Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stargate Universe - Space Channel: InnerSpace - David Blue Audio Interview

At Canada's Space Channel's InnerSpace:

An Interview with David Blue from Stargate Universe

Pix Princss | 12/1/2009

Hey SGU fans! Last week I asked you to post some q's for David Blue, who plays everyone’s fave boy genius, Eli, on Stargate Universe. He answered a whole bunch of your fan questions, including W-T-F was up with that shuttle at the end of Air Pt. 3?

So listen or download the podcast HERE. I began by asking David what he misses most about being on set, and he gushed about the amazing SGU family that formed during the filming in Vancouver.

He also talks about how he is different from Eli, and his ideas for the show (which include going to Planet Gap where he can get some new clothes). David super-sensitive to spoilers, but he gives some great insight as to where the story is heading without ruining it for the purists ;)

I had a blast talking with him. Hope you enjoy giving it a listen!

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Stargate Atlantis - SFX Magazine: Favorite SF TV Series Spin-Off Poll

At SFX Magazine:

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With Caprica hitting screens Stateside in the New Year we want to know, what's your favourite SF TV spin-off?

Mork And Mindy
The Sarah Jane Adventures
Deep Space Nine
Ashes To Ashes
Stargate: Atlantis

Stargate (The Movie) - IMDB: Poll - Favorite Emmerich Movie?

At IDMB's Daily Poll for December 1 '09:

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What is your favorite Roland Emmerich movie?

10,000 BC
The Day After Tomorrow
The Patriot
Independence Day
Universal Soldier
Moon 44
Ghost Chase
Das Arche Noah Prinzip

Stargate Universe - Den of Geek: David Blue Interview

At Den of Geek:

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Stargate Universe: David Blue Interview

by Carl England

You know him as Eli from Stargate Universe. And we've been talking to Mr David Blue about the show...

Published on Nov 30, 2009

The breakout star of Stargate Universe, Mr David Blue, took some time out of his schedule just as the show went on its Christmas break. And here's what he had to day...


A brief excerpt:

Would you say you have a lot of freedom to change you character up a bit?
Yes and no. It is their show. I am just an actor and as much as I do write and direct in my own life, and I do my own projects, I do respect they are the executive producers and writers when it really boils down to it. They're very open minded about hearing anything, but trust me, if they don't agree they'll be the first ones to say "this is why." They'll explain it to you, they're really good about that but for the most part as the actor, your job is to bring as much as you can to the role and make things interesting and if the director or executive producer don't like it on set, they will tell you this is not how we wanted this to go, and they'll let you fight your fight. But if they don't agree, that won't be part of the character anymore.

SyFy: Video: Annihilation Earth - Sat, Dec 12 '09

At SyFy:

Annihilation Earth : Syfy Original Movie

An attack on a supercollider puts the planet on a collision course with total destruction.

'Annihilation Earth' was filmed in Sofia, Bulgaria and co-stars Luke Goss, Star Trek's Marina Sirtis, Colin Salmon and Louise Cliffe.

Sanctuary - SyFy: Video Sneak Peek of 'Next Tuesday'

At SyFy:

Next Tuesday - Sanctuary

Watch a sneak peek from the upcoming episode of Sanctuary! This Friday at 10/9C!

Stargate Universe - SyFy: Video Sneak Peek of 'Justice'

At SyFy:

Justice - Stargate Universe

Watch a sneak peek from the upcoming episode of SGU, "Justice". Friday at 9/8C on Syfy!

This clip features Sgt. Greer (Jamil Walker Smith), Eli Wallace (David Blue), Adam Brody (Peter Kelamis), Pvt. Darren Becker (Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman) and Jeremy Franklin (Mark Burgess).

Stargate Universe - SyFy: Robert Carlyle Video Q&A - Part 1

At SyFy:

Robert Carlyle Q&A - Part 1

Robert Carlyle (Dr. Nicholas Rush) answers fan questions in this exclusive Q&A series.