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Sanctuary - Clique Clack: Exclusive Amanda Tapping Interview

At Clique Clack:

(Please follow the link for the complete interview.)

Exclusive interview: Amanda Tapping answers your burning questions about Sanctuary

Posted by Ruby T.

Amanda Tapping discusses recent developments on Sanctuary and reflects on all things abnormal: Ashley’s death, Helen’s relationships with Druitt and Tesla (and Olaf!), the epic season two finale, story arcs for season three, Robin Dunne’s embarrassing habit, and more. She also answers many of the great questions submitted by CliqueClack readers. Here’s the interview — enjoy!

A brief excerpt:

RT: And we’ll see more of Tesla this season and next season?
AT: Oh, definitely. Definitely. Jonathan’s a huge part of the family, so we want to bring him back as often as possible. He’s such a wonderful actor, and the character—he’s such a great antagonist. So, definitely.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stargate - Stargate Official Magazine Issue #32 - Amanda Tapping /Jewel Staite Interviews

At Titan Magazines:

Photo courtesy of Comic Trek.Net. Please note the official cover photo below.



There’s no need to cross the cosmos for the latest on the Stargate franchise – The Official Stargate Magazine is on a newsstand near you now! The latest issue features a wealth of commentaries and conversations with the lovely ladies of Stargate Universe, exclusive concept art, and an interview with executive producer Brad Wright. Read on for more information!


Stargate SG-1 veteran Michael Shanks, known to fans of the show as Dr. Daniel Jackson, has been cast as superhero Carter Hall, AKA Hawkman, in the Smallville 2-hour TV Movie “Absolute Justice”, penned by comic book aficionado, Geoff Johns! The movie is due to air in the US February 5th, 2010!

Issue Spotlight


The latest issue of Stargate Magazine presents exclusive artwork from behind-the-scenes of the Destiny space station, including major set pieces and the Gate itself! Stargate Universe Visual Effects Supervisor Mark Savela and Production Designer James C.D. Robbins provide an exclusive commentary about the design of the new series.


“I’ve been excited about Universe since my first day here, and I think everyone feels the same. We’re all in this together and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us.” – Elyse Levesque

The Official Stargate Magazine speaks to the women of Stargate Universe about their adventures through the Stargate and beyond. Alaina Huffman, Elyse Levesque, and Ming-Na, who play First Lieutenant Tamara Johansen, Chloe Armstrong and Camille Wray respectively, chat about what life aboard the Destiny is really like!

“Stargate evolved because it had to. Had it not, I doubt we’d have stayed on the air for 10 years. As the show grew, it developed its own mythology.” – Brad Wright

Executive Producer Brad Wright has been instrumental to the development of the Stargate TV mythology for the last decade. Having helped to reinvigorate the franchise with the latest instalment, Stargate Universe, we chat to Wright about casting the current crew of the Destiny and how the show has grown since the days of SG-1.


As if exclusive interviews with the three women of Stargate Universe were not enough to whet your appetite, the latest issue of The Official Stargate Magazine also features the women of Stargate yesteryear. Amanda Tapping, Stargate SG-1’s first female character Samantha Carter, tells us what it was like playing in a boy’s world. Plus – from cavemen and kidnapping to Rodney and Ronon, Jewel Staite tells us, amongst other things, why her Atlantis character Dr. Jennifer Keller would always have chosen the geek.



The latest developments from the world of Stargate.


Robert Carlyle, Stargate Universe’s Dr. Nicholas Rush, reveals his fascination with the character.


Robert C. Cooper
, executive producer of Stargate Atlantis, on the risk of making the episode Vegas.


The Official Stargate Magazine presents a smattering of sage-like advice from SG-1’s Samantha Carter.


Have you been paying attention? Test your knowledge on this issue’s theme.


Search and Rescue from Stargate: Atlantis, where Teyla goes into labor!

Syfy - Video: Corin Nemec / Charisma Carpenter - 'House of Bones' Jan 16 2010

'House of Bones' is a 2010 made-for-TV movie, starring Stargate SG-1's Corin Nemec and Angel's Charisma Carpenter (filmed in Lousianna).

Courtesy of Syfy, a video trailer for the movie:

House of Bones - Sneak Peek : Syfy Original Movie

Watch a sneak peek from the Syfy original movie "House of Bones." Movie premieres January 16 9/8C.

From Bullet Films:

Directed By: Jeffery Lando

Starring: Charisma Carpenter, Marcus Brown, Collin Galyean, Ricky Wayne.

A cheesy reality television show about haunted houses is being filmed at an old plantation home. Although the producers initially deny claims from their psychic special guest Heather (Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Charisma Carpenter) that this house is actually haunted, a series of mysterious events suggests otherwise. Missing persons, inexplicable sightings of ghosts, and the deaths of the crew not only prove that this house is haunted, but seems to be alive. When pompous show host Quentin (Corin Nemec of Stargate SG-1) arrives to the house, he is warned of the happenings and attempts to save his colleagues. Trapped inside by the house itself, the remaining producers and crew must learn of the house’s gruesome past in order to defeat the evil forces and escape the house alive.

