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Battlestar Galactica - Starburst Magazine 365 - Michael Trucco Interview

At Visimag:

(Please follow the link for the complete interview excerpt.)

Feature: Battlestar Galactica (2000s) - Identity Crisis

Hero, celebrity, husband... Cylon! Now Anders’s secret is in the open, can he dare to hope for a better future? Actor Michael Trucco discusses…

Some people spend half their lives trying to ‘find themselves’ and figure out their place in the world, but for professional-Pyramid-player-turned-resistance-fighter Sam Anders that seemed obvious, even as the world was turned upside down around him. At least it did, until Battlestar Galactica’s third season finale revealed that he was, in fact, a humanoid Cylon, one of the Final Five. But, with the Cylons attacking, he didn’t have time to dwell on it, as the newly trained pilot showed where his loyalties lay by flying his Viper into battle against the machines.

Shooting those combat scenes was a dream come true for the actor who plays him, Michael Trucco.
“I was like a kid in a candy store,” he enthuses. “After two seasons on the show, not to mention being a fan of Galactica, to finally get a chance to sit in a cockpit of a Viper, I mean, how cool is that. I love that the fourth season opens with a ‘bang’ and we’re right in the thick of things. Sirens are going off, lights are flashing, it’s a full-fledged attack and our heroes are throwing everything they’ve got, including Anders, at the Cylons. Coincidentally, I had done a lot of cockpit work before on a TV show about military fighter pilots called Pensacola: Wings of Gold. Almost every week our characters spent time in the cockpit and, just like Galactica, we’d have a similar shooting set-up with a mock-up plane sitting on a gimble and the camera right in front of us...

Read the full interview, plus an interview with Edward James Olmos in Starburst #365

Stargate Atlantis - Video: NEW Behind the Scenes clip from 'Enemy at the Gate'

From Joseph Mallozzi's blog update for October 3, 2008:

(Please follow the link for the complete blog update and to view the video -- a behind-the-scenes clip from the new Stargate Atlantis season five episode, 'Enemy at the Gate.')

October 3, 2008: With Special Guest Star…Author Sarah Langan

Today, I turn this blog over to author Sarah Langan who has taken the time to answer your questions about her book, her writing process, and her plans for a remote island getaway. Check out Sarah’s Q&A, her website ( and then finish up by sneaking a peek at a familiar set we made use of for our series finale.

Over to Sarah…

Sanctuary - Sanctuary For All: Website ReLaunch

From a Sanctuary For All e-mail announcement:

New Website Launched October 3rd

Welcome to the All New!

Within these walls you will find detailed information on this groundbreaking series, as well as the creative minds and talented crew behind it's creation!

But this is only the beginning, as the site grows you will find new behind the scenes videos, pictures, interviews, updates and much, much more!

So keep an eye on this space, and your inbox for all of the exciting information coming your way!


Existing Members Login

Great news!

If you had an account at the old site, your user name remains the same; all you need to do is simply enter it, click login (without a password) and we will send a temporary password to the email account you were registered under. You will be able to reset your password once you've logged into the site.

Once you've done that, you will have full access to our new forum, and all of great the behind the scenes pieces we have in development!

So what are you waiting for? Login, and then keep watch over your inbox for any updates!

Rocky Carroll - NCIS: Video: Interview

Courtesy of TV Guide's Hollywood 411 and HULU:

Celebrity Interviews - NCIS: Rocky Carroll

Interview |04:48 |

NCIS star Rocky Carroll talks about going from special guest to series regular as the show kicks off its new season! Rocky also talks about being reunited with his CHICAGO HOPE co-star Mark Harmon.

Sanctuary - Various Sources: Reviews, Interviews

A list of articles, reviews, interviews published over the last several days on the premiere of Sanctuary on the SciFi Channel on Friday October 3 '08 at 9pm. [This list will be updated throughout the weekend, so please check back for new links.]

The 5th Race - A Podcast

Stargate Universe meet the new team!


Aced Magazine

SCI FI's Sanctuary Tonight


Adventures in Nerdliness:

Nerd Girl of Note #4 - A Timely One


Blog Talk Radio:

Amanda Tapping from Scifi Channel's new series Sanctuary will be on TV Talk today !!!

Here's the download link for the podcast.


Chicago Tribune’s
The Watcher by Maureen Ryan:

Amanda Tapping provides 'Sanctuary' to freaky critters


Cine Geek:



CW11 TV (New York City, NY):

Robin Dunne Talks About His 'Sanctuary' - Video Interview


The Deadbolt

Seeking 'Sanctuary' with Amanda Tapping


Deseret News (Deseret, UT):

Sci Fi series is green screened


Denver Post (Denver, CO):

Sci-fi and psychic shows debut Friday


Digital Home

Sanctuary: Popular webisode comes to television


Discover Magazine:

Sanctuary: Fresh Beginnings


Edmonton Sun (Edmonton, ON, Canada):

She Sells Sanctuary


Eclipse Magazine:

Sanctuary for All: Not an Empty Motto!



