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Stargate: Ark of Truth: Spencer Maybee Interview

From The SciFi World:


(Please follow the link for the complete text interview. Spencer portrayed Captain Binder in AoT - the SF team leader aboard the Odyssey.)

Interview with Spencer Maybee

Date of publishing: 1st April 2008

A leading man with unusual depth, sensitivity, comic timing, and vast reservoirs of explosive volatility, Spencer thrills at playing characters with complexity. Catalyzing sincerity, subtlety, darkness, and humour, Spencer brings a palpable sense of humanity to every role he plays. Born and raised in Toronto, Spencer did some time on the stage, but it was his other love -- for writing -- that sent him to UVic, where he studied poetry, nonfiction, journalism, and screenwriting. After university, Spencer hit the stage again in the Winnipeg Fringe, but soon learned to love the lens. He did an acting residency at the International Film and Television Workshops in Rockport, Maine, launching his on-camera career soon after with a role as a crystal meth cook in an MOW with Diane Keaton.

Spencer took two years off acting to focus on writing and filmmaking, returning to the screen in a supporting lead role on House Party, a pilot for the Comedy Network. He followed that up with a guest star role on Flash Gordon and supporting leads on Stargate: The Ark of Truth, and the MOWs Smokejumpers and Ice Blues, the latest Don Strachey murder mystery. Currently based out of Vancouver, BC, Spencer studies at the Lyric. Spencer will be in the next X-Files sequel movie.

A brief excerpt:


Gilles Nuytens: What is your best memory from your days on "Stargate: The Ark Of Truth"?

Spencer Maybee: "Definitely working with Rob and playing with the guns. Hanging out with Amanda Tapping was also really cool. She can be a real goof between takes. I really had no idea."


Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - TV Ad

Stargate Atlantis - Scribe Awards: CASUALTIES OF WAR Nominated

From the IAMTW blog (I am a Tie-in Writer):


(Please follow the link for the complete article. Last year, the Stargate Atlantis novel, Exogenesis by Sonny Whitelaw & Elizabeth Christensen was nominated.)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Scribe Award Nominees Announced

The Second Annual Scribe Awards, presented by the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers, acknowledges and celebrates excellence in licensed tie-in writing -- novels based on TV shows, movies, and games. We are proud to announce this years nominees for the Scribe Award.



LAST DAYS OF KRYPTON by Kevin J. Anderson


STAR TREK: Q&A by Keith R.A. DeCandido


The Scribe Awards will be given at the Comic-Con Convention in San Diego in July. The Special Gaming Scribes will be awarded at Gen Con Indy in August.


Link at Amazon.com to order novel:


Link at the Stargate Novels site:


Stargate: Ark of Truth - MGM Stargate: Ark Angel - The Ark of Truth, Part 5

From MGM Stargate:


(Please follow the link for the complete article.)

Ark Angel - The Ark of Truth, Part 5

Director of Photography Peter Woeste (with the camera), Currie Graham (James Marrick), Ben Browder (Cameron Mitchell), Amanda Tapping (Sam Carter), and Stunt Coordinator Dan Shea.

April 1, 2008 (General)

For the final part of our series on Stargate SG-1’s debut straight-to-DVD feature, director of photography Peter Woeste joins Robert Cooper to take viewers behind the scenes on Ark of Truth.

A brief excerpt:

Although Ark of Truth and Continuum, the second of Stargate SG-1’s feature-length adventures, were very definitely separate entities, they were produced very closely together throughout 2007. The writers and directors of both films were different (though naturally, the productions were as collaborative as any Stargate episode has ever been), but Peter Woeste was one person that worked directly on both. As director of photography, Woeste was charged with creating the directors’ unique visions in camera. Director Robert Cooper and Woeste had worked together before, and this familiarity would prove invaluable in bringing Ark of Truth to the screen, particularly given its tight shooting and post-production schedule.

“It was extremely difficult because when we started this project, the first shooting we did was actually for Continuum, in the Arctic,” Woeste reveals. “The Arctic shoot had to be coordinated with the military, so we did all of that first and it was after that that I had time to really sit down and prepare the shows properly. What I attempted to do was prepare them both simultaneously, because I think there was just four to five days between the two production schedules, before we segued into Continuum.”


