Monday, January 14, 2008

Stargate SG-1: Christopher Judge in "Dark Swarm"

From IESB:

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Sci-Fi Actors Fight The Swarm

Monday, 14 January 2008

Christopher Judge, Erica Cerra and Ed Wasser join Dark Swarm.

Hogofilm officially announced that the company is producing a CG monster film called Dark Swarm. The story is about billions of aliens that consume all life on the Earth, leaving a small group of survivors to fight back. Stars from several hit science fiction series have been attached to the project.

Christopher Judge, who played "Teal'c" for ten seasons on the smash series Stargate SG-1, will play a father figure who will do anything to protect his daughter from both the swarm and the other survivors....


Christopher Judge was nominated for a 2002 Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series for Stargate SG-1....

Stargate SG-1: MGM Stargate: Ark of Truth

From the MGM Stargate site:

They have a banner ad for the Ark of Truth, and a link to pre-order from Amazon.

At the bottom of the ad, is this notice:

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Stargate Atlantis - FOX's Stargate Hub site updated Jan 14 '08

From FOX's Stargate Hub:

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