Stargate Universe - Actor Peter Kelamis Answers Your Questions!

From Joseph Mallozzi's blog update for December 29, 2009:

(Please follow the link for the complete blog update and to see a full size of the photo below of Peter standing within the SGU stargate.)

Actor Peter Kelamis and the Destiny's stargate (photo courtesy of Joseph Mallozzi)

Actor Peter Kelamis Answers Your Questions!

Today, it gives me great pleasure to turn this blog over to actor Peter Kelamis, Stargate: Universe’s Dr. Adam Brody, for what I hope will be the first of many cast Q&A’s. I remember Peter from way back when he first graced graced the Stargate franchise with his presence, guest-starring as the fleet-footed Dr. Langham in SG-1’s Smoke and Mirrors. Today, he spends less time being clothes-lined by Jaffas and more time exploring the vast outer reaches of space alongside the rest of his fellow unlikely crewmembers aboard Destiny. Which, I’m sure, is the way he’d prefer it.

Anyway, a big thank you to Peter who has taken time off from his very demanding twittering schedule to swing by and spend time with us. And, to everyone else – enjoy…

A brief excerpt:

Edith writes: “Question for Peter K – hello! I’m enjoying the changes in the relationship between your character and Robert Carlyle’s character. My question concerns keeping the timeline of such changes straight as an actor. Is this easier to do in a tv show which at least is filmed episode by episode, rather than in a film, where scenes will be shot in the most convenient order?
In addition, so much of this show hangs on the people and the relationships – has this been as satisfying as I am imagining it might have been?”
PK: It truly is satisfying. This show is very relationship based, possibly more than previous incarnations of the series. And watching those relationships develop over time is as rewarding to the actor as it is to the people following the story.

It is much easier to keep timelines in your head on TV as opposed to movies but you have to be on your toes…I was educated on that fact while being directed by Peter DeLuise…I showed up on set and he asked me where Brody last appeared in the script and where he will appear next? I was stumped for a minute and was embarrassed to say that I had a pretty good overall idea, but didn’t have an exact answer….I have never made that mistake since…a lesson well learned. Thanks Peter!

Stargate Universe - SciFi Wire: Ming-Na Interview

At SciFi Wire:

(Please follow the link for the complete interview at SciFi Wire.)

Why SGU's Ming-Na was surprised to play Stargate's first lesbian

By Kathie Huddleston
ON 12/29/09

Actress Ming-Na's character, Camile Wray, seemed destined to be little more than an underused troublemaker on Stargate Universe. Then, in a pivotal episode, "Life," we discovered that she is a lesbian who has an awful lot to lose by being stuck on the Destiny with no way back to Earth. Ming-Na's character suddenly had depth and was far more than a recurring IOA bitch.

That episode was followed up by "Justice," which left Camile in charge of the ship when Col. Young was accused of murder. "It seemed in the beginning they had her a little bit ambiguous, not certain what her intentions are ... Is she one of the good guys? Bad guys? I think it was a lovely way to slowly reveal a character. For me it was a joy to discover all those elements about her. It's almost just like reading a good novel," said Ming-Na (Mulan, ER).

That novel is unfolding in the most interesting ways, especially when it comes to her character's revelation that Camile's long-time partner on Earth, Sharon (Reiko Aylesworth), is obviously the love of her life...

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Stargate / Sanctuary - The SciFi Guys: Vote in the Red Shirt Awards

At the SciFi Guys Blog (UK):

(Please follow the link for the complete list of Award Categories.)

The Red Shirt Awards 2009

Voting for all categories is open as of now and will close on Wednesday 30th December at 12:00am UK time and voting can be cast by all of the options mentioned above (twitter, email and the forum).

People can vote on via the following methods:
and by registering their suggestion on the forum:

Among the categories are:


Simon Baker (The Mentalist), Edward James Olmos (Battlestar Galactica), Joseph Finnes (Flash Forward), Mark Harmon (NCIS), Christopher Heyerdahl (Sanctuary, Stargate Atlantis), Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory), Tim Roth (Lie To Me), Nathan Fillon (Castle), Colin Ferguson (Eureka)


NCIS LA, Flash Forward, Paradox, V, Warehouse 13, SGU (Stargate Universe)


Battlestar Galactica
, Sanctuary, Dollhouse, The Big Bang Theory, Lie To Me, The Mentalist, Supernatural, Fringe, Eureka


Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Flash Forward, Jericho, Chuck, Stargate SG1, Matts Rants On Smallville

Sanctuary -SciFi and TV Talk's Blog: Robin Dunne Interview

At SciFi and TV Talk's Blog:

(Please follow the link for the complete interview and photos.)

