right. When a woman named Dr. Helen Magnus (Tapping) approaches him, she takes Will to a place she calls the Sanctuary and tells him an amazing tale. According to Magnus, the world is filled with Abnormals, fantastic creatures that are the stuff of fairy-tale books and incredible legends. The world needs to be protected from some of them, while others need to be protected from the world. Magnus has made it her mission to find and study these creatures and to offer them sanctuary if they want it. She is joined on her mission by her fearless daughter, Ashley (Emilie Ullerup), a loyal butler who looks a lot like Bigfoot and their technical wizard, Henry. As Will learns more about Magnus' world and her nemesis, John Druitt (Christopher Heyerdahl), he must decide whether he can "dare to believe in the unbelievable."

Sanctuary's Secret Weapon: With an incredible virtual world and a brunette Tapping with an English accent, who needs reality? Sanctuary is executive-produced by Tapping, creator Damian Kindler, Martin Wood and Sam Egan.

The Outlook: SCI FI's big new SF entry, Sanctuary, offers to put Tapping back in action in a role very different role from Stargate SG-1's Lt. Col. Samantha Carter, and that's a good thing. Beyond that, it's dripping with mythology and has loads of action and extremely cool visuals, not to mention some nicely drawn characters. Along with Fringe, Sanctuary has more of a fully realized world than any of the other fall offerings. Taking up residence on Friday nights, the series should be an excellent match for Stargate Atlantis. With 13 episodes ordered, look for Sanctuary to do very well for SCI FI.

The Winner: It's going to be a knock-down, drag-out marathon, with True Blood already being renewed for a second season and Sanctuary a shoo-in, considering that Battlestar Galactica and Stargate Atlantis are headed out. Let's call this one a draw, with virtual fangs. --Kathie Huddleston

Sanctuary - SciFi Wire: Q&A: Tapping On Sanctuary

At SciFi Wire:

(Please follow the link for the complete interview.)

12:00 AM, 26-SEPTEMBER-08

Q&A: Tapping On Sanctuary

Amanda Tapping, who produces and stars in SCI FI Channel's upcoming original series Sanctuary, told reporters that she had made the decision to focus on the new show even before SCI FI renewed Stargate Atlantis, on which she was a regular cast member.

Tapping spent more than a decade playing her Stargate character, Lt. Col. Samantha Carter, and also appeared in two direct-to-DVD movies.

In Sanctuary, she plays Dr. Helen Magnus, an enigmatic 157-year-old scientist out to protect mankind from monsters of all kinds, including the monsters within. Tapping spoke with reporters during a Sept. 23 conference call. Following is an edited version of the conversation. Sanctuary will premiere with a two-hour episode on Oct. 3 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

You'd already done the Web-based version of Sanctuary while you were on Stargate, but take us through the process of leaving Stargate behind in order to do Sanctuary as a TV series.
Tapping: When I first got approached with Sanctuary, I didn't know what the future of me and the Stargate franchise was going to be. And so--this was January of 2006 that initially the script was brought to me--at that time I didn't know I was going to be doing Atlantis, and I didn't know what was going to happen with SG-1. So we shot this little test scene, and ... we got the funding, and in January 2007 decided to do a Web series, which didn't seem at all to conflict with Stargate or how that was going to work. The timing worked out perfectly. And then when it came down to [it], ... I had finished season four of Atlantis, and I got offered season five, and it was a really lovely contract. And it would've been very easy to say yes. But I had to sort of make this enormous leap of faith, because Sanctuary was waiting in the wings...

Stargate / Sanctuary - CinemaSpy: Christopher Heyerdahl Interview

At CinemaSpy:

(Please follow the link for the complete four-page interview.)

Exclusive Interview: Christopher Heyerdahl

On 'Sanctuary', 'Stargate', humanizing villains and supporting Canadian film.

