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Sanctuary / Stargate - Movehole: Amanda Tapping Interview

At Moviehole (Australia):

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Interview : Amanda Tapping

Amanda Tapping is best known for her role as the beautiful, intelligent Samantha Carter in the Stargate TV franchise. In 2007 Tapping helped to develop the web series "Sanctuary" in which she played the lead character Helen Magnus. "Sanctuary" is unique in many but particularly so because it is shot almost entirely using green screen techniques. "Sanctuary" was reworked and released as a television series in 2008. In addition to playing the lead character, Tapping is an executive producer and director on the series. Ellyssa Harris caught up with Amanda Tapping while she was at a Stargate convention in Vancouver.

... Q. We've seen an number of the regular Stargate cast members in the webisodes and a couple of them in the series, will we see more of those that did the webisodes in the TV series at all?
AT: You know I was just talking to Paul McGillion about that today `cause I'd love to see Wexford come back he was so awesome. We actually tried to get David [Nykl] for an episode as a completely different character to what he played in the websiodes but he's shooting a film in Bulgaria or something right now so we couldn't get him but definitely yeah. I mean, it's such a tight knit community here in Vancouver but the Stargate family is also just this incredibly tight knit family, for sure we'd love to bring people over. I think what we were trying to do with the websiodes was parley the relationships that we had and utilise these really good actors and cool characters. With season one we tried to distance a little bit because we wanted it not to be a subsidiary of Stargate. Sanctuary in its own right is a really good show and stands on its own, we didn't want to be too connected… not in a bad way, because obviously we owe huge amounts to Stargate, but we wanted it to be a separate entity, and now we're established and we're going into a second season so definitely there'll be opportunity...

"Sanctuary" premieres on Australian Sci Fi Thursday, May 28 at 8:30pm.

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