Thursday, August 23, 2007

Stargate Atlantis - TV Zone Magazine # 219 - David Hewlett Interview

From Visimag:

TV Zone #219, September 2007
(Reference #T219)

Scheduled publication date August 24 2007

Doctor Who (2000s) We preview the nearly nine month run of Who-related episodes…

• The Sarah Jane Adventures
• The Doctor Who Christmas Special
• Torchwood Season 2
• Doctor Who Season 4

Exclusive Interviews

Babylon 5 Actor Peter Woodward on returning to the role of Technomage Galen in the new straight-to-DVD releases The Lost Tales

Stargate Atlantis Star David Hewlett looks back on Season Three, a tragic loss, and the changes to come…

Eureka Astronaut turned mechanic Douglas Fargo stands out as a bit of a geek, as actor Neil Grayston tells us

The 4400 Young actress Conchita Campbell on playing gifted child Maya


Heroes New cast member Dania Ramirez drops a few subtle hints about the character she’ll be playing in Season Two

Rome Actor James Purefoy tells us about playing Marc Antony

The Company The starry cast of the spy drama, including Chris O’Donnell, Alfred Molina and Michael Keaton, reveal how it tells the decades-long story of the Cold War


Deep Thought Is the current flood of Supernatural dramas a sign of our violent times, or just proof that we like a good scare?

Primetime Damages Oscar winning actress Glenn Close explains why she’s committed herself to work in television for this new legal drama…

Retro Our continuing history of television asks why, after becoming an instant hit, Batman left our screens so quickly?

Radio Zone Doctor Who’s Nicholas Courtney and Terry Molloy arrive on BBC7 as MI:13’s comic paranormal investigators The Scarifyers

With regular and bang up-to-date TV reviews (15 episodes reviewed, including The 4400, Babylon 5, audio Blake's 7, Eureka, Hyperdrive), merchandise reviews, news

and much more…

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