Thursday, April 2, 2009

Stargate Atlantis - GateWorld: Video: The Phenomenon: Joe Flanigan

At GateWorld Play:

The Phenomenon: Joe Flanigan

The actor behind Colonel John Sheppard talks about why he thinks Stargate is an ageless franchise.

Bones - TV Guide Online: Tamara Taylor Interview

At TV Guide Online:

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Bones Star Talks of Half-Eaten Lovers and Mangled Schedules

Apr 2, 2009

by Matt Mitovich

You could say that Camille's old flame isn't half the man he used to be. Literally. That grim image sets the stage for this week's (non-preempted!) episode of Fox's Bones, airing Thursday at 8 pm/ET. Tamara Taylor, who plays Cam, gave us a peek (through the fingers) at what's to come. Plus: What's the deal with this season's far-out pre-finale episode?

A brief excerpt: Poor Bones can't catch a break with the scheduling, can it?
Taylor: You know, they promised that it's going to be consistent for the next 11 weeks. Hopefully that will stand. There's now talk that because of recent presidential preemptions, some episodes might get held for the fall, and aired out of sequence.
Taylor: Oh, I wonder! You probably know more than I do. I heard they might double them up.... There are a lot of theories. [Sources tell that Bones will run new episodes on Wednesday as well as Thursday during the weeks of April 13 and April 20.]

Stargate Universe's Lou Diamond Phillips - Video: TV Guide Watercooler Interview

At TV Guide Online:

Posted : 4/1/2009

Love Takes Wing: Lou Diamond Phillips

Lou Diamond Phillips visits TV Watercooler to promote his new Hallmark movie-of-the-week LOVE TAKES WING. He both stars in and directs this period epic about an orphanage infected with cholera. We also get his recipe for mango salsa!

A second video - TV Guide Watercooler Quiz:

Tru Calling - SciFi Channel mini-marathon Apr 3 '09 - Joe Flanigan/Alaina Huffman Guest Star

SciFi Channel has scheduled a mini-marathon of Tru Calling episodes on Friday, April 3. And there are some familiar faces (or soon to be familiar faces) in the guest stars:



10:00A PILOT

11:00A PUTTING OUT FIRES - Guest stars include Battlestar Galactica's Michael Trucco and Reece Thompson (Stargate Atlantis' Jinto)

12:00P BROTHER'S KEEPER - Guest stars include - Stargate Atlantis' Joe Flanigan

1:00P PAST TENSE - Guest stars include Aaron Craven (Stargate SG-1's Rules of Engagement & Line in the Sand and Stargate Atlantis' Outsiders), Kwesi Ameyaw (Stargate SG1's Olokun and Stargate Atlantis' Outcast), Patrick Gilmore (according to IMDB, guest starring in Stargate: Universe in several episodes as Dale Volker), and Julia Anderson who according to IMDB is portraying Vanessa James in Stargate Universe.

2:00P HAUNTED - Guest stars include Stargate: Universe's Alaina Huffman and Chelah Horsdal (Stargate Atlantis' Tracker and Stargate SG-1's Lt. Womack)


Battlestar Galactica - Video: 'Eick Blog: So This Is Earth'

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Courtesy of SciFi Channel and HULU:

Battlestar Galactica - Eick Blog: So This Is Earth

Behind the Scenes|03:33|

The cast talk about shooting on location, that location being: Earth.

Colin Ferguson - Eureka - SciFi Wire: Interview

At SciFi Wire:

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Eureka's Colin Ferguson looks ahead at season 3.5 and beyond

By Ian Spelling

Colin Ferguson, who stars as Sheriff Jack Carter on the SCI FI original series Eureka, told SCI FI Wire that whenever the show comes to an end he expects that Jack will be flying solo.
"I think he's just a character who's never really going to get the whole meal," Ferguson said. "He's never going to get every flavor. He's going to get most of it, but then something's going to fail. So I think he's alone. Maybe that's a sad thing to say, but I think that's part of his makeup."

SCI FI Wire spoke to Ferguson exclusively earlier this month in New York, where the actor addressed not just Carter's fate, but also the second half of Eureka's third season, which will premiere in July. Following are edited excerpts from that conversation (at the link above)...

Primeval - Season 1 Premieres SciFi Channel Apr 10 '09

Primeval, the '07 UK scifi series, premieres on the SciFi Channel (US) on Friday, Apri 10 '09 at 10pm. Starring Douglas Henshall, Andrew Lee Potts, Hannah Spearritt, Lucy Brown, Juliet Aubrey, Ben Miller and James Murray.

World-renowned evolutionary scientist Professor Nick Cutter and his team are recruited by the British Government to investigate a series of dinosaur sightings. From a Gorgonopsid rampaging through the Forest of Dean to a swarm of giant spiders in the tunnels of the London Underground, they find themselves doing the "Monster Mash" with some seriously beastly opponents.

The seemingly impossible becomes a terrifying reality as long-extinct creatures rip through human territory. Meanwhile Cutter and his research assistant, Stephen Hart, struggle to find answers. Enlisting the help of zoologist Abby Maitland and student palaeontologist Connor Temple, the four work to uncover the secrets of the temporal anomalies. Yet it soon becomes clear that all traditional methods of research are extinct.

The team is abetted by shadowy government officials James Lester and Claudia Brown, who instruct them to keep the danger secret from the public. Yet inevitably, the past threatens to invade the present and destroy the future. And Cutter's crew faces a life and death race against time.

Adding to the chaos, Cutter is also struggling with a private dilemma. After disappearing for eight years, his wife, Helen, mysteriously returns with possible answers to help halt the invasion of prehistoric creatures. But is she willing to share the secrets? And if not, then why has she returned?

Combining dazzling special effects of Walking With Dinosaurs and Jurassic Park style, action and thrills, plus a haunting love story, Primeval asks a horrifying question — has mankind come to the end of the evolutionary road?

Damian Lewis - Life - Video: 'Initiative 38'

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Courtesy of NBC and HULU, Life's 'Intiative 38,' starring Damian Lewis, Brent Sexton, Donal Logue and Adam Arkin. Guest stars include Reg Basco Hernandez, Chane't Johnson, Adrian Rice, Darby Stanchfield, Gabrielle Union, Kevin Kilner, Marisol Nichols, Lauren Cohan and Helen McCrory.

When the wife of a prominent campaign runner is murdered, Crews and Seever wonder if her death is related to a controversial gun ban initiative that she spearheaded.

Stargate Universe's Lou Diamond Phillips - NEW Hallmark Channel Movie, 'Love Takes Wing,' Sat Apr 4

From MSN TV:

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Tonight's Picks - Saturday April 4, 2009

... Love Takes Wing


Fans of "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" probably will like this family-friendly period piece, the latest TV movie based on Janette Oke's popular book series. A widowed doctor (Sarah Jones) tries to help residents of a frontier town where a mysterious illness has claimed several lives, driving up local fears that an orphanage is responsible for the outbreak. Oscar and Emmy winner Cloris Leachman also stars with Patrick Duffy.



Lou Diamond Phillips directed this movie and also co-stars as Ray Russell. Also co-stars Jordan Bridges (Beau Bridges son).


Official movie site at Hallmark Channel has a behind the scenes video on the making of this movie, that includes brief interview snippets with Lou Diamond Phillips.

Movie trailer: