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MacGyver - The Hollywood Reporter: 'MacGyver' getting revived as feature film

At The Hollywood Reporter:

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'MacGyver' getting revived as feature film

New Line developing pic based on ABC's 1985-92 series

By Borys Kit and Jay Fernandez

March 15, 2009, 11:00 PM ET

New Line is using twine, bubble gum and a pencil to throw "MacGyver" into development as a feature film.

Raffaella De Laurentiis, daughter of Dino De Laurentiis, is producing through her Raffaella Prods. along with Martha De Laurentiis and series creator Lee Zlotoff.

Dino De Laurentiis is exec producing.

"MacGyver" was a science-oriented adventure series that ran from 1985-92 on ABC. Richard Dean Anderson, later of "Stargate: Atlantis" and "SG-1" fame, starred as an incredibly resourceful secret agent for the Phoenix Foundation who frequently would escape from dangerous situations with ingenious and lightning-quick engineering trickery.

Two telefilms starring Anderson aired in the years after the show's cancellation. The character eventually achieved enough cultural penetration to become a reference for anyone attempting to jury-rig a solution out of household items. "Saturday Night Live" took the concept to the next level with its spoofs "MacGruber," starring Will Forte ...

Legend of the Seeker - Video: 'Conversion'

US geo-coded.

Courtesy of HULU, Legend of the Seeker's 'Conversion, starring David de Lautour, Craig Horner, Jay Laga'aia, Craig Parker, Bridget Regan and Bruce Spence.

Richard's attempts to rescue his friends from a sadistic wizard's deadly experiments send him into his first explosive face-to-face confrontation with the evil Darken Rahl.

New York Times: New name for SciFi Channel: Syfy?

At the New York Times (New York, NY):

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Sci Fi Channel Has a New Name: Now, It’s Syfy

Published: March 15, 2009

FOR years, television viewers, journalists who write about TV and services that compile listings have wondered how to refer to a certain cable network: Sci Fi Channel? Sci-Fi Channel? SciFi Channel? SCI FI Channel?

Soon, to paraphrase Rod Serling — whose vintage series, “The Twilight Zone,” is a mainstay of the Sci Fi Channel — executives will submit for public approval another name, not only of sight and sound but of mind, meant to signal a channel whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead — your next stop, Syfy.

Plans call for Sci Fi and its companion Web site ( to morph into the oddly spelled Syfy — pronounced the same as “Sci Fi” — on July 7. The new name will be accompanied by the slogan “Imagine Greater,” which replaces a logo featuring a stylized version of Saturn.

... The tweaking of the Sci Fi name, introduced in 1992, is part of a rebranding campaign that seeks to distinguish the channel and its programming from cable competitors — 75 of which are also measured by the Nielsen ratings service.

The Syfy name is to be introduced on Monday to advertisers and agencies by executives of Sci Fi, part of the NBC Universal Cable Entertainment division of NBC Universal, a unit of General Electric.

The name will be revealed at an upfront presentation, when networks try to win commitments by advertisers to blocks of commercial time before the start of the next TV season. Cable channels will spend this month and next making upfront presentations; the broadcast networks will follow in April and May.

One big advantage of the name change, the executives say, is that Sci Fi is vague — so generic, in fact, that it could not be trademarked. Syfy, with its unusual spelling, can be, which is also why diapers are called Luvs, an online video Web site is called Joost and a toothpaste is called Gleem.
“We couldn’t own Sci Fi; it’s a genre,” said Bonnie Hammer, the former president of Sci Fi who became the president of NBC Universal Cable Entertainment and Universal Cable Productions. “But we can own Syfy.”



From Broadcasting and Cable:

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March 16-22: Media Summit NY

By Stephanie Robbins

Monday, March 16

Join Sci Fi Channel for its New York City upfront presentation and cocktails starting at 7:15 p.m. at The Times Center.

.. Wednesday, March 18

Jeff Zucker, President and CEO of NBC Universal, delivers the keynote at the Media Summit New York at 9:15 a.m. at the McGraw-Hill Building in NYC.

Michael Shanks - 'The Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon' Repeated Mar 15 4pm

Michael Shanks' 2008 made-for-TV movie, 'The Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon,' is repeated on the SciFi Channel (US) on Sunday, March 15 at 4pm. Co-stars include Shannen Doherty, JR Bourne, Toby Berner, Heather Doerksen, Duncan Fraser, Alan C. Peterson and Rob McConachie.

Official Web Site

In the spirit of Indiana Jones, LOST TREASURE OF THE GRAND CANYON begins in a hidden cave system deep inside the Grand Canyon of the American Southwest. A team of researchers for the Smithsonian Institute have stumbled across a walled city...a lost Aztec civilization guarded by warriors from a time long past...and a great flying serpent of death.

As days turn to weeks, Sarah Jordan, the daughter of the professor leading the expedition and a budding archaeologist in her own right, faces the truth that her father's team may be lost in the Grand Canyon. She gathers a small team of men and women to trek across the barren desert and follow the trail, which leads them through the valley of death and superstition.

Using only their wits and whatever they have at hand, the team battle for their lives and rescue Professor Jordan from the clutches of the lost Aztec Warriors and their horrible serpent god who wish to wipe them from the face of the earth.

Battlestar Galactica - The Circuit: Phoners with Katee Sackhoff

At Canada's Space Channel's current events series, The Circuit:

Battlestar Galactica : Phoners With Katee Sackoff : A Chat With Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck) on Season 4.5 BSG

Part 1

Katee Sackhoff identifies the man she met in the bar.

Part 2

Katee Sackhoff discusses 'Along the Watchtower'

Part 3

Katee Sackhoff sets up Kara's connection to the cylons.

Part 4

Katee Sackhoff talks about the connection between Kara, her parents, Hera and the song.

Part 5

Katee Sackhoff laughs at the theory that Col. Tigh was Kara Thrace's estranged father.

Part 6

Katee Sackhoff comments on why Hera might know the song.

Part 7

Katee Sackhoff talks about who could be orchestrating these events.

Battlestar Galactica - The Circuit: Phoners with Alessandro Juliani

At Canada's Space Channel's current events series, The Circuit:

Battlestar Galactica : Phoners With Alessandro Juliani : A Chat With Alessandro Juliani (Gaeta) on Season 4.5 BSG

Part 1

Alessandro Juliani sets up what's happened in "Blood on the Scales"

Part 2

Alessandro Juliani shares his feelings about leaving the show before the end.

Part 4

Alessasndro Juliani talks about the series of events leading up to the mutiny including the webisodes.

Part 5

Alessandro Juliani comments on the personal revelations about Gaeta through the webisodes.

Part 6

Alessandro Juliani talks about what's at stake for the rest of the fleet after this mutiny.

Part 7

Alessandro Juliani talks about what he's most proud of coming away from this show.

Battlestar Galactica - The Circuit: Phoners with Kate Vernon

From Canada's Space Channel's current event series, The Circuit:

Battlestar Galactica : Phoners With Kate Vernon : A Chat With Kate Vernon (Ellen Tigh) on Season 4.5 BSG

Part 1

Kate Vernon talks about her reaction when she found out she was the mother of cylons.

Part 2

Kate Vernon discusses the changes that Ellen's gone through and the obstacles that she and Col. Tigh face.

Part 3

Kate Vernon talks about her relationship with Daniel and how that affected Cavil.

Battlestar Galactica - The Circuit: Phoners with James Callis

From Canada's Space Channel's current events series, The Circuit:

Battlestar Galactica : Phoners With James Callis : A Chat With James Callis (Gaius Baltar) on Season 4.5 BSG

Part 1

James Callis explains why Baltar returns to his group of crazy ladies on Galactica.

Part 3

James Callis talks about how Baltar is maturing.

Part 4

James Callis comments on Baltar's motivation to feed the multitudes.

Part 5

James Callis shares why Baltar approaches Admiral Adama to help quell a revolution among the people.

Part 6

James Callis talks about the plan that Baltar spouts nearing the end of the episode actually being Head Six's plan.

Battlestar Galactica - The Circuit: Phoners with Grace Park

At Canada's Space Channel's current events series, The Circuit:

Battlestar Galactica : Phoners With Grace Park : A Chat With Grace Park on Season 4.5 BSG

Part 1

Grace Park gives us a recap of what happened on BSG's "The Oath".

Part 2

Grace Park talks about Gaeta and the steps leading up to his treasonous behaviour.

Part 3

Grace Park tells us about the evil eight from the webisodes.

Part 4

Grace Park talks about Tom Zarek being the perfect partner in crime for Gaeta.

Part 5

Grace Park talks about why Zarek and Gaeta kept the cylons in the brig rather than airlocking them.

Part 6

Grace Park talks about her reaction when she read the script that Roslin and Adama were finally together.

Battlestar Galactica - Video: SciFi Channel trailer for series finale

Battlestar Galactica's series finale, 'Daybreak 2,' airs Friday, March 20 beginning at 9pm on the SciFi Channel (US).

Battlestar Galactica - Space Podcast: Helfer / Sackhoff / Callis Interview

At Canada's Space Channel's Space Podcast:

March 13, 2009

On the podcast this week- Several Battlestar Galactica actors including Tricia Helfer, Katee Sackoff and James Callis discuss the last Battlestar script. Author Neil Gaiman and illustrator Charles Vess chat about their children's book, Blueberry Girl. Director Bruce McDonald converses about his 'non-zombie zombie' film Pontypool, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jackie Earle Haley and Billy Crudup talk Watchmen. As well Natasha Eloi joins host Mark Askwith to offer their reaction to the Saturn Award nominations, and The Vault features an interview with author Octavia Butler.

Download link

Battlestar Galactica - Video: Katee Sackhoff Q & A

At the Portland Mercury (Portland, OR):

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Battlestarbuck Galactica!

Posted by Erik Henriksen on Sat, Mar 14, 2009

Last night saw not only the penultimate episode of Battlestar Galactica, but also something that was, arguably, even more exciting: At the packed Bagdad Theater, last night's Battlestar was followed by a personal appearance by Starbruck herself, Katee Sackhoff.


