Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Stargate Atlantis - Official Stargate Magazine Issue # 19

From Titan Magazines:

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Stargate Magazine Issue 19 On Sale 30 October



Though we’ve bid a spectacular farewell to Stargate SG-1, the official magazine goes from strength to strength. We reminisce over 10 years of Stargate SG-1 action and look forward to the future of Stargate: Atlantis and beyond. With exclusive set access, interviews and features, it's your gateway to fan heaven!

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Issue Spotlight

Morena Baccarin


Joe Flanigan Interview

Lt. Colonel John Sheppard has had an extremely eventful three years in Stargate: Atlantis, what with turning into an Iratus bug, dating an Ancient and bringing a planet to the brink of war. Actor Joe Flanigan gives us the lowdown on his season three highlights, looks forward to another busy year with Sheppard, and tells us about his plans for Amanda Tapping: “Amanda’s wonderful and I love working with her – she’s a lot of fun. She has an unflappable kind of quality, but I’ll break her. Yes, I will break her.”

Staite of Atlantis

Savvy fans of Stargate: Atlantis will know that Jewel Staite has appeared in the show before – as the Wraith girl Ellia in the season two episode, Instinct. Now, after a stint as a genius mechanic on Firefly, she’s become a regular fixture in Stargate: Atlantis as Dr. Jennifer Keller. In this issue, Staite tells all about stepping into Carson's shoes: “Dr. Keller is incredibly smart, but she’s very humble about her intelligence. She’s the kind of doctor that’s really hands-on and I like to show how gentle she is with her patients”.

A Mitch In Time…

Actor Mitch Pileggi is no stranger to investigating extraterrestrials, the bizarre, and the paranormal – he played Assistant Director Skinner over nine seasons on the cult hit, The X-Files. Now, he’s back to engaging alien life forms as Colonel Steven Caldwell, the man responsible for helming The Daedulus and a more permanent fixture in Stargate: Atlantis since arriving to help save the city in The Siege Part III. Pileggi gives the official magazine the lowdown on what Caldwell really thinks about joining the Atlantis crew.

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