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Stargate Atlantis - MSN TV Blog: All About 'Stargate Atlantis' Season Four

SGA - MSN TV Blog: All About 'Stargate Atlantis' Season Four

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September 27

All About 'Stargate Atlantis' Season Four

With the premiere of "Stargate Atlantis" coming up Friday, I recently got to chat with executive producer Joseph Mallozzi about subjects ranging from the Wraith to the new additions to the cast to some of the plots we'll be seeing.

Here's an edited, spoiler-filled transcript. Enjoy!

Raoul: So Joe, I'm really curious to hear more of what you've got going on this season.

Joseph Mallozzi: Just in general?

Raoul: Let's start with in general and then we can talk more specifically.

JM: Coming off season three, we got our pickup a lot earlier than in previous seasons, just because Sci Fi canceled "SG-1." It also gave us time to sort of get a leg up on planning Season Four. On the creative side, Season Four has been very, I guess, rewarding in the types of stories we've been able to tell, the kinds of character relationships we've been able to explore simply because we got that early pickup and were able to spend more time on the stories.

And because we're not producing "SG-1," we're not producing 40 hours of television. We could concentrate on those 20 episodes of Season Four and really, really, really work on them. I guess more than any other seasons, we've got various throughlines that will run through the various episodes, bits and pieces here and there planted in one episode, developed in another episode that come to fruition in another episode, storylines that intersect and dovetail at the end of the season.

**massive snippage**

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