Sanctuary’s Robin Dunne – A Will Of His Own

by Steven Eramo

It was not that long ago that forensic psychiatrist Dr. Will Zimmerman crossed paths with Dr. Helen Magnus, but was it fate or happenstance that brought them together? It was, in fact, no accident that the scientist sought out Will and offered him the opportunity to become her protegĂ© and part of the Sanctuary team. His curiosity got the better of him and he accepted. Since then, Will has been helping Magnus protect one of Earth’s oldest and sometimes most dangerous inhabitants, creatures called Abnormals. In Sanctuary’s first season finale, Revelations, a mysterious group known as the Cabal set a plan in motion to turn Abnormals against humankind. Unknown to our heroes, this was the prelude to something far bigger, and for the actor who plays Will, Robin Dunne, it marked the end of what had been a challenging first year on the job.
“I had never done a full season of a TV show before, and certainly not one like this,” says Dunne during a break in filming on Sanctuary’s Vancouver set. “I loved it and it was so much fun doing the things that we did, but it was tough, too. There were some very demanding episodes, so by the end of last season I felt like I’d just crossed the finish line of a marathon. It was great to get to the finale, where we were wrapping stuff up and bringing in other characters. Not only did I get to work with our core cast – Amanda Tapping [Magnus], Ryan Robbins [Henry Foss], Emilie Ullerup [Ashley Magnus] and Chris Heyerdahl [John Druitt/Bigfoot] – but also Jonathon Young [Nikola Tesla], who came back for a visit, and Peter Wingfield [John Watson]. It was such an amazing story and brought together a number of loose ends..."

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sanctuary - Video: 'Sleepers'

Courtesy of Syfy and HULU:

Sanctuary - Sleepers

Season 2 : Ep. 10|43:54|

Tesla conjures a cure-all that turns his patients into sleeper vampires.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sanctuary - Video: Preview of 'Haunted'

Courtesy of Syfy HULU:

Sanctuary - Haunted

Current Preview (s.2 : ep.11)|01:23|

Watch a sneak peek from the upcoming episode of Sanctuary! Fridays 10/9C.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Stargate SG-1 / Farscape - SciFi Talk: Ben Browder Audio Interview

At SciFi Talk:

Best Of Sci-Fi Talk - Ben Browder

Two conversations from 2001 and 2009 make up this special with a special actor. We easily see his charm, wit and smarts in both conversations. Plus we get insights into Cameron Mitchell and perhaps the character he will be forever tied to John Crichton. Special thanks to the SyFy Channel and Hank McCann.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Sanctuary - Syfy: Video -'Haunted' Episode Trailer

At Syfy:

Haunted - Next Episode - Sanctuary

Druitt's dormant dark side is unleashed. New episode January 8 10/9C.

Stargate - Australia: Richard Dean Anderson to appear in Convention

From Hub Productions:

The Hub Productions presents...

Richard Dean Anderson, David Nykl, Connor Trinneer, Dan Shea,
Christopher Judge, Ben Browder

more to be announced over the coming week as we open a door on the Hub Productions Stargate Advent Calendar

Saturday the 6th March in Sydney
Sunday the 7th March in Melbourne

David Nykl, Connor Trinneer, Dan Shea, Christopher Judge, Ben Browder, Richard Dean Anderson and others will be appearing on Saturday 6th March in Sydney from 9:00am to 6:00pm and Sunday the 7th March in Melbourne from 9.00am to 6.00pm.

The event features the guests live on stage for a few stories, anecdotes as well as Question and Answers. There will also be a variety of events throughout the day, such as auctions, raffles and trivia. There will also be merchandise as well as rare collectables available to purchase from the dealers. You will also have the chance to meet the guests and acquire autographs and professional photographs.

Events Tickets

Day Tickets $150

VIP Tickets $950

Platinum Tickets $1800

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Sanctuary - Video: 'Penance' with Michael Shanks

At Syfy and HULU:

Sanctuary - Penance

Season 2 : Ep. 9|43:52|

Magnus faces a local gang lord and learns about Kate's past.

Stargate SG-1's Michael Shanks guest stars.

Sanctuary - Syfy: Video: Robin Dunne Q & A Part 2

Courtesy of Syfy:

Robin Dunne Q&A- Part 2 : Sanctuary Q&A

Robin Dunne (Will Zimmerman) answers fan questions in this exclusive Q&A series.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sanctuary - TV Guide Magazine Online: TV Hot List - What to Watch

At TV Guide Magazine Online:

(Please follow the link for the complete column.)

Today's Hot List

... Sanctuary

(10/9c, Syfy)

Paging Dr. Drew! Magnus and Will connect a series of missing teens to a shady rehab clinic that’s turning patients into addicts of a much bloodier variety.

Sanctuary - Yahoo! TV - Tonight's Picks Dec 18 '09

At Yahoo! TV:

(Please follow the link for the complete column.)


A list of can't miss shows, undiscovered gems and fan favorites...

... Sanctuary (Sci Fi)

Friday at 10pm on Syfy

Druitt’s dark side returns with dangerous results. When Magnus and Will investigate the case of a few missing teenagers who traveled to a rehab clinic in Mexico for treatment, they learn of a disturbing plot that was passed off as an addiction cure.

Sanctuary - TV Guide Online - TV Hot List Dec 18 '09

At TV Guide Online:

(Please follow the link for the complete column.)

Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, Dec. 18, 2009

... Sanctuary

10/9c Syfy

These days, Hollywood would have you believe that vampires are hunky young men with cover-boy faces who harbor tortured souls beneath their pale skin. Fortunately, there's Nikola Tesla (Jonathan Young), a recurring charmer who serves to remind us that vampires can be bad news for humans. Magnus and Will check out a rehab facility in Mexico, where they find Tesla up to his old tricks. — Michael Chant

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stargate - GateWorld Podcast: Stargate Year-In-Review

At GateWorld:

GateWorld Podcast: Stargate Year-In-Review

Wednesday - December 16, 2009

by Darren Sumner

Visit the GateWorld Podcast page for more about the show!

We’re wrapping up 2009, a big year of transition for the Stargate franchise, on this week’s podcast! Darren and David will look back on the last 12 months, from the final bow of Stargate Atlantis in January to the SGU premiere, our trips to the Stargate conventions in Vancouver and Chicago, Comic-Con, plus the long lead-up to the start of the third Stargate series. We’ll also get David to weigh-in on “Justice,” and hear from some listeners on their personal Stargate high-points of the year.

Our last show of the year wraps up with a special treat for Stargate fans: “PX-75309,” a Stargate parody song by the band Sci-Fried! To hear more and learn about the band, visit them at Happy Holidays, and we’ll see you in 2010!

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Sanctuary - SciFi and TV Talk's Blog: Sanctuary’s Martin Wood – Season Of Change

At SciFi and TV Talk's Blog:

(Please follow the link for the complete article and numerous photos.)

Sanctuary’s Martin Wood – Season Of Change

by Steven Eramo

Martin Wood

Having honed his craft directing such Sci-Fi TV shows as Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Andromeda, Jeremiah and Earth: Final Conflict along with helping produce both Stargate series, Martin Wood has brought all those years of experience to his role as an executive producer as well as writer and director on Sanctuary. Debuting last fall on The Syfy Channel, Sanctuary began on the Internet as the story of Dr. Helen Magnus, who operates a worldwide network of facilities, or Sanctuaries, that were established to provide shelter for, and in some cases imprison, creatures called Abnormals. The series returned this past October for its second season, and while its overall premise remains the same this year, it has further grown and developed, as Wood explains.
“When we came back this year and talked about where we wanted to go with the second season, we all knew that we now had an idea of what this show could be,” recalls the director. “The direction that Damian Kindler [series creator/executive producer], Amanda Tapping [who stars as Dr. Helen Magnus and also serves as an executive producer] and I wanted to go in was to make Sanctuary bigger and better. And everyone here took that to heart and ran with it, which I think is great.

“We went through a whole range of different things as far as how we were going to start the season and what we were going to do. That included looking at a bunch of audience reactions to season one, because we wanted to react to what the viewers felt. As a result, we decided, ‘We have to shake things up a little bit.’ You know my philosophy on major characters; I always feel that they have to be expendable because the only thing that keeps a TV show alive is if its characters are in real jeopardy. If not, every time one of them gets into a dire situation, you know they’re going to come out OK on the other end...

Sanctuary - SyFy: Video: Video - Sneak Peek of 'Sleepers'

Courtesy of SyFy:

Sleepers - Sanctuary

Watch a sneak peek from the next episode of Sanctuary! Friday at 10/9C!

Supernatural - Video: Misha Collins Visits TV Guide Magazine

At TV Guide Magazine Online:

(Please follow the link for the complete article.)

Misha Collins Visits TV Guide Magazine

December 14, 2009

Supernatural's resident angel Misha Collins visits TV Guide Magazine's Cubicle Confessions to talk about Castiel's wardrobe, interning with Bill Clinton and the Book of Revelation. Check it out!

Stargate Universe - Media Pundit: Verdict: Stargate Universe stands on its own

At Media Pundit:

(Please follow the link for the complete article.)

Verdict: Stargate Universe stands on its own

by Paul William Tenny

Stargate Universe
feels pretty good to me so far, but I've got some issues with it that I didn't really have with the previous shows. I suppose that's inevitable when you purposefully go so outside of the box, but these issues are nonetheless problematic for me enjoying the show as fully as is reasonably possible...

Stargate Universe: MGM Stargate: SGU Returns to SyFy on April 2 2010!

At MGM Stargate:

(Please follow the link for the complete article.)

SGU Renewed For Season 2

MGM, Dec 14th, 2009

Stargate Universe
is currently on its season one mid-season break, and will return on April 2.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Stargate - Syfy Schedule week Dec 14 '09 - Includes SG1 Marathon

From SyFy's schedulebot:


12/17/2009 5:00P QUARANTINE

12/18/2009 5:00P OUTCAST

STARGATE SG-1 Season Seven MINI-MARATHON - Friday, December 18 '09









SyFy Friday December 18 '09





Graphics courtesy of GateWorld.

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Stargate Universe / Sanctuary - SyFy Renews Series

Several sites are reporting that SyFy has renewed Stargate Universe for a second season, and Sanctuary for a third season, both to premiere in Fall 2010.

