Saturday, September 6, 2008

Stargate Atlantis - Video: Spacecast: Cast Interviews on Cancellation

At Canada's Space Channel's new current events series, 'The Circuit.'

(Please follow the link to view the video in its original format.)

(Video runs approximately 2 mins 17 secs).

Stargate Atlantis cancellation, New Stargate show, plus more...

Mini-interviews with: David Hewlett, Joseph Mallozzi, Amanda Tapping, Joe Flanigan, Rachel Luttrell, Paul McGillion, Robert Picardo and Brad Wright. Plus, several clips of behind the scenes filming on SGA sets.

'The Circuit' is being repeated:

Sat 9/6 9:30 AM
Sat 9/6 1:30 PM
Sun 9/7 4:00 AM
Mon 9/8 5:30 AM

Please confirm the times with your local Canadian TV listings.

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