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Stargate Universe - Spinoff Online: David Blue Interview

At Spinoff Online:

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David Blue Geeks Out On Stargate Universe

By Jeffrey Renaud
April 30, 2010


David Blue as Eli Wallace from Stargate Universe's 'Lost.'

With scene-stealing roles in shows like Ugly Betty and Moonlight to his credit, David Blue went where no man had gone before for his dream gig as Math Boy Eli Wallace on Syfy’s Stargate Universe. Okay, MacGyver and Alan Shore have been through the Stargate as well, but you get the point.

An MIT dropout, Eli Wallace is brilliant but lacks the drive to get him anywhere fast. That all changes when he solves a math problem embedded in a video game and finds himself working alongside Machiavellian mastermind Nicholas Rush (Robert Carlyle) aboard the Destiny in a galaxy far, far away.

Blue is no math slouch himself: He was a calculus major in college before switching to theater arts. SpinOff Online spoke to Blue about his role on Syfy’s hit franchise, and he also shared his thoughts on the final five hours of Lost, particle acceleration and what Lieutenant Scott’s must-play video game is.

A brief excerpt:

Eli’s a gamer and actually landed his spot on Destiny after solving a math problem embedded in a video game. Are you much of a gamer yourself?
DB: "Yeah, but it gets harder the more I work. I’m lucky that I’ve been lucky in my career. And the more I work, the less time I have for games. But I do own an Xbox 360, a PlayStation, a Wii, a Super Nintendo, a Nintendo and a PC.

My favorite games used to always be RPGs. I love first-person shooters. I never really got into Madden and all that, but I played it with friends.

It’s funny because Brian J. Smith, who plays Lieutenant Scott, keeps telling me that I need to buy certain games. I don’t know how he finds the time to play games like Battlefield: Bad Company 2. He’s like, “We need to play on Xbox Live.” I just have no idea how he finds time to play video games."


Paul McGillion - Video: 'A Fine Young Man' Trailer

Courtesy of A Bull Dog Named Gorilla and Vimeo:


Film Description:

It's 1962. Cold War tensions and the accompanying doomsday paranoia are reaching a fever pitch across the globe. The U.S. government is not concerned about beating the Russians to the moon, they are concerned about beating them to Heaven. And they want Peter to help. A dark satire that cuttingly critiques the ideological motives behind global conflict. 'A Fine Young Man' delivers a powerful and resonate punch in its shocking conclusion.

Directed and Written by Kevan Funk.

Starring: Paul McGillion [Stargate Atlantis]

A Fine Young Man - Teaser Trailer from Kevan Funk on Vimeo.

Stargate Universe - Remediating SGU: Australian Episode Trailer - 'Lost'

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Australian preview of Lost

April 30, 2010

Thanks to the wonders of modern networking technology, here is the Australian preview of Lost. It seems to have come out quite dark, so I suggest you adjust your viewing screen.

Stargate / Sanctuary / Caprica - MSNBC: So long, nerds! Syfy doesn’t need you


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So long, nerds! Syfy doesn’t need you

Network’s programming shakeups deliver the ‘SmackDown’ to sci-fi fans

By Ree Hines contributor
updated Thurs., April 29, 2010


Presumably fulfilling its post-rebranding promise to “Imagine Greater,” the former Sci Fi Channel — now known as Syfy — has imagined its way right out of the niche that made the cable network.

Forget about space operas, tech dramas or B-movie monsters (except for “Mega Piranha” — never forget “Mega Piranha”), programming shake-ups reveal Syfy is ready to live up to its theme-less new name. If the recent announcement that “Top Chef” alum Marcel Vigneron would be joining the network for a cooking show called “Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen” wasn’t proof enough, Syfy’s acquisition of “Friday Night SmackDown” should be.

Not that Syfy really wants anyone catching on to that fact. Much like shoehorning the word “quantum” into the title of Vigneron’s upcoming gastronomic offering acts as a symbolic nod to traditional viewers, Syfy’s president, David Howe, hopes he can even convince fans that wrestling somehow fits the old and largely abandoned genre, too.

After all, World Wrestling Entertainment’s “SmackDown” marks “the ultimate in imagination-based sports entertainment,” according to Howe.

Heh. Nice try...

... Yes, like it or not, all those shows now occupying prime-time nerd night, what was once the beloved “Battlestar Galactica’s” place of honor, will shuffle off to Tuesday to make room for the new two-hour block of bikini-clad men. “Stargate Universe,” “Sanctuary” and “Battlestar Galactica” prequel “Caprica” — some of Syfy’s best current content to make a date-free Friday night seem worthwhile — must simply make way for the guys with the big guns...

[NOTE: In October 2010, Stargate Universe's season two, Sanctuary's season three and the last half of Caprica's first season will premiere on Syfy (S).]


Jeffrey Donovan - Burn Notice - Video: 'When You're Ready'

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USA Burn Notice - When You're Ready

Teaser Trailer|00:32|

Let me know when you're ready for the return of Burn Notice

Burn Notice kicks off its fourth season on Thursday, June 3 at a new, earlier time: 9/8C!

Timothy Olyphant - Justified: Video - 'Collection'

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FX Justified - Collection

Season 1 : Ep. 6 |42:29| |Closed Captions available

After an apparent suicide on an opulent Kentucky horse farm, Raylan must resist the sexy widow as he searches for the dead man’s missing art.

Stargate Atlantis' and Star Trek: Voyager's Robert Picardo guest stars.

Stargate Universe - TV Guide Online: TV Hot List: Friday, April 3, 2010

At TV Guide Online:

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Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, April 30, 2010


Jennifer Spence as Dr. Lisa Park and Alaina Huffman as Lt. Tamara Johansen

Stargate Universe

9/8c Syfy

If Lt. Scott, Eli, Chloe or Greer ever wondered what could be worse than being trapped on a runaway spaceship, this episode will put an end to that curiosity as the away team becomes lost in a planet's underground maze while the aforementioned runaway ship takes off without them. Tune in to see if Dr. Rush and Col. Young have any clever ideas for rescuing their left-behind comrades.

Michael Chant


Nathan Fillion - Castle - Video: Date

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ABC Castle - Date

Web Exclusive (s.2 : ep.22)|01:32|

Castle learns more about Beckett.