Sources include The Hollywood Reporter, TV By The Numbers, Zap2It, SciFi Wire.

Stargate Universe is currently on mid-season hiatus, and will return the balance of its first season episode in April 2010. Sanctuary has a new episode, 'Sleepers,' that airs next Friday, December 18 at 10pm on SyFy.

Stargate / MacGyver - Richard Dean Anderson Web Site Update Dec 18 '09

From a Richard Dean Anderson web site e-mail announcement:

The Two Jacks: Richard Dean Anderson and Kurt Russell

Updates at

For the third year in a row, Richard Dean Anderson attended the Quench the Fire 5K Run & Walk which was held last weekend to raise money for the USC Pain Center and its research and treatment of neuropathic chronic pain diseases. As a guest emcee, RDA helped to signal the start of the race, and he also met with fans and signed autographs. Some pictures and a short video from the event can be found in the Updates section of the website.

Thanks for visiting!

Richard Dean Anderson Website

Sanctuary - SciFi Pulse: Robin Dunne Audio Interview

At SciFi Pulse:

For Episode 48 Of the Parsec Nominated SFP Radio we talk to actor Robin Dunne about his role of Will Zimmerman in the popular Syfy Series Sanctuary. During the interview we touch on many things, which include the possibility of Robin being able to write an episode at some future date if the series is picked up for a third season.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sanctuary - Video: 'Next Tuesday'

Courtesy of SyFy and HULU:

Sanctuary - Next Tuesday

Season 2 : Ep. 8|43:58|

Will and Magnus get trapped in an oil well with an angry sea creature.

Stargate Universe / Sanctuary - Video: SyFy's 2010 Promo Commercial

Courtesy of MyRoydon at You Tube:

In 2010 - Feel The Imagination

SyFy 2010 promo includes scenes from Caprica, Stargate Universe, Sanctuary, Warehouse 13, Eureka, Being Human, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, Battlestar Galactica's 'The Plan,' ECW and Destination Truth.

Sanctuary - SyFy: Podcasts for 'Next Tuesday' & 'Penance'

At SyFy:

With the Sanctuary podcast, you can listen to exclusive commentary by star Amanda Tapping about each episode, while you're watching it.

Beware of spoilers! Although the commentary is provided before you watch the episode, it is meant to be listened to while watching the episode. Listening to it beforehand might ruin certain dramatic surprises.

Also, commentary by the cast is presented unedited and uncensored, and may contain adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

Next Tuesday


Sanctuary - SyFy: Video: Amanda Tapping Q & A '09 Part 1

Courtesy of SyFy:

Amanda Tapping Q&A - 2009 - Part 1

Amanda Tapping (Dr. Helen Magnus) answers fan questions in this exclusive Q&A series.

Sanctuary - SyFy: Video - Episode Trailer for 'Sleepers'

Courtesy of SyFy:

Sleepers - Next Episode - Sanctuary

Magnus and Will investigate the disappearances of teenagers who sought treatment at an exclusive rehab facility in Mexico, where they learn that a sinister plot has been disguised as a cure for their addictions. Jonathan Young reprises his role as Nikola Tesla.

'Haunted' is directed by Peter DeLuise

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stargate Universe - MGM Stargate: NEW KIno Video - 22 - Not Just For Posterity

Courtesy of MGM Stargate:

FEATURETTE SGU - Kino 22 - Not Just For Posterity

Dr. Park (Jennifer Spense) records a video diary for her family and friends, but forgets how to use the pause button.

Stargate Universe - MGM Stargate: NEW Kino Video - 21 - The Apple Core

Courtesy of MGM Stargate:

FEATURETTE SGU - Kino 21 - The Apple Core

Eli (David Blue) gives a tour of the Apple Core. Brody (Peter Kelamis) insists it's the Control Interface, and Park (Jennifer Spence) and Volker (Patrick Gilmore) get in on the debate.

Stargate Universe - GateWorld Podcast:: 'Justice'

At GateWorld:

GateWorld Podcast: ‘Justice’

Visit the GateWorld Podcast page for more about the show!

Ten episodes later, and we’ve reached the mid-season finale of Stargate Universe! This week on the podcast we’ll talk about “Justice,” with Justin Nolan from The 5th Race Podcast sitting in for David (who is on assignment). Darren and Justin will talk about how “Justice” starts to pay off the show’s slow build, law on board the Destiny and the ship’s growing culture of military versus civilian, and who sat in the Ancient chair … and why. And how about that cliffhanger ending — with a jaw-dropping conclusion to the first half of the season, yet a very unheroic action for one of our “heroes.”

We’ll also make some predictions about how the story will be resolved when SGU returns next spring. In the Quibbles segment, we’ll discuss Eli’s discovery of the gun, Franklin’s fate, and more. And we’ll also find out what listeners think about the mid-season finale.

Sanctuary - SciFi Wire: Video Sneak Peek of 'Penance' - Michael Shanks

At SciFi Wire:

Video sneak peek of Shanks and Tapping's Sanctuary reunion!

