Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stargate Atlantis - MGM Stargate: Behind The Scenes: The Last Man & NEW Poll

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Behind The Scenes: The Last Man


March 10, 2008 (Episodes)

As fans reel over the events of `The Last Man,' Stargate Atlantis show runner Joseph Mallozzi looks at what makes a great `time travel' episode – and a great season finale.

A brief excerpt:

The Stargate franchise has always handled `time travel' in a highly original way. Take Stargate SG-1's `1969', for example, which saw the team catapulted back in time thanks to an rogue sunspot; or `Moebius', which forced them to live out their lives after becoming stranded in Ancient Egypt, at least until their other selves could right the balance. Stargate Atlantis has also had its own share of out-of-time
encounters – `Before I Sleep' for one, which saw Doctor Weir have a strange experience with an older self.


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