Friday, December 18, 2009

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Today's Hot List

... Sanctuary

(10/9c, Syfy)

Paging Dr. Drew! Magnus and Will connect a series of missing teens to a shady rehab clinic that’s turning patients into addicts of a much bloodier variety.

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... Sanctuary (Sci Fi)

Friday at 10pm on Syfy

Druitt’s dark side returns with dangerous results. When Magnus and Will investigate the case of a few missing teenagers who traveled to a rehab clinic in Mexico for treatment, they learn of a disturbing plot that was passed off as an addiction cure.

Sanctuary - TV Guide Online - TV Hot List Dec 18 '09

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Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, Dec. 18, 2009

... Sanctuary

10/9c Syfy

These days, Hollywood would have you believe that vampires are hunky young men with cover-boy faces who harbor tortured souls beneath their pale skin. Fortunately, there's Nikola Tesla (Jonathan Young), a recurring charmer who serves to remind us that vampires can be bad news for humans. Magnus and Will check out a rehab facility in Mexico, where they find Tesla up to his old tricks. — Michael Chant