Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stargate Atlantis - SciFi and TV Talk: Rachell Luttrell Interview

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Stargate Atlantis' Rachel Luttrell Reminices On Relationships, Going Missing And Being The Queen

When, in the Stargate Atlantis series premiere Rising, the Ancients city is in danger of being destroyed, our heroes use its Stargate to travel to Athos, another planet in the Pegasus Galaxy that, if necessary, they might be able to evacuate to. It is there that they meet Teyla Emmagen, the caring and spirited leader of the Athosian race. After one of her own kind betrays Teyla and the rest of the Athosians along with their human allies to the Wraith, she joins with the new residents of Atlantis to stop this parasitic alien race from once again culling the Pegasus Galaxy and, ultimately, reaching Earth.

As actress Rachel Luttrell grew more and more at ease playing Teyla over Atlantis' five years on the air, her character developed a close bond with her new teammates, many of whom became like family to her. How would Luttrell describe her onscreen relationships with the rest of the Atlantis crew?
"It's funny, but as you were asking that question, and I'm not joking, literally so many faces came into my mind, and the very first one was David Hewlett's [Dr. Rodney McKay]," says the actress. "I loved the relationship that Teyla had with MacKay. It was somewhat irreverent and yet lovable. My character would constantly roll her eyes, even if not physically but sometimes in her demeanor, at McKay, but it was always in a kind of affectionate way..."

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