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Michael Shanks - RTL2 (German TV) - Video Interview

From RTL2 (German TV):


A video interview filmed during FEDCON XVII in Bonn, Germany (April 18-20 '08), that is divided into two segments.

FEDCON XVIII will also be in Bonn, Germany, on May 1-3 2009.

For those who are not able to view the video interview, I've typed quick transcripts (this is NOT verbatim): Interview video #1 (approximately 3:01 [minutes] in length)

RTL2: So nice that you are here, Michael Shanks, from Stargate. Is this a first time at a German convention for you?

Michael Shanks: "No, actually, this is I think my fourth. I've been to Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Hamburg...so I think this is my fourth German convention. Where are we now? In Bonn, yes, thank you."

RTL2: Are German fans different than the fans in other countries, like in Asia or the USA?

MS: "I would say they're in general -- that they're a lot more passionate about their show than in America. I've never been to Asia, so I'm not really sure about that market. So I'd say they're very similar to the UK in their passion for their genre shows. So, I think that that differs from the American audience."

RTL2: If you go back to yesterday, when you entered the stage for the first time here in Bonn, and to see the faces of 6,000 people applauding and crying for you, so what kind of emotional feelings for you?

MS: "I hope to say I'm not getting used to it, but it's always great. Every time I do it it's always an interesting experience, because I never have the same reaction to an audience, they're always their own unique animal. I think this audience is very similar in that way. It's always great. It's flattering you know. What are you supposed to do, smile and nod and answer the questions the best you can."

RTL2: How do you feel after ten years of Stargate, what kind of memories do you have? What kind of highlights maybe in ten years of Stargate?

MS: "Oh boy! Uhm, there's a lot...I mean, there's a lot. Ten years of doing anything. We shoot the show nine months a year. There's a lot of memories. I mean, you know, empires have risen and fallen in the decade that we've done the show.

You know, people had entire careers in the real world, and with us it's no different. Babies have been born -- somebody did a count, and there was like 40 something babies on the set of Stargate. There were numerous deaths, not only people who worked on the show, but of relatives and things like that.

Almost every episode that we we've done is marked by some occurrence where you can always say, 'Hey, I remember.' That's when 9/11 happened. We were filming that ("Menace"). Or that's when Rick's (Richard Dean Anderson) dad passed away ("Lifeboat"). Or that's when I had my appendix taken out ("Crystal Skull").

Everything is kind of marked in some way by some occurrence and you can always -- you know, little secrets -- this is where Rick was written light in this episode because his daughter was born ("Spirits"), or this is when Daniel was written light because my daughter was born ("A Matter of Time") during that time.

This is where I asked for time off because another child was born ("Line in the Sand"). So there's all sorts of "in" jokes in the history of the show that go along with the making of it for ten years. The memories are too bountiful to pick just a couple of them."

From interview video # 2 (approximately :58 (seconds) in length):

RTL2: What are your new projects after Stargate?

MS: "Oh boy. In about a week I start filming a movie called "The Last Treasure of the Grand Canyon" in my old home town of Kamloops (Canada), which is doubling as the Grand Canyon. After that, I do a couple of episodes of Stargate Atlantis. And then Christopher Judge and I are carrying on producing, or trying to get produced, the script's been sold, for our project "Rage of Angels," which is a fantasy story where angels have battled it out on Earth. Where Christopher will be playing the Arch Angel Gabriel and I will be playing Lucifer. So hopefully that will be on television hopefully, but now we're hearing that they want to turn it into a feature. So we'll have to wait and see."

RTL2: And what comes next for you? Maybe a guest role for you in Stargate Atlantis season five?

MS: "As I was saying before, in about three weeks I start filming two guest spots on Stargate Atlantis. And I have no idea what they planned for the character in that. But if they kill him, for good, I'm going to be very angry."


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