By Michael Simpson | Thursday, September 25, 2008

Like every hard-working character actor, Christopher Heyerdahl has worn many faces. Yet, he probably goes unrecognized by most people on the streets of Vancouver, Montreal or Toronto, where he often plies his trade. Heyerdahl was born in Vancouver and that city has been a particularly good base for him. As Hollywood North, it has provided Heyerdahl with opportunities for roles in several films and television series produced by American studios, including Smallville, Psych, Masters of Horror, Jeremiah, Andromeda, 21 Jump Street, The Dead Zone, The Collector, Blade: Trinity and The Chronicles of Riddick. Heyerdahl has also appeared in Stargate SG-1 and had two recurring roles on Stargate Atlantis. In one of those roles he plays a Wraith named Todd, who has become one of the series' most popular returning characters. The role might have made Heyerdahl's face more familiar, except that he is concealed under the prosthetics that make the Wraith one of the scariest (and ugliest) alien races on television.

It is thanks to his work with Stargate regulars Amanda Tapping, Martin Wood and Damian Kindler, however, that Heyerdahl will play a prominent role in the upcoming series Sanctuary. Sanctuary is bucking the trend of Vancouver-shot shows and being exported down to the United States. It stars Tapping as monster-hunter Dr. Helen Magnus, who has a long and turbulent association with Heyerdahl's character, Montague John Druitt. Druitt is ostensibly the series' chief villain. Sanctuary was created by Kindler and first saw life as an eight-webisode Internet series directed by Martin Wood (who will be interviewed shortly on CinemaSpy). CinemaSpy recently caught up with Heyerdahl as filming of the first season came to an end. In the interview he discusses Sanctuary, the appeal of fantasy roles and his commitment to Canadian film and television.

A brief excerpt:

CinemaSpy: How did you get the part of John Druitt in Sanctuary?
Christopher Heyerdahl: Well, that's a good question. I was shown the script [and they said,] "Here, take a look at this Chris and just have a good read. It's a great script." And I looked at it. I fell absolutely in love with this character of Montague John Druitt. Just the tragic essence of the character was very attractive to me and I thought, 'Oh, if anybody else gets this part I'm just maybe I'll become the murderer.' And I was given a call from Martin Wood about a half an hour before I had to actually speak. He said, "Christopher, we're doing this reading and I'd love you to come and read for us around the table. We're reading that script.' And I said, "OK, great." And so I jump on my bike and head out there and I arrive there about a half hour late, and they're already into the reading. I sit down and along comes Druitt and I start reading. I had such a wonderful time reading that. And at the end of it they just pulled me aside and said, "It's yours." I had no idea it was an audition or anything like that. I just was coming in for a reading for the producers and director and all the creatives and I ended up getting the part. So it was a surprise. [laughs] A very pleasant surprise.

Stargate Atlantis / SG1 - TV Guide Online: Michael Shanks on His Return Trip to Atlantis

At TV Guide Online:

(Please follow the link for the complete interview.)

TV Show Blogs

TV Show Previews

Michael Shanks on His Return Trip to Atlantis

Since Stargate SG-1 closed its portal, Michael Shanks has popped up on such non sci-fi shows as 24 and Burn Notice. On Sept. 26, he steps back into his sorely missed role of whimsical archaeologist Daniel Jackson to guest on Stargate: Atlantis, which ends its five-year run in January, to be resurrected in TV movie/DVD form. — Ileane Rudoplh

TV Guide: Is this two-parter your first time guesting on Atlantis?
Michael Shanks: I've never actually been on Atlantis since the pilot, but I always bugged the guys about it. My character spent seven years on the show looking for the lost city of Atlantis and they even made a gag about the fact that he was dying to go but wasn't allowed to.

[NOTE: Obviously, he doesn't remember returning to Atlantis in SG1's season 10 episode, 'The Pegasus Project. - Morjana]

TV Guide: Why is Daniel there?
Shanks: He comes to find a secret lab that contains important technology. Then a batch of unexpected villains shows up. Let's just say, Daniel has a history with them.

TV Guide: He has to work with the annoying Dr. Rodney McKay (David Hewlett.) Producer Joe Mallozzi compared the two of you to Abbott and Costello. Are you hurt?
Shanks: [Laughs] The thing with David is that he's one of the fastest talkers on the planet and apparently I speak relatively quickly as well. They wrote six to eight extra pages of the episode just to compensate for the fact that they were going to be short. David's very good at the rhythmic gymnastics that's our banter. We had a lot of fun...