At the Oregonian (Portland, OR):

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Katee Sackhoff Comes Home to "BSG at the Bagdad" Friday

by Kristi Turnquist, The Oregonian
Friday March 13, 2009

As if "BSG" fans weren't having enough fun at the weekly Bagdad theater screenings of "Battlestar Galactica" in its final season, Portland's own Katee Sackhoff will be attending Friday night's screening. The free screening series hosted by KUFO-FM radio's Cort and Fatboy already welcomed Portland-bred executive producer and writer Mark Verheiden a few weeks back.


And at YouTube, courtesy of SlyOyster, six video segments of Katee Sackhoff's Q & A at the Bagdad Theater.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer - Video: 'Anne'

US geo-coded.

Courtesy of HULU, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer's third season premiere episode, 'Anne,' starring
Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nicholas Brendon, Alyson Hannigan, Charisma Carpenter, David Boreanaz, Seth Green, Anthony Head and Kristine Sutherland. Guest stars include Julia Lee, Larry Blaisdell, James Lurie and Alex Toma.

Now living in the big city, Buffy helps a woman whose boyfriend has mysteriously disappeared, while back in Sunnydale her friends battle the forces of evil on their own.

Battlestar Galactica - Los Angeles Times: Katee Sackhoff Interview

At the Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA):

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Katee Sackhoff bids farewell to Starbuck and 'Battlestar,' but her lips are sealed

As the tough-talking maverick pilot, she's a fan favorite. But please don't ask her how the series ends.

By Michelle Castillo
March 13, 2009

When the directors of Sci-Fi Channel's re-imagined "Battlestar Galactica" held an open casting call for the role of Lt. Kara "Starbuck" Thrace, they were looking for a mid-30s actress with a tough military demeanor. But it was Katee Sackhoff, then in her early 20s, who won the part with her high heels and persistence.
"Everyone scoffed at the idea of Starbuck in high heels," Sackhoff said, looking back on the role, originally for a 2003 miniseries that became a series in January 2005. "That's who she was in my mind. That's me: No one is going to tell me to take my high heels off, and I carried that throughout her attitude. Maybe not the high heels, per se, but Starbuck's attitude was there from the very beginning with me."

... Though fans might find it difficult to say goodbye to Starbuck, Sackhoff said that leaving the relationships she's formed with the cast and crew on the show would be the hardest part for her.
"We didn't have one bad apple in the show, from the crew to the cast," Sackhoff said. "If we did, they disappeared quietly into the night, and nobody remembers them. They really, really paid attention to people's personalities, not when they were casting, but when we were working. I think that it shows."

Sanctuary - Video: 'Nubbins'

US geo-coded.

Courtesy of SciFi Channel and HULU, Sanctuary's 'Nubbins,' starring Amanda Tapping, Robin Dunne, Emilie Ullerup and Christopher Heyerdahl. Guest stars include Katharine Isabelle and Ryan Robbins.

When a mating pair of cute, furry and seemingly harmless abnormals is brought in for scientific study, the Sanctuary team begins to exhibit some hidden animal attractions for one another.

Bones - Hot Cuppa TV: Hart Hanson Interview

At Zap2It's Kate O'Hare's blog, Hot Cuppa TV:

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He Knows 'Bones': Executive Producer Hart Hanson speaks

After failing to realize early dreams of being either a heavy-metal guitar god or a physicist, writer/producer Hart Hanson decided to take up writing, and many years later, "Bones" fans are happy he did.

Currently in its fourth season, "Bones," which airs Thursdays on Fox, stars David Boreanaz as FBI Agent Seeley Booth, a man of action who finds himself partnered with cerebral forensic anthropologist -- and successful mystery author -- Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel).

He does people; she does bones; together -- with the help of Brennan's team of scientific "Squints" back at the lab at the fictional Jeffersonian Institution -- they solve crimes.

Their partnership is platonic, but is there sexual tension? Please, this is TV.

Hanson took a few minutes off from working on the season finale script to answer a few questions from yours truly.

A brief excerpt:

Q: We hear that the big consummation moment for Booth and Brennan is coming in the season finale, and perhaps reproduction. I could see Brennan being clinical about it, but Booth? What was your thinking leading up to this?
A: Well, that's totally and completely the story engine driving this entire moment. Brennan is clinical, and Booth is anything but clinical. Merry mix-ups ensue.

But if I tell you the thinking that led to it, I might as well tell you the story, which means I'd be smarter to wait and have you watch it on television.

Can I tell you we thought about it a lot and a lot? That we had buckets and buckets of network and studio input and, despite that, we still got to a story that worked for us?

The general idea is an adage that TV writers and producers ignore at their peril: Give the audience what they expect, in a way they don't expect it.

Stargate Atlantis - Video: 'Ghost in the Machine'

US geo-coded.

Courtesy of SciFi Channel and HULU, Stargate Atlantis' 'Ghost in the Machine,' starring Joe Flanigan, Rachel Luttrell, Jason Momoa, Robert Picardo and David Hewlett. Guest stars include David Nykl, Michelle Morgan, Robert Moloney and Chuck Campbell.

A mysterious entity causes crippling havoc within the city's computer system.