Woeste also had a hand in the decision that Ark of Truth should be shot on 35mm film rather than on video. “I said, ‘Guys, I think we should reconsider the format that we’re shooting in.’ I had built up this case and I had reams of research papers and documents and an outline,” Woeste says, chuckling at the memory of the struggle he was expecting. “But when I walked into the office and started talking about it, I don’t think I got beyond item number two when Coop (Robert Cooper) was already on board!”


Battlestar Galactica - Salon.com: Primer for BSG

From Salon.com:


(Please follow the link for the complete five page article.)

Everything you were afraid to ask about "Battlestar Galactica"

A complete primer on the smartest sci-fi TV show ... maybe ever.

By Thomas Rogers

April 2, 2008 | When the "Battlestar Galactica" miniseries premiered in 2003, viewers could be forgiven for having low expectations. At the time, the Sci Fi Channel, on which "Battlestar" aired, was a niche cable channel known mostly for "Stargate SG-1" and "Star Trek" reruns, and the show's source material, a cheesy '70s flop for ABC, wasn't exactly "The Sopranos." The series' premise, furthermore, involved enough clich├ęd science fiction elements -- an evil race of robots, a hotshot fighter pilot and characters with names like "Apollo" -- to make the show's fans wince when explaining it to their friends.

Three seasons later, "Battlestar Galactica" has become one of TV's smartest series. It has won a Peabody Award, made the Sci Fi Channel a semireputable cable outlet and revolutionized science fiction on television. It has proved that the genre, when liberated from the body-hugging Lycra jumpsuits and staid dialogue that have plagued most post-"Trek" science fiction series, can be a vehicle for both scathing political commentary and genuine pathos. The network recently greenlighted a prequel spinoff series called "Caprica," and on Friday, April 4, "Battlestar" returns to Sci Fi after a yearlong hiatus for its fourth and final season.


Topics covered include:

The plot to produce a human-Cylon hybrid child

Visions of the "Final Five"

Keeping your Cylons straight

Answers to those nagging questions

SG1: Ark of Truth - Action Figure Contest! Cam, Vala & Prior

From Snap Shot Chronicle's 'SciFi Sunday':


The giveaway:

Long story short, I have some extra SG-1 action figures. Mitchell, Vala and the Ori Prior. I’m going to give away one of each at the end of April and the remaining three when the second film, Continuum, is released this summer.

Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell action figure (Ben Browder)

Vala Mal Doran action figure (Claudia Black)

Prior action figures (based on William B. Davis from SG1's season 9)

How to enter: As I admitted above [there's a review of AoT at the site], I had a hard time getting into the SG-1 characters until Ben Browder and Claudia Black joined the cast. Especially Daniel Jackson. I don’t dislike the character, and the actor Michael Shanks does a fine job. I just find that I don’t really care what happens to the character, and I need that to remember to tune in week after week.

So, in the comments on this post, tell me why I should like Daniel. Are there specific episodes to watch that you think would “bring me over?” Or if you happen to have the same problem I do, share. Why do you have a hard time connecting with the character of Daniel Jackson? Is he really that much of a cold fish?

To enter the April giveaway:

* Leave a comment on my SciFi Sunday: Ark of Truth review. Tell me why I should give Daniel a chance. Or not.

* I’d be thrilled if you shared this giveaway with friends or readers of your own blog if you wish, but it is NOT a requirement to enter.

* I will give away one figure for every 10 comments on the blog. In other words, I will give away ONLY the Mitchell figure if I get 10 or less comments. 20 or less comments, Mitchell and Vala. Anything over 21 comments, I’ll give away all three figures in the first giveaway in April. Same rules will apply for the later giveaway.

Entries will close on Wednesday April 30, 2008 at 11:59pm Eastern Time. Winners will be selected using a random number generator and announced on Snapshot Chronicles on May 1. Using the relevant number limits as above, the first comment selected will get the Mitchell figure, the second, the Vala figure and the third, the Prior figure.