We've got an exclusive sneak-peek clip from this Friday's episode of Syfy's Sanctuary, featuring the reunion of former Stargate SG-1 co-stars Michael Shanks and Amanda Tapping.

In the episode, entitled "Penance," Magnus (Tapping) faces a local gang lord and learns about Kate's (Agam Darshi) past. Shanks plays an old friend of Magnus' with an odd abdominal condition.

Sanctuary airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Stargate Universe - SciFi Pi: Joseph Mallozzi Interview

At Australia's SciFi Channel's SciFi Pi:

(Please follow the link for the complete interview.)

SGU's Writer/Producer Joseph Mallozzi: 'More Space Battles, Aliens'!

Tuesday, December 8 by Captain

Joseph Mallozzi has been working on Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis and now Stargate Universe for just on a decade.

Having written dozens of episodes, the writer/producer is one of the key voices that sing in concert with the two Stargate stalwarts, Brad Wright and Robert Cooper.

He has written the upcoming Stargate: Extinction, the movie length addition to the Stargate Atlantis story, as well as (among many others) the classic SG1 episodes ‘Moebius’, ‘Lockdown’, ‘Descent’ and ‘Homecoming’. And 'Wormhole X-Treme'. On SGA, his writing credits include ‘Home’, 'Travelers', 'This Mortal Coil' and the final episode, ‘Enemy at the Gate’.

As executive producer, consulting producer and just plain producer, he has had a hand in hundreds of Stargate episodes.

If you wanted to talk to someone (besides Brad and Robert) about all things Stargate, HE is your man.

So we did. Here's what he had to say:

A brief excerpt:

SGU’s new style has been quite confronting for many Stargate fans, and especially for the more impatient Stargate fans. When you are writing SGU do you find the style more constricting or less constricting than say on SG1 or SGA?
It’s a completely different animal. In some ways it’s more restrictive, in others it’s less restrictive. One of the things that always appealed to me in SG1 and Atlantis that I felt we didn’t do enough was delve into the characters. When I was writing SG1 I always liked to include those little scene. Say for example, I forget which one exactly, perhaps ‘Lockdown’ when Teal’c and the rest of the team are discussing Teal’c getting his own apartment and what gift they’ll bring for the housewarming. Little instances that suggest that after all the action is said and done, these characters are friends. It added a depth of humanity to characters who are, in some respects, more heroic than the average hero.

In much the same way, when we went over to Atlantis, I always enjoyed the episodes where we could explore the characters. I remember ‘Broken Ties’ was one episode where we got to explore Ronon’s backstory. Showed that vulnerability that made him the warrior that he was, at the same time juxtaposing the introduction of Woolsey, who up to that point had just been the officious jerk IOA character, and through humour, which Bob Picardo was so good at, be able to humanize the character.

Stargate Universe - SyFy: Video - Lou Diamond Phillips Q & A

Courtesy of SyFy:

Lou Diamond Phillips Q&A- Part 1

Lou Diamond Phillips (Col. David Telford) answers fan questions in this exclusive Q&A series.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Closer - TV Guide Online - TV Hot List Mon Dec 7 '09

From TV Guide Online:

(Please follow the link for the complete column.)

Tonight's TV Hot List: Monday, Dec. 7, 2009

The Closer

9/8c TNT

It's prime time for crime when the cop series jumps back into its fifth season with a winter arc of new episodes. Southern belle Brenda Leigh Johnson goes like gangbusters to bust a gang. The case begins with a gang-related shooting and the resultant death of a 12-year-old boy, but the investigation really heats up when two more bodies surface. In domestic developments, Brenda is in store for a big surprise, thanks to Fritz. And Provenza's once-blooming love life now begins to wilt. — Dean Maurer

TNT's The Closer returns with a new episode, "The Life," Monday, December 7 at 9pm TNT. The Closer stars Kyra Sedgwick, J.K. Simmons, Corey Reynolds, Robert Gossett, G.W. Bailey, Anthony John Denison, Michael Paul Chan, Raymond Cruz, Phillip P. Keene and Jon Tenney.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Stargate SG-1 - GateWorld Play: Video - The Phenomenon: Alexis Cruz (Skaara)

At GateWorld Play:

The Phenomenon - Alexis Cruz

Video: X-Men: Evolution - 'Strategy X' - Stargate's Christopher Judge

Courtesy of HULU:

X-Men Evolution - Strategy X

Season 1 : Ep. 1|20:50|

When high-schooler Todd Tolanski starts exhibiting toad-like mutant powers, Mystique sees a perfect opporunity to get a spy into Xavier's institute.

Starring the voice over talents of: Stargate SG-1's Christopher Judge as Magneto/Magnus, Noel Fisher, Vincent Gale, Kirby Morrow and Venus Terzo.

Stargate - SyFy's Schedule for week Dec 7 '09

From SyFy's schedulebot:


12/07/2009 09:00A STARGATE: THE ARK OF TRUTH

12/07/2009 11:00A STARGATE: CONTINUUM


12/11/2009 11:00P LIGHT


12/09/2009 5:00P MILLER'S CROSSING - Kate Hewlett guest stars!

