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SG1 - Teryl Rothery Guests at Supanova - Oz Convention

From Jennifer Fallon's (a Stargate Novels author) blog:


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The good news, bad news, good news, news about Supanova...


Melbourne Mar 28
Brisbane Ap4 4

Bad news...

Stargate Atlantis' Jewel Staite had to cancel...due to working on the fifth season of Stargate Atlantis!

Good news...

Stargate SG-1's Teryl Rothery will be appearing at the convention!


Supanova scores the rights to show (on a big screen) the shiny new SG1 DVD Ark of Truth, which will be introduced by Teryl and um, me... This is fine. Teryl Rothery will look exceptionally pretty, cute and famous standing next to me. I make a good stage prop for pretty and cute and famous people because standing next to me they look even prettier, cuter and more famous than they normally would.

Stargate Atlantis / SG-1 - RDA/Jewel Staite- EW Online: TV Characters You'd Date

With many thanks to Shannon at rdandersonfans for the heads up!

From Entertainment Weekly:


Photo Gallery

Reader Picks: TV Characters You'd Date

#21 is: MACGYVER (Richard Dean Anderson)

My first and truest love. I can even get past the mullet. Smart, adventurous, ethical, loyal, nerdtastic. Rowr! — Heather

# 16 is:


KAYLEE FRYE (Jewel Staite)

I've always liked tomboys. She knows how to fix mechanical things, always a plus (and I'm just not in the mood to start learning now). And they kept making her the ''ugly'' girl or whatnot, where no guy seems to want her, always checking out the companion or first mate. So if all the other guys in the universe are going to be idiots, I'll be all that much more special to her. — Green Gummi Bear

Stargate SG-1 - Blast Magazine: A portrait of Don S. Davis

From Blast Magazine:


(There's an embedded video of Don S. Davis with clips from SG1 and a mini-interview. Please follow the link for the complete interview.)

A portrait of Don S. Davis

By Sarah Gantz

Look for the name Don S. Davis in the credits of television shows and movies, in the corners of oil paintings, on a military badge and, soon, on a screenplay cover. He is a man of many roles, many talents and, appropriately, many fans.

People often don't see the person behind the TV character or movie hero, but behind Davis, who has 134 acting credits according to IMDB.com, there lies a warrior, educator, painter and writer.

Davis has played many roles over the years, but he has been an artist his entire life.


Davis is currently involved in a number of projects, portraying starkly different roles in each. Set to release later this year are "Woodshop," an indie comedy about making it through high school alive, "Viper," a made for television horror flick and "Far Cry," an action-drama.


Stargate Atlantis - TV Zone Special # 80 - Tapping/Hewlett/Luttrell/Staite Interviews

From Visimag:


Special Issue #80 • ships from Mar 4 2008
News-stand Price • UK £5.99 / US $11.99

Somehow, in 132 pages...

Stargate Atlantis Exclusive

• Massive 60-page overview

We turn our attention on the second half of the series' fourth season, to take our regular in-depth look at the latest adventures, complete with star interviews, including...

Amanda Tapping
• David Hewlett
• Rachel Luttrell
• Jewel Staite


Season 4, Part 2 Preview
The production team's thoughts on the second half of the season, with hints of what's to come

Art Department - Season 4, Second Half
Production Designer James Robbins continues his visual guide to the concepts of Season 4 as he focuses on its later episodes

Visual Effects – Season 4, First Half
Special effects supervisor Mark Savela and his colleagues James Rorick and Shannon Gurney look back at the amazing effects

PLUS Exclusive interviews...

Mammoth 20-page section!
• Creator Adrian Hodges looks ahead to Season Three
• Actor Karl Theobald discusses his fawning megalomaniac Oliver Leek
• Actor Ramon Tikaram tells us about his guest spot as journalist Nick Harper, who'll be back...
• Actresses Lucy Brown and Naomi Bentley discuss their roles as Jenny Lewis and Caroline Steel

• Star Freema Agyeman
• Writer JC Wilsher

Ashes to Ashes
• We talk to costume and make-up designers Rosie Hackett and Sian Turner

Colour of Magic
• Veteran actor James Cosmo tells us about taking on the role of Arch-Chancellor Galder Weatherwax in the latest adaptation of Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels

The Late Edition
• We turn our comedy spotlight on Marcus Brigstocke, the angry posh leftie who hosts the topical satire, and plays clueless gap year traveller Giles Wemmbley-Hogg

The Final Word…• As Stargate Atlantis gets its third lead in three years, we consider what cast shake-ups do to a show


Amanda Tapping interview excerpt:



An excerpt from the excerpt:


"But in terms of the overall arc for Carter this year, I think if anything what Season Four will show is a quieter, simpler version of the character. She allows the people under her command to shine. Carter isn't into creating any waves while she's on Atlantis. She's taken over very quietly as a leader, and in a way that's been a
curious transition. What I realized at the end of this year is that Sam has been rather lonely because they haven't developed a lot of relationships between her and the other characters. That's partly due to the fact that she is the new leader, and because of that she can't have many familial relationships with those she's in command of. I mean, yes, they've developed a bit of a relationship with her and
Colonel Sheppard [Joe Flanigan], along with the obvious one with McKay, and also given her some scenes with Dr Keller, but there hasn't been a huge amount of relationship-building. So it's interesting because it feels like I'm playing quite a different character."


by Steven Eramo

Stargate Atlantis - MGM Stargate: NEW Video: The Last Day of Stargate Atlantis, Season 4

From MGM Stargate:


The Last Day of Stargate Atlantis, Season 4

5:36 13MB

(Formatted in QuickTime 7)

Join Martin Gero, writer and producer for Stargate Atlantis, as he tours the set on the last day of shooting for Atlantis, Season 4.

(Filming for "Trio," "The Last Man," and "Outcast.")

LOL! Martin Gero is wearing a MacGyver T-shirt!

(Screenprints from video)