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Stargate Atlantis - Stargate Planet: Sharon Taylor Interview

From Stargate Planet:



A brief excerpt:

Interview with Sharon Taylor

Stargate-Planet, June 2008

Sharon Taylor is a Simon Fraser University Alumni and on Stargate Atlantis we know her as a female gate technician. We're grateful that despite a busy schedule Ms. Taylor took into consideration to answer a few career related questions for our German website visitors. Did you audition for the role of the female gate technician and for other characters on Stargate Atlantis as well? How was your audition? How did you prepare for it?

ST: I first auditioned for the role of "Replicator Technician" in the beginning of season 4, and I got the part! In order to prepare for the audition, I went online to various Stargate websites and researched Replicators. A few months later, my agent called and said that I was being brought back to the show to play a "Female Technician" role, and I was super happy to be asked back. When I read the script and saw that my new character worked in the control room of Atlantis I was thrilled!

Sharon Taylor and David Nykll, courtesy of Joe Mallozzi's Blog Joe Mallozzi announced in his blog that your character now has a name - Amelia Banks. Does it make a difference if a character has a name or is only listed as "Technician"? Do you now have a parking lot and a trailer with your name on it when you're filming?

ST: When I was invited back for Season 5 to play the "Female Technician" again, I saw in the script that I had been given a name, Amelia Banks. Having a name didn't change the way I played the character, but it sure felt nice to have a name. No, I don't have a parking spot with my name on it (that's funny), and I'm still in the same trailer space that I was in before. Just the character name on the door has changed.

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