Friday, November 6, 2009

Stargate Universe - GateWorld Play - Video: Facing Fears

At GateWorld Play:

Facing Fears

David Blue talks about the obstacles his character faced in "Water."

Stargate Universe - MGM Stargate: Video - Kindo 13 - Variety

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SGU Featurette - Kino 13 - Variety

Becker watches Inman make synthetic flavors.

Sanctuary - Canada - Space Channel: Video: Sanctuary Crew on Monsters

From Canada's Space Channel's InnerSpace series:

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InnerSPACE : Current : October 29, 2009 : The Sanctuary Crew on Monsters and Creatures

Some say it's like Halloween everyday for the crew of the Sanctuary. With that in mind we thought the Magnus crew would be the perfect people to ask: "What is the fascination with monsters and creatures?" And we also got their take on Eureka guest-star, Chris Gauthier.

Sanctuary - SyFy: Podcast for 'Hero'

At SyFy:

With the Sanctuary podcast, you can listen to exclusive commentary by star Amanda Tapping about each episode, while you're watching it.

Beware of spoilers! Although the commentary is provided before you watch the episode, it is meant to be listened to while watching the episode. Listening to it beforehand might ruin certain dramatic surprises.

Also, commentary by the cast is presented unedited and uncensored, and may contain adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

Download podcast for Episode 204 - 'Hero'

Stargate Universe - TV Guide Online - Friday's TV Hot List Nov. 6 '09

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Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, Nov. 6, 2009

Stargate Universe

9/8c Syfy

The Stargate franchise was been very good to the man best known as MacGyver. General O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) makes contact again, and this time he wants the crew of the Destiny to consider a risky plan cooked up by IOA scientists that could return the unwitting space explorers to Earth. Meanwhile, Eli and Chloe use the communication stones to turn their homecoming into a happy hour. — Michael Chant

Richard Dean Anderson, Lou Diamond Phillips, Janelle Monae and Carlo Rota guest star.

Sanctuary - GateWorld: Tapping’s ‘Sanctuary for Kids’ charity launches

At GateWorld:

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Tapping’s ‘Sanctuary for Kids’ charity launches

Thursday - November 5, 2009

by Darren Sumner

The brand new charity organization sponsored by actress Amanda Tapping and the team at Sanctuary has officially opened its doors! Sanctuary for Kids aims to raise money “to provide sanctuary for children who do not live with the right of safety in their lives.”

The organization was founded by Tapping, along with Sanctuary creator (and former Stargate SG-1 writer) Damian Kindler and Jill Bodie, a teacher and social worker. Its goal is to leverage the show and the actors, and the generosity of science fiction fans, to raise money to then distribute to other charities that do work in children’s safety and welfare...