Giveaway open to adult residents, 18 years or older, of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Void where prohibited.

Questions? Email sgetgood [at] getgood.com

Stargate: Continuum - NEW Publicity Stills Apr 1 '08

With thanks once again to Andreas at GateWorld Forum, for these MGM publicity stills from Stargate: Continuum (please follow the link below for the full-sized, higher-resolution version of the following photos):


Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks), Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell (Ben Browder), and Teal'c (Christopher Judge)

Cam Mitchell

Ba'al (Cliff Simon)

Daniel Jackson

Stargate: Continuum is made-for-DVD movie, currently scheduled to be released in July '08, starring: Richard Dean Anderson as Maj. Gen. Jack O'Neill, Amanda Tapping as Col. Samantha Carter, Christopher Judge, Michael Shanks, Ben Browder, Claudia Black, Beau Bridges, Don S. Davis, Cliff Simon, Jacqueline Samuda, and William Devane.

Sanctuary / Amanda Tapping - The Futon Critic: SCI FI ENTERS 'SANCTUARY'

From The Futon Critic:




Production Begins on 13-Episodes of Live Action/CGI Scripted Drama Starring Amanda Tapping

New York, NY April 1, 2008 Production begins this month on SCI FI Channel's groundbreaking new original series Sanctuary. Shot in the style of the feature films 300 and Sin City, Sanctuary is the first television series to feature live-action actors against primarily virtual sets. The 13-episode season of this one-hour drama is slated to debut this fall.

There are creatures that live among us, abnormal offshoots of evolution that live in the fringes, unseen by most. Some are dangerous, but most are benign, becoming violent only because they are threatened by an ever-encroaching world. We consider them monstrous figments of our imagination, but the beautiful, enigmatic Dr. Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping) knows that they are real. She has dedicated her life to tracking these mysterious creatures: harboring the benign ones, and protecting the world from the dangerous ones. She is joined in this quest by her fearless daughter Ashley (Emilie Ullerup), quirky tech-whiz Henry, and new recruit Will (Robin Dunne) a brilliant young psychiatrist/profiler with a knack for finding the strange and unusual. Using their unique combination of instinct, medicine and cutting edge technology, this eclectic team must take on the creatures that lurk in the corners of our civilization.

Sanctuary, which began online as the world's first high-definition sci-fi Web series, is a live-action production shot entirely against a green screen. In this revolutionary approach to television, 90% of the sets are CGI, allowing the writers to create an expansive world un-tethered from the normal television budget restrictions.

Series creator Damian Kindler (Stargate SG-1) and producer/director Martin Wood (Stargate Atlantis) are Executive Producers and showrunners on Sanctuary. Sam Egan (Jeremiah, The Outer Limits, Masters of Science Fiction) and Tapping also serve as Executive Producers.

Sanctuary will be produced by Stage 3 Media, in association with SCI FI Channel. Tricon Films and Television are worldwide distributors of the series.


Stargate SG-1 - Big Finish: Gift of the Gods available for Download

From Big Finish:


The audio drama, Stargate SG-1: Gift of the Gods, is now available for download.

Price: $8.99

However, it appears the download does NOT include the extra which is on the CD -- behind-the-scenes interview with Michael Shanks.

Technical Details

Featuring: Michael Shanks and John Schwab
Writer: Sally Malcolm
Music: Steve Foxon
Director: Sharon Gosling
Recorded: 29 October 2007
Duration: 70' approx
Released: 1 April 2008


This story takes place during season three, before Fair Game.


“Years ago, I'd have felt uncomfortable with a Beretta in my hands. But not now...”

Doctor Daniel Jackson wakes up on the floor of his SGC lab, with no memory of what happened or how he got there. With him is Lt. Hunter of SG-12 – the team that should have accompanied SG-1 on their mission to P2K-797. But now, here they are, back on Earth with the whole of Stargate Command incapacitated around them.

So what happened? Why can no one remember? And why is the Stargate apparently connected to an alternate reality?

Mark Dacascos - The Crow: Stairway to Heaven: Double Take

Mark Descascos - The Crow: Stairway to Heaven: Double Take