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Stargate Atlantis - NEW "Whispers" Production Photos May 1 '08

From Joseph Mallozzi's blog update for May 1, 2008:

(Please follow the link for the complete blog update and to view the NEW season five production photos from "Whispers" in their fuller-sized, higher-resolution format.)

May 1, 2008: Leaving the cold darkness for a whole other kind of cold darkness

Director Will Waring (center) and crew

I was really looking forward to today's Lynn Valley location shoot. Finally, we`d be out of the dark environs of the FX Stage and basking in the sun`s warmth. Well, not exactly. It was overcast for most of the day and, yeah, damn cold to boot. I spent most of the morning huddled up to the heater. "Just trying to warm up my green tea
latte,"I told anyone who happened by, smiling amiably and giving the empty cup a little shake. I think they bought it. I did venture out on occasion to field dialogue queries, address script concerns, and chase down the mobile snack station dispensing grilled reubens and chicken soup. Fortunately, it was only a half day for me as, by early afternoon, the three Whispers scenes were completed and the focus shifted to Tracker. While I would have loved to stick around for this one, I thought it would be presumptuous of me to be making productorial decisions on Carl's episode. Also, I couldn't feel my feet. Special Features Producer Ivon Bartok and I caught a lift with
one of the transport guys who ferried us out of the forest, down the road, over to the crew park, past the parking lot, up the road, into the forest and back to our departure point before realizing we were still in the van with him.

Christina Cox (back to camera), Nicole de Boer, Janina Gavankar, Leela Savasta

Well, I finally did make it back to the production offices in time to watch the producer's cut of The Shrine of Talus (Some really nice moments in this one. And it's nice to see Jeannie back.) and give Carl notes on his beat sheet (formerly The Red Shirt Diaries then First Day and now ???).

Leela Savasta

An early night tonight and an even earlier start to the day tomorrow (a 6:30 a.m. call!) for our last day on Whispers. On tap for Friday: Searching, a gunfirely interruption, the mist rolls in, and shadows and fog.

Mailbag -


Janet writes: "Just wondering, is it just the one episode for Amanda Tapping at the moment or are there going to be more later in the season."

Answer: There should be more than one Amanda appearance in season 5 - but, as I've said from the start, it all depends on her schedule.

Nicole de Boer


Shirt 'n Tie writes: " Have just heard that SGA will return earlier, (in July)…Is this true or just speculation? If true, any ideas on the UK/Ireland Sky One pick up date?"

Answer: I haven't heard anything official yet - but it sounds about right. As for when the show will air in the UK/Ireland - no idea.

[NOTE: The July 11, 2008 premiere date for Stargate Atlantis season 5 has not yet been confirmed by the SciFi Channel.]

Janina Gavankar


Caro writes: "Just wondering, we have heard a lot about Whispers, but could we have some pics/video from some of the other episodes being filmed please?"

Answer: We've heard a lot about Whispers because it's my episode and I have been on set for most of the production. Time permitting, I will drop by set and snap some pics of other episodes (ie. I've already posted pics from Search and Rescue and Ghost in the Machine).


Paul McGillion

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