12/10/2009 5:30P THIS MORTAL COIL

12/12/2009 01:00A TRAVELERS


12/07/2009 08:00A UNENDING

12/09/2009 6:00P MERIDIAN

12/12/2009 02:00A ZERO HOUR

Graphics courtesy of GateWorld.

Stargate Universe - GateWorld: Full Coverage: Justice

At GateWorld:



Episode Guide

A brief excerpt from the Production section of the Episode Guide:
"We shift focus from the dark and dangerous alien environment of 'Time' to the shocking discovery and troubling developments presented in 'Justice.' Will Waring is doing the honors here, directing an episode that promises more than a few surprises in addition to decisions both startling and unsettling that will have far-reaching consequences for the Destiny crew."
(Consulting producer Joseph Mallozzi, in a post at his blog)



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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Stargate Universe - Video: 'Justice' - Now with Closed Captioning!

Courtesy of SyFy and HULU:

Stargate Universe - Justice

Season 1 : Ep. 10|43:01||

The body of a crew member is discovered, and there can be only one explanation: A murderer on the Destiny.

HULU is now providing SGU with closed captioning.

Stargate Universe is now on its mid-season hiatus. NEW episodes of Stargate Universe return to SyFy in April 2010!

Stargate Atlantis - Video: 'Search and Rescue'

Courtesy of HULU:

STARGATE ATLANTIS - Search and Rescue

Season 5 : Ep. 1|43:38|

Atlantis races against time to save team members trapped in a collapsed compound, and rescue a pregnant Teyla from Michael's clutches.

Video: TV Guide: Sexiest Women of Sci-Fi

Courtesy of HULU:

TV Guide Specials - Sexiest Women of Sci-Fi, Part 1

TV Guide Specials


TV Guide's new special uncovers the SEXIEST WOMEN OF SCI-FI! Check out some of the hottest alien, supernatural and intergalactic babes in TV history, including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Hayden Panettiere, Katherine Heigl and more!

TV Guide Specials - Sexiest Women of Sci-Fi, Part 2


TV Guide continues its look at TV's most heavenly bodies with the SEXIEST WOMEN OF SCI-FI Special, including Eliza Dushku, Charisma Carptenter, Kristin Kreuk and more!

TV Guide Specials - Sexiest Women of Sci-Fi, Part 3


TV Guide Network checks out some of the hottest actresses from Sci-Fi TV's past and present! Get the scoop on Grace Park, Yvonne Strahovski, Lucy Lawless, Erica Durance and a pair of purrr-fect Catwomen!

TV Guide Specials - Sexiest Women of Sci-Fi, Part 4


TV Guide's special look at the SEXIEST WOMEN OF SCI-FI continues! Katee Sackhoff, Teri Hatcher, Jessica Alba, Sarah Michelle Gellar and STAR TREK's Nichelle Nichols are all featured!

TV Guide Specials - Sexiest Women of Sci-Fi, Part 5


Get the scoop on your favorite Sci-Fi fantasies as TV Guide Network continues its look at the SEXIEST WOMEN OF SCI-FI! Get up close and personal with HEROES' Ali Larter, LOST's Evangeline Lilly and BSG's Tricia Helfer!

TV Guide Specials - Sexiest Women of Sci-Fi, Part 6


TV Guide Network concludes its look at the SEXIEST WOMEN OF SCI-FI with the top two! Spend quality time with STAR TREK Voyager's Jeri Ryan. Plus, find out who grabbed the number one spot!

Stargate - SyFy Monday Movies Dec. 7 '09

Airing Monday, December 7 '09 on SyFy (US):

09:00A STARGATE: THE ARK OF TRUTH - Starring Ben Browder, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, Michael Shanks, Beau Bridges, Claudia Black, Currie Graham, Morena Baccarin, Tim Guinee, Julian Sands, Michael Beach, Gary Jones, Martin Christopher, Chris Gauthier, Eric Breker and Matthew Walker

11:00A STARGATE: CONTINUUM - Starring Richard Dean Anderson, Ben Browder, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, Michael Shanks, Beau Bridges, Claudia Black, Cliff Simon, Don S. Davis, William Devane, Steve Bacic, Gary Jones, Peter Williams and Jacqueline Samuda

Stargate Universe - SyFy: Video: Jamil Walker Smith Q & A

Courtesy of SyFy and HULU:

Stargate Universe - Jamil Walker Smith Q&A, Part 1

Behind the Scenes|03:16|

Jamil Walker Smith (Master Sgt. Ronald Greer) answers fan questions in this exclusive Q&A series.

Sanctuary - SyFy: Video - 'Penance' Episode Trailer

At SyFy:

Penance - Next Episode - Sanctuary

Magnus faces a local gang lord and learns about Kate's past.

Stargate SG-1's Michael Shanks guest stars! Airs Friday, December 11 at 10pm on SyFy (US).