Amanda Tapping: Sci-Fi is not what it used to be


Film Fodder:

"Sanctuary" 2-Hour Premiere


Flick Filosopher:

‘Sanctuary’ debuts tonight on Sci Fi


The Futon Critic

Interview: Amanda Tapping Seeks ‘Sanctuary’ on SciFi


Globe Gazette:

'Sanctuary' premieres Friday on Sci Fi Channel


Globe and Mail (Canada):

Finding Sanctuary on TV


Grrl TV:

Sanctuary: Where Unique and Innovative Collide

Introducing ‘Sanctuary’ for All


Hartford Courant (Hartford, CT):

What’s on Tonight

New on cable is "Sanctuary" (Sci Fi, 9 p.m.), a series about a woman who collects fantastic and odd creatures and monsters in her castle-like home. Amanda Tapping of "Stargate SG-1" runs the place; she recruits a skeptical forensic psychiatrist played by Robin Dunne, who elicits a Harry Potter-Daniel Radcliffe vibe. Highly dependent on green screen technology, it doesn't seem like a bad series. Tonight's premiere is two hours.


The Hollywood Reporter

TV Review: Sanctuary



Tonight's Sanctuary Premiere Is Green, But Green's Good


Lansing State Journal (Lansing, MI):

TV tonight

• "Sanctuary" debut, 9-11 p.m., Sci Fi Channel. At first, this seems like a drab crime show, but with nastier deaths. A young forensic psychiatrist meets an all-knowing person (Amanda Tapping of "Stargate"). Stick around, though. We'll meet a tough teen (Emilie Ullerup) and a scary guy; it all fits together.


Los Angeles Daily News:

'Sanctuary' premieres Friday on Sci Fi


Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA):

'Sanctuary' gets off to a slow start


Macon Telegraph (Macon, GA):

Tapping Lands in another SciFi Series



Feature Interview: Sanctuary's Amanda Tapping


Media Pundit:

Amanda Tapping's 'Sanctuary' premiers tonight


Meta Critic:

What The Critics Said


Monsters and Critics:

Amanda Tapping finds 'Sanctuary' at SCI FI, interview


The New York Times
(New York, NY):

Digital Menagerie in Dank Urban Jungle


New York Post (New York, NY):

I See The Light


Paste Magazine:

TV Detail: Sanctuary review—Series premiere


The Peterborough Examiner

-"Sanctuary,"a groundbreaking new sci-fi drama, debuts this evening. Producers say it's the first TV series in North America to use a digital camera that captures images at more than four times the resolution of a high-definition camera. Amanda Tapping stars as Dr. Helen Magnus, who investigates mysterious creatures. (The Movie Network, Movie Central)


Philadelphia Daily News (Philadelphia, PA):

Actress adjusts accent for 'Sanctuary'


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
(Pittsburgh, PA):

TV Review: Sci Fi's 'Sanctuary' is no 'Farscape'


Pop Culture Zoo

‘Sanctuary’ For SCI FI


Salt Lake City Weekly
(Salt Lake City, UT):

True TV - Sanctuary


The Scotsman
(Edinburgh, Scotland):

Sanctuary Review


SciFi Chick

Find Sanctuary This Friday


SciFi Wire:

Sanctuary's Tapping Does It All


SF Universe:

Seeking Sanctuary


Snapshot Chronicles:

Sci Fi Press Tour Part 2: Amanda Tapping Q&A


South Bend Tribune (South Bend, IN):

`Sanctuary' star sticks up for her awful new Sci Fi series


Tampa Tribune
(Tampa, FL):

Dare To Believe In Sci-Fi Thriller 'Sanctuary'


Time Out Chicago (Chicago, IL):

Gimme shelter
Sanctuary creates a familiar world unlike anything you’ve seen.



Review: Sanctuary - Series Premiere on Sci Fi Channel


TV Squad:

Sanctuary: Sanctuary for All (season premiere) + POLL


A Guide To Greenscreens

Sanctuary Premiere Review


USA Today:

Amanda Tapping finds her comfort zone in 'Sanctuary'


Vancouver Province (Vancouver, BC, Canada):

Sanctuary fires it up a big, fat notch





Walt TV (Tampa Tribune, Tampa, FL):

Amanda Tapping at Rays Game; Sanctuary Star is a Fan (Photos)


Wired News:

Sci-Fi Sanctuary Makes Leap From Web to TV


Yahoo! TV:

Tonight’s Picks Oct. 3 ‘08

Sanctuary (Sci Fi)

Series Premiere: Friday at 9pm on SCI FI

Stargate SG-1 fans will be thrilled to see Amanda Tapping (who played the brilliant Col. Samantha Carter on the SCI FI series) back in action as Dr. Helen Magnus, the (also brilliant) scientist who holds the secrets of a clandestine population -- a group of strange and sometimes terrifying beings that hide among humans. Along with her new recruit, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Will Zimmerman, her quirky tech wiz Henry, and her fearless daughter Ashley, Magnus tries to protect this threatened phenomena and unlock the mysteries behind their existence. Viewers who go ga-ga over special effects might be interested to know that "Sanctuary" is the first series to shoot extensively on green screen, using virtual sets and amazing visual effects.

Sanctuary site
on Yahoo! TV:
Video clips (from SciFi Channel), photos and more



TV Review: 'Sanctuary'

'Sanctuary' Harbors Mixed Blessings for Amanda Tapping

Alex O'Laughlin - Moonlight - Moonlight Detective: Audio Interview

With many thanks to the Vampires & Slayers website for the heads up, at Moonlight Detective an audio interview with Alex O'Laughlin.

Podcast Link

Sanctuary - Video: NBC Today Show: Amanda Tapping Interview

Courtesy of NBC and HULU (and parsifal from GateWorld Forum):

NBC TODAY Show - The star of Sci Fi's 'Sanctuary'

Excerpt |01:54 |

Oct 3: Amanda Tapping talks about balancing two roles — executive producer and star — for the new series "Sanctuary."

[Includes a brief clip from the premiere episode, 'Sanctuary For All.']