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Burn Notice - Video: What Is the Primary Arc of This Season?

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USA Burn Notice - What Is the Primary Arc of This Season?


Matt Nix answers questions about Season 4.

Warehouse 13 - Eclipse Magazine: Creator Jack Kenny Interview

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HOLLYWOOD INSIDER: Warehouse 13 Creator Jack Kenny Delves Into Season 2!

May 29th, 2010 · Posted by: Sheldon A. Wiebe

Warehouse 13 came out of nowhere last summer to become Syfy’s most successful series ever. Built around the concept of a warehouse for storing artifacts with unusual, even supernatural, abilities – and the Secret Service agents who are assigned to bag, tag and store those items, the show’s mix of buddy show, weird procedural and eccentric character studies was an instant hit.

This week, Warehouse 13’s creator/showrunner Jack Kenny took some time from shooting season two to talk about the show’s conception and what lies in store for the upcoming season. Warehouse 13 returns to Syfy on July 6 [9/8C].

A brief excerpt:

Well as a follow-up to that, do you feel any pressure or the need to go darker like other Syfy franchises? Like Battlestar Galactica or Stargate Universe?
Kenny: "Well, they’re – I think they’re darker in a different way. I mean, you know, we definitely want to examine dark issues. We don’t make it a light frothy comedy. We – last year in an episode, we examined Pete and Myka’s guilty past and what they’re guilty about. Pete about his Dad and Myka about the man who died on the mission she was on.

And so, we don’t – I – well I would – certainly don’t want to avoid dark issues or emotional issues, on the contrary, we’d like to dive head into those. But, I also feel like we can mix it with the comedy of the moment. Not jokes per se, but situational comedy, character-based comedy, but I don’t think – because Battlestar and – is a – it was a darker world, it lends itself to a darker feeling. Ours is – I mean, the advantage our show is we go everywhere.

We’re doing some episodes this season that have very dark overtones, and some that have very light overtones. We’re doing a body switching episode that, you know, you can’t avoid having a light overtone to it, even though there is a danger element involved. And then we’re also doing a very heavily – you know, heavily emotional episode near the end of the season.

So, we kind of cross all the vectors..."

Saul Rubinek, Joanne Kelly and Eddie McClintock

Jeffrey Donovan - Burn Notice - Video: Who Are Some of the Villains in Season 4?

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USA Burn Notice - Who Are Some of the Villains in Season 4?


Matt Nix answers questions about Season 4

Timothy Olyphant - Justified - Video: 'Father and Sons' Episode Trailer

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FX Justified - Fathers and Sons

Current Preview (s.1 : ep.12)|00:30|

Raylan is ordered to enlist his estranged father's help against the increasing threat of Bo Crowder.

Stargate Universe - Video: "Subversion"

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Syfy Stargate Universe - Subversion

Season 1 : Ep. 18|43:00|

Only the Destiny crew can expose a mole inside Homeworld Command.

Guest stars include: Rhona Mitra, Mike Dopud, Patrick Gilmore, Peter Kelamis, Lou Diamond Phillips, Haig Sutherland, and Stargate SG-1's Michael Shanks and Richard Dean Anderson.

Stargate Universe's 'Incursion, Part 1' - guest starring Rhona Mitra and Mike Dopud, and Stargate SG-1's Amanda Tapping and Richard Dean Anderson - airs on Friday, June 4 at 9pm on Syfy (US).

Stargate Universe - MGM Stargate: 17 images from Incursion: Part 1

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17 images from Incursion: Part 1


Mike Dopud as Varro and Rhona Mitra as Kiva

Stargate Universe's 'Incursion, Part 1' airs Friday, June 4 at 9pm on Syfy (US). Guest stars include Mike Dopud, Rhona Mitra, and Stargate SG-1's Richard Dean Anderson and Amanda Tapping.


Patrick Gilmore as Dale Volker and Jennifer Spence as Dr. Lisa Park