Sanctuary - Video: 'Veritas"

Courtesy of SyFy and HULU:

Sanctuary - 'Veritas'

Season 2 : Ep. 7|43:57|

Will must defend Dr. Magnus from a shocking charge of murder.

Stargate SG1 / Sanctuary - SciFi Wire: Tapping and Shanks reunite in Sanctuary

At SciFi Wire:

(Please follow the link for the complete article.)

Stargate's Tapping and Shanks reunite in Sanctuary

By Kathie Huddleston
ON 12/04/09

Tonight's new episode of Syfy's Sanctuary kicks off a December of increasing action that culminates with a Stargate SG-1 reunion when Michael Shanks guest-stars with Amanda Tapping.

Michael Shanks and Amanda Tapping in Sanctuary's 'Penance.'

...Sanctuary also has two more new episodes airing in December. The first, "Penance," guest-stars Michael Shanks as an abnormal named Jimmy who smuggles goods for the Sanctuary. "It sounds a little rude, but he actually has a mutation that gives him a pouch in his stomach, almost a Videodrome kind of pouch. It allows him to transport goods, and he is transporting a very dangerous abnormal, trying to get it to Magnus, when a bunch of bad guys get in the way, and he's forced to go on the run with Kate to protect this abnormal. A very big secret from the past for both of them comes out."

According to [Damian] Kindler, "I think people who have an opinion about Kate will find that it will be deepened or changed."

Then, in "Sleepers," Will and Magnus end up in Mexico investigating missing teenagers, and they'll run into their old friend, vampire Nikola Tesla, who's up to more than a little mischief.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Stargate Universe - TV Guide Online: Friday's TV Hot List Dec 4 '09

At TV Guide Online:

(Please follow the link for the complete column.)

Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, Dec. 4, 2009

... Stargate Universe

9/8c Syfy

The only good news here is that everyone on the Destiny, except for one crew member, can now count on an extra portion of rations. The bad news: One crew member was found dead from a gunshot wound, and the gun was found in the quarters of Col. Young (Justin Louis). If that's not dire enough for you, there's also a planet hoarding a secret that could destroy the ship in the first-season finale. — Michael Chant

Stargate Universe - Yahoo! TV - Friday's Top Picks Dec 4 '09

At Yahoo! TV:

(Please follow the link for the complete column.)


A list of can't miss shows, undiscovered gems and fan favorites...

SGU: Stargate Universe

Midseason Finale: Friday at 9pm on Syfy

Imagine being far out in space and finding a dead body on your ship. Yikes! That's exactly what happens on tonight's midseason finale. With a murderer among them, what's the crew to do? When the truth finally comes out, it changes everything.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stargate Universe / Sanctuary - SyFy Breaks Viewership Records - Again!



December 02, 2009




In Fourth Quarter to Date, Ranks #4 in Adults 25-54 and #5 in Adults 18-49

New York, NY - December 2, 2009 - For the third consecutive ratings period (following Third Quarter and October), Syfy shattered viewership records by drawing the largest November audience in its 17-year history among total viewers. It was also the network's best November ever in Adults 18-34, Adults 18-49, Adults 25-54, Women 18-34, Women 18-49, Women 25-54, Men 18-34, Men 18-49 and Men 25-54.

Fueled by the July 7 rebrand, Syfy has scored its most watched five month stretch ever (July-November) in total viewers.

In Fourth Quarter to date, Syfy is currently the #4 basic cable entertainment network in Adults 25-54 (782,000, +8%) and #5 among Adults 18-49 (707,000, +12%), as well as rising 16% in Adults 18-34.

Driven by Ghost Hunters, Stargate Universe, Sanctuary and freshman Ghost Hunters Academy, the record-setting November performance featured:

266,000 Adults 18-34 (+6% vs. Nov 08)
663,000 Adults 18-49 (+5%)
743,000 Adults 25-54 (+3%)
121,000 Women 18-34 (+9%)
318,000 Women 18-49 (+8%)
349,000 Women 25-54 (+6%)

Growth in all the key male demos including 146,000 Men 18-34 (+5%)
1,349,000 P2+ (up +2%)

Online, continued its sizzling year-long growth. The site reached its best November ever, hitting highs in all key metrics for the third straight month:

3.6 million uniques
5.6 million visits
31.5 million page views
5.4 million video streams

SCI FI Wire delivered 3.5 million page views, which is the best month ever for the second month in a row.

Syfy closes out its historic 2009 with a diverse array of original programming in December, highlighted by:

Conclusion of Stargate Universe's fall season Friday, December 4, at 9PM (ET/PT)

Four hour movie event Alice, starring Kathy Bates and Caterina Scorsone, Sunday, December 6, and Monday, December 7, at 9PM (ET/PT)

Premiere of Outer Space Astronauts Tuesday, December 8, at 9:30PM (ET/PT)

Season five finale of Ghost Hunters Wednesday, December 16, at 9PM (ET/PT), followed by the last episode of Ghost Hunters Academy's rookie season Wednesday, December 16, at 10PM (ET/PT)