Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Stargate Atlantis -Season Five Premiere: A Summer Space Romp

From Multichannel News' TV Crush column by Mary McNamara:

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'Stargate Atlantis' Season Five Premiere: A Summer Space Romp

July 1, 2008

Heading into its fifth season, launching July 11@10p., SCI FI Channel's Stargate Atlantis is enjoying something of a resurgence. The series concluded the previous year on a ratings upswing, and at some point during the upcoming season, the series will hit the landmark 100th episode.

First, a word about the Stargate Atlantis opening credits. I heart the opening credits.

The season five premiere, penned by executive producer Martin Gero, lets viewers bask in a happy place - at least for now. A little warmth? A happy resolution? What a unique concept. (Battlestar's Ron Moore: are you listening?) 0


So what does this mean for Atlantis as its fifth season premiere approaches? Can it go 10 seasons like it‘s big brother? To be perfectly honest - it’s highly unlikely....as a show moves past its fifth season, the odds are stacked against it. Ultimately, it comes down to the numbers - less the ratings and more the bottom line. The longer a show is on the air, the more expensive it is to produce. Throw in the resurgence of the Canadian dollar, once pegged at 63 cents to the U.S. greenback, it now hovers at par, an approximate 37 cent bump which adds a significant hit to the production budget.....

....And yet who knows what the future holds. WE certainly didn‘t nine years ago when we expected production on SG-1 to conclude after it‘s fifth season. But if and when Atlantis does come to an end, I don’t think it should be cause for anger or resentment. Both MGM and SciFi have been great supporters of the show and, if you go by SG-1’s example, fans can be assured that the end of the series will not be the end of Atlantis. Like SG-1, it will live on in longer